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FBI whistleblower, Steve Friend tells Robby Starbuck:

“The jist of my complaint about the [January 6th] investigations is it should be one case that the FBI works. Instead, they elected to open up a different case for every single subject, they made one case into 800-1,000 cases. Then, they decided to spread those cases around to the field, as opposed to working them from Washington DC – on paper.

“In effect, what’s actually happening is there’s a task force in Washington DC that’s giving marching orders to the field and basically, that’s giving the impression and giving the statistical backing to this narrative that the country’s seeing that there’s this rise and domestic terrorism threat to this country in the last couple of years, when really, all of the statistics that back that up are coming from the January 6th case.”

This is the weaponization of the Federal Government Against Americans.

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Alexandra Bruce

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