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    Credit Suisse Senior Director, Philip-Pippa ‘Pips’ Bunce claims to be “gender fluid” and “non-binary” and they split their time “fifty-fifty” between Pippa and Philip, occasionally dressing in a wig and dress.

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    • Up is down, down is up, night is day, good is bad, crime is legal, war is peace, lies are good, truth is bad and on and on and on………….

      When are these people going to wake up out of their artificial reality?

      Created and promoted by them as holds the gold and controls the visual media……… and spread throughout the world by the USG. No?

      Look again at the war in Ukraine led by a cross dressing entertainer! Viva la trannies everywhere!

    • Didn’t Credit Suisse just get done crashing hard, bought out by UBS?

      Which heels today!!! Ummmm…

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