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At the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic hearing , Congressman Dr Rich McCormick, who served as an ER physician during the pandemic, grilled Anthony Fauci.

During his cross-examination, McCormick played an audio recorded by Fauci’s biographer, Michael Spector, in which Fauci sounds like gangster straight out of a Martin Scorsese movie – because that’s exactly what he is: a gangster for Big Pharma and for the entire genocidal Beast System.

A Telegram account ascribed to Edward Dowd warns us:

The entire “Fauci grilling” is a classic psychological manipulation known as “cooling the mark out”

Fauci is not going to jail, and he does not have to return any of the money

We are the mark, and they are “cooling the mark out”

Dowd cites Erving Goffman’s ‘On cooling the mark out; some aspects of adaptation to failure.’

The con is said to be a good racket in the United States…The typical play has typical phases…The mark is permitted to win some money and then persuaded to invest more. There is an “accident” or “mistake,” and the mark loses his total investment. The operators then depart in a ceremony that is called the blowoff or sting. They leave the mark but take his money. The mark is expected to go on his way, a little wiser and a lot poorer.

Sometimes, however, a mark is not quite prepared to accept his loss as a gain in experience and to say and do nothing about his venture. He may feel moved to complain to the police or to chase after the operators. In the terminology of the trade, the mark may squawk, beef, or come through. From the operators’ point of view, this kind of behavior is bad for business…

In order to avoid this adverse publicity, an additional phase is sometimes added at the end of the play. It is called cooling the mark out. After the blowoff has occurred, one of the operators stays with the mark and makes an effort to keep the anger of the mark within manageable and sensible proportions. The operator stays behind his team‑mates in the capacity of what might be called a cooler and exercises upon the mark the art of consolation. An attempt is made to define the situation for the mark in a way that makes it easy for him to accept the inevitable and quietly go home. The mark is given instruction in the philosophy of taking a loss.

The American People are the Mark, in this case. With these Oversight hearings, we are being made to feel that our system is “working” and that Fauci is receiving his “comeuppance” for the evil that he has perpetrated on humanity for decades. Our collective anger, as represented by the Incredible Hulk, above, is being appeased by this Congressional Theater, to hopefully transform us back into the mild-mannered David Banner persona.

The truth is, no criminal referrals have been written; merely referred-to by Marjorie Taylor Greene.

And even if he eventually does get written-up for Crimes Against Humanity and even if he is a sickening demon who deserves to have the book thrown at him it, would be absurd to make him the sole scapegoat for a genocidal agenda 60+ years in the making.

Many, many more must go down for this Greatest Crime in History, otherwise, the people of this world are going to start looking more and more like the Hulk – but hopefully, not due to gamma ray exposure…



Dr Rich McCormick (R-GA): You said in an interview that you gave as part of an audiobook written by Michael Spector that you believed an institution should make it “hard for people to to live their lives”, so they’d feel pressured to get vaccinated. Can we run the audio clip on that please?


Michael Spector: …what do you think can be done about it? I have to say that I don’t see a big solution, other than some sort of mandatory vaccination. I know federal officials don’t like to use that term. 

Anthony Fauci: Once people feel empowered and protected, legally, you are going to have schools, universities and colleges are going to say, “You want to come to this college, Buddy? You’re going to get vaccinated. Lady, you’re going to get vaccinated.”

Big corporations like Amazon and Facebook and all of those others are going to say, “You want to work for us? You get vaccinated.” And it’s been proven that when you make it difficult for people in their lives, they lose their ideological bullshit and they get vaccinated. 

Dr Rich McCormick (R-GA): Thank you. Are all objections to COVID vaccinations “ideological bullshit”, Dr Fauci? 

Anthony Fauci: No, they’re not. And that’s not what I was referring to. 

Dr Rich McCormick (R-GA): Well, in reference to making it hard for people to get education, traveling, working, I’d say it very much was in-context. 

And I take great offense to this. 

Miss Allison Williams testified before this committee about losing her job, because she sought an exemption for ESPN’s vaccine mandate, which came from recommendations from bureaucrats, like yourself. She and her husband were actively working with a fertility expert, a physician on how to get pregnant and agreed with the premise that she was young, healthy, wanted to get pregnant and shouldn’t get the vaccination for medical purposes.

But she was fired because you made it hard, just like you said in your statement, because you didn’t want to make sure that the “ideological bullshit” got in the way of her working, of living her life, of making a medical decision with her healthcare professional. 

I think America should take great offense to this.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This is the fore runner to the mark of the beast refuse to take the mark you will not work, eat, rent, buy a home, drive a car, own a car, will basically be shut off from everything. You will be a fugitive existing the best you can hunted down as a enemy of the state when caught will be executed via decapitation on a guillotine. Why? When your head has been severed from the body there is no longer any sign of life you are DEAD! This is Satan’s way to play God he will know everything they can know about you like God does. This is a war between God and his Angels of Heaven and Satan and his fallen angels. God wins Satan loses because Satan is a loser and losers never win.

  • You described it perfectly.

    All the Players, are working together, just as the system is set up to be.

    In the history of America, this is a main stay….now it is clearer for people to grasp, with the help of people such as you,posting this on your website.

    Though its exposure is limited, you expressed the means, by which it occurs……as clear as day.

    The sad thing is, the usual CON is just part of humanity.

    People are in a state __________.

  • Knowing Natural Law as I quite well do, no rat-faced pr**k, such as Dokta FowChi, no animal (human, in particular) ever gets away with any of their vile, despicable, Satan-spawned acts against their fellow humans. Karma is inescapable. Sooner or later, the devil gets his due.

  • My whole family was ruined by him. He is a loser. He will walk. He been giving people viruses for half a century

  • More bull shit. I refused to be vaccinated and got bull shit from those who did. My doctor insisted but I told him, I did not trust the science and I refused.

  • Alexandra,

    Forwarded Message :

    Richard Synnott,

    Re : Psychopathic Fauci—and His HIV-Hoax History

    Forwarded Message :

    Below post found here, on Sharyl’s Page :

    JungianINTP says
    DECEMBER 27, 2023 AT 10:44 AM

    Thomas Joseph Hussman,

    – Dr. Fauci as FRAUDSTER –

    And the truth shall O U T ! :


  • I think the offence should see the likes of Fauci face the gallows either in the USA or Nuremberg in Europe.
    I have never been a supporter of the death penalty until I watch Hilary Clinton cheering on the brutal murder of Libya’s beloved leader who threatened the central Bankster’s with a truly gold based pan African currency.
    Scores of thousands of Libyan’s murdered by air strikes directed by the NATO terrorist organisation that has long needed to be abolished with the ring leaders also put to death at the Hague. Righteous Retribution never has a use by expiration date.

  • All politicians knew about the plandemic genocide. Congress hearings are nothing more than a dog and pony show

  • A thug! Do as I say or else. It’s little different offshore where these thugs say to other nations the same things, do I as I say or else and people are worn out with it world wide!

    The CDC is a den of these vipers! Lettered career apparatchiks, bullying the people they are supposed to be serving while their fellow gangsters in MSM, email servers, internet providers run cover for them shutting down normal discourse, making up all kinds of rules to justify their rebellion against lawful public debate.

    • Their are scores of criminals complicit in this highly lucrative genocidal eugenics Coup D’état in the USA alone and hundreds world wide, all of which need to face total dispossession of all extended family wealth and a minimum of lifetime jail for most and public executions for the worst of them.

      • True. I think the point of the article is not to absolve the complicit but to point out that Fauci was just another link in the chain which, as you point out, is a long one, and that if Congress wants to get to the bottom of the issue they need to be questioning the top which was the National Security Council.

    • Well, who are the National Security Council’s members?

      Here’s part of our problem, we let demons hide behind agency titles, corporate names, department titles, fictitious names, thereby giving them anonymity. Stop it!

      There are millions of us and we’ve got to stop playing by their rules. The sooner each of us takes real effort and makes time to investigate these fictions and shout the names of their players to the dumbed down masses, the sooner we tar and feather them!

      Rats hate it when light beams are shown on them!

      • Hi FTM ,

        IF you’re serious and Really want individual names look on a website called :
        Stop world control dot com
        They did an article on / Title: World Domination ,

        Pretty sure or check out the search engine on the stop world control dot com website….

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