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“You belong in prison”.

That was the main message that MTG had for Dr Anthony Fauci, the former Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, as he testified before the House Oversight Committee on the origins of COVID.

BioClandestine shared these remarks:

Is nobody going to ask Fauci about the biolabs in Ukraine?

The Russian Military claim one of the main reasons they moved into Ukraine was because of US bioweapon development.

We are in a proxy war with Russia, and on the verge of WW3, over these labs, and NOBODY brought it up?

I’ve been trying to warn the world for years that Wuhan is the cover story and the reported point of outbreak, but the epicenter of US bioweapon development was going on in Ukraine. The entire country has essentially been one giant CIA/State Dept proxy since 2014. It’s an offshore playground for criminal racketeering that is outside the scope of US oversight.

We also have confirmation that the Deep State desperately do NOT want us looking into the biolabs in Ukraine, based on the lengths they went to cover this story up and how much they panicked when it broke.

Initially, the MSM/Big Tech claimed the US-funded biolabs in Ukraine did not exist at all, and censored anyone who talked about them (a la me). Then eventually they admitted the labs existed, but claimed they were purely for defensive purposes. Why lie unless they have something to hide?

Then you add in the whole layer of Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca owning biolab company Metabiota operating in Ukraine, and doing gain of function research on bat coronaviruses in Ukraine as early as 2014 via project PREDICT with USAID. 

Then you add the layer of Metabiota founder and lead virologist Nathan Wolfe, being monetarily affiliated with Ghislaine Maxwell and the Clinton Foundation…

These committees are looking in the wrong spot…

Does anyone else find it weird how defensive the Democrats are of Fauci?

Not a single Democrat asked Fauci a hard-hitting question, despite him completely flip-flopping on masks, social distancing, lockdowns, and the lab-leak theory.

Shouldn’t they be mad at him?

Shouldn’t they be upset that everything he told them about Covid was a lie? Shouldn’t they be upset that masks and social distancing were made up?

Nope. They still defend him and believe him unconditionally. Because this is not about “science”. It’s political warfare.

Fauci is a Deep State operative, and the Dems have been instructed to defend him at all costs.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Obama The Antichrist, the perfectly evil human being because he was completely opposite to the perfectly good human being, Jesus Christ.

  • And more lies…

    Let everyone remember the video footage of George Herbert Walker Bush, Generals Schwarzkopf and Powell, and Henry Kissinger being knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and put together 2 + 2, and what do you get?

    Where do you think “Q” got its name from?

    Why do you think JFK’s Memorial is encircled by a driveway in the shape of a Q that you can see from space, if the Queen’s Secret Service didn’t kill him?

    Who do you think is working against us now? And always?

    Who were we fighting in The War of Independence?

    The War of 1812?

    And on the Home Front ever since?

    Who was Abraham Lincoln working for?

    Why was he “President” of the United States of America, Incorporated, a British Crown Corporation?

    Why is the British Territorial “Congress” that acts as a Board of Directors for the self-same corporation voting to spend $61 Billion dollars worth of our credit, on a failed proxy war in the Ukraine?

    And dancing around like imbeciles waving our abused Title IV Flag as they do this?

    That flag was allocated to our British Territorial Subcontractors when and if they were exercising our delegated powers in time of war, but there has been no actual war, just bloody mercenary conflict after mercenary conflict after mercenary conflict.

    So they have abused our flag under color of war, just as they have abused us under color of law.

  • Whether MGT understands this or not,, MGT is an employee of a foreign, privately owned, offshore, internationally registered D&B commercial for-profit business organization. Congress is middle management; the municipal corporation she works for has a board of directors. The takeaway… MGT works for a registered incorporated municipal business legal entity. DC is a neutral enclave for our subcontractors to handle international commercial business for the states. Our government is not incorporated…corporations have owners…last time I checked our government (land jurisdiction & not seated since 1860) doesn’t have an owner. So who the eff are the effing people and in what capacity are they operating? They do not have the standing to force their “Public Policy” (80 million codes and statutes) on the public at large…they only have enforcement on their employees as a condition of employment… So what is the “political status” of these employees if they appear to be born in America? Now it gets really interesting…If they work for the British Territorial Government of the United States of America (military contractor) they are registered as U.S. Citizens and are British subjects…yep! If they work for the HRE Municipal Government of the United States they are municipal citizens of the United States (civil servants) and are City of Rome subjects…yep! Little jurisdiction trickery going on with the Birth Certificate “registration”. Talk about Human Trafficking…the crime is called “Personage”.

    The whole class of personage crimes are widely recognized as international crimes of identity theft, trademark and copyright and patent infringement, but in extremis, can be used to obliterate the victim’s political status and property rights, and this is when personage becomes a capital crime, punishable by death.

    This later severe form of personage is generally accomplished by a process of “unlawful conversion” of one’s stolen identity, which results in your name being trafficked into foreign jurisdictions of the law and applied to foreign people, persons, or things.

    These severe crimes of personage and unlawful conversion are forbidden by the Geneva and Hague Conventions, both, and result in the exact form of political identity theft we have witnessed in America, wherein American babies are misidentified as British Territorial Citizens and their nationality, which naturally derives from the State of the Union where they are born, is unlawfully converted and construed to be that of a Municipal citizen of the United States.

    C’mon Alexandra time to take your “Black Pill” . On paper you were never correctly recorded as an American baby…you were “Registered” as a U.S. Citizen…you better know the difference!

  • One from a long time ago, and FKTV gets a mention:
    Meantime, Fauci, Mr. Big at the National Institutes of Health, had known since 2005 that the antimalarial drug, Choloroquine, was effective against all SARS viruses including the Coronavirus. Read
    that: no need for vaccinations at all.
    Don’t believe it? This just in from Forbidden Knowledge TV:
    “On August 22, 2005, the NIH published an article under the heading “Chloroquine Is A Potent
    Inhibitor of SARS Coronavirus Infection and Spread,” in which researchers reported that,
    “concentrations of 10 μM completely abolished SARS-CoV infection.”
    I think this is the article where Anna declares that Fauci is a Mossad enforcer!!!:

  • Eerily similar photo to the one MTG holds up in this link? The link:
    Masks totally useless, but some fools still wear them
    My info about the Ukraine bio-labs is that at one stage during their SMO the Russians grabbed 13 Ukie bio-lab scientists and decapitated them one by one, forcing the others in line to watch. I bet they had second thoughts about their nefarious activities when they saw what imminent fate was.

  • Every point noted in your review of the ‘Congressional Trial’ of this career criminal could have put the crimes of the NIH on record. If we also add the punishment handed out to Judy Mikovits and other medical researchers hired directly or indirectly by the NIH, many of whom had to run for their lives after efforts they made to stop these experiments, it becomes clear that the Kissinger crew edicts for depopulation began under the Rockerfellers in the U.S. and, globally, supported by the Club Of Rome. These truly sinister realms of scientific bioweapon programs have only been opposed by the Russians, mostly after poisonous vaccines started killing what are now millions worldwide and harmed millions more with ‘adverse effects’—and still counting.

  • No luxury prisons for these guys with free everything at tax payers expense.

    Capital Punishment for these mass murders.

    Either a 25 cent bullet or a rope of wire.

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