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    It turns out it’s not just smartphone tracking data and online purchases that we have to be concerned about. Google’s desktop web browser, Chrome is also being called into question. Chrome apparently scans users’ hard drives without their knowledge.

    Google Chrome for Windows includes what’s called the Chrome Cleanup Tool, which is designed to detect and remove unwanted software, according to Justin Schuh, head of Google Chrome security, who also said users have to specifically click the Remove button to initiate the cleanup. But if this service is so benign, why wasn’t its purpose and the full extent of its operation explained to users? Google has not yet provided an answer to this.

    Chrome is supposedly “just” looking through your files to identify malware that might affect Chrome. It then sends the metadata of the file and the location of where the malware is located on your hard drive, including some system information to Google. Google’s cavalier attitude doesn’t exactly fill one with confidence, given the current climate we live in.

    YouTuber Dave Cullen of the Computing Forever channel says the problem is really two-fold: 1) the addiction users have to these ubiquitous free services and 2) the apathetic culture of the tech companies in question, where caring about user privacy isn’t exactly part of their business model, seeing as it as how persona data is the very thing they rely upon to make money.

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    • I believe we are being spied on, for all purpose war against the people of this world. They take your information, find your likes, dislikes, find what they can sell you, and if you don’t agree with their point of view, they edit you. Still sounds like Nazi Germany to me. I believe it’s only going to get worse. Peace, good wishes to all, even the power players.

      • I was watching and old Project Camelot video last night with Joseph Farrell, from 2009 and he was talking about the second world war, and how with the “project paper clip” we gathered lots of “former” Nazi scientists, and installed them into our government. Well worth the watch. In speculating about world control and manipulation. Connecting quite a few dots. I may sound off the wall with this, but then again……. Make your own choices, and let the cards fall where they will. Another way to look at the world and why it’s this way. Well, I believe I have removed all doubt, LOL!

        • JCrothers…the touted ‘Paperclip’ numbers were 8-10,000, I’ve read that including those established at major universities, private labs and various think tanks the number probably exceeds 30,000.
          That is probably an underestimate too as the US Army was running wild over Germany the last months pre armistace, so it’s just not reasonable to believe the see eye ayy precursor was sitting idly by as other competitors feasted on the expertise.
          Germany’s noted accumulation of ‘big brains’, volunteer and indentured/forced went on for a decade and a half easily…8,000 experts were probably just doing the super secret stuff, then ya have chemistry, psychology, physics, mechanics, lab specialists blah blah.

    • …glad I dumped my iPhone in 2012 and my cellphone and concomitant bills and tracking in 2015…ethicsless greedy mindless eff’ers.

    • The Internet has jumped the shark. Unless I get paid for my posts to FB, I’m done posting.

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