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Amy Bohn, Co-founder of PERK joins Del Bigtree to expose the ties between China and the World Economic Forum in California’s “Vaccine Passport” infrastructure, which threatens to make everyone a prisoner and a slave. We have given no consent to their continuous, arbitrary abuse of our civil rights, nor to their genocide.

Defend your God-given rights.

Amy explains that you need to look back to see the big picture of what’s going on.

She begins by explaining that DARPA funded the Moderna vaccine and also a company called Profusa, which is also funded by the NIH and Google. Profusa makes a wearable technology that’s a biosensor, that’s injectable and it goes under your skin.

It’s made of hydrogel and about the size of a piece of rice. The biosensor can read your temperature and other vital signs.

It also has the ability to connect to your smartphone. Apparently, it has the ability to read some kind of fluorescent light and to send health data to your smartphone.

She says, “So you’ve got Profusa, which is a biosensor that connects to your smartphone. In addition to that, you have a patent that Microsoft took out that is actually for a cryptocurrency.

“So here’s what’s interesting. You’ve got a cryptocurrency system that can use body activity data and this is also connected to wearables and it also mentions wearable devices in this particular patent.

“So you’ve got Profusa, with the injectable biosensor, then you’ve got this patent and in addition to that, you have a whole working group that started through the WHO, several months ago.

“Really, back in January, I would say, we saw this indication of this larger working group and what they called it was the ‘Vaccination Certificate Initiative’. And this initiative included some of the heavy-hitters, like Microsoft, Oracle and another group called the Commons Project.

“And the whole point of this working group was…to create a whole vaccination verification system. And in that, with Microsoft and their patents and one of their partners, we started to see what’s called the Smart Health Card.

“So the Smart Health Card is essentially a smart health app – and this is what’s crazy. This is how, if people understand this, this goes so far beyond just this state, or even one country.

“The Vaccination Certificate Initiative, with the Smart Health Card, this is an app that you can have a QR code and then it’s also brought to you by what’s called the Commons Project.

“So think about this for just a second. The Commons Project all started in 2019…So, in 2019, you have the Commons Project that’s set up. And the Commons Project is brought to you by the World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation. It says this, straight on their website and in the news releases.

“So in addition to the Commons Project, what they put forward is what’s called the Commons Pass…”

Essentially, as Del says, “We’re going to live in a world where the pharmaceutical industry will make 20 new vaccines next year, they will lobby the politicians and say, ‘This needs to be put on the schedule’ and put in the Commons Pass and now you’re lined up, you can’t go to a grocery store – again – even though you had the COVID, now, you need, you know other things that they’re vaccinating for.

“Is this the world we want to live in? Especially, when we now have the drug company, that the government is saying, ‘We’re not gonna do any safety studies, we’re just going to Emergency Use this stuff right into you. I mean, it’s so freaking terrifying but in the end, it’s not just about getting vaccines only, is it? This thing gets deeper.”

Amy replies, “I want people to understand that I that’s it’s even bigger than the vaxxine passport. When you have the Commons Pass – remember, the Commons Project, brought to you by these big, you know, World Economic Forum, the Rockefeller Foundation and Microsoft –”

Del interjects, “Founders of the Great Reset, which we keep hearing about, the Great Reset and ‘Build Back Better’, that’s not a Biden slogan, that is an international slogan of those that are psyched to tear down the infrastructure and the establishments of the countries that we live in, only to build a new, ‘Smart World’, where we’re being tracked everywhere we go.”

“Right,” Annie says, “The Smart Health Card is the operating system they’re using for the Commons Pass. So they have not opened it up to anyone else. It’s just the Smart Health Card through Microsoft.

“They’re even having a big conference at the end of this month about the Smart Health Card, an international conference…”

I’m not going to transcribe the whole video – go watch it. Amy Bohn is doing great work. If the spirit moves, go to the PERK website and help her out.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This reminds me of the X-Men movies where children were born with “special powers”, and referred to as mutants.


    War Drum Beating, Climate Change and COVID19 Pandemic false flag are used in instilling fear and cover-up of the World Corporate Government Bankruptcy and the impending Global Currency Reset. Bretton Woods Governments’ member countries are illegitimate corporations.

  • Thank you, Alexandra, for helping to bring your viewers up-to-date on this dreaded matter. What I do wish she would’ve covered were those who are exempted from the V. Whether you’re medically exempt or have a religious exemption, that’s not going away for many moving forward. What happens to those people?

  • When the Bible tells, you will have the MARK OF THE BEAST, it’s no joke,written by someone on a head trip. If God allowed all this Demonic insanity , it’s His responsibility to give us the remedy and help to deal with all this. Trust in Him. He ain’t gonna throw you under the bus.

    • Good news: Check out Look what the P.M.’s security police have found out about these ‘criminals’ and what they plan to do about it. What does the P.M. do if his security force quits supporting him and other people in power? Stay tuned to learn what God has to do about all this demonic mess in the very near future. We now know that God has his own secret built-in biological weapon of mass destruction of the wicked and adulterous. Pray that He pulls the ‘trigger’ soon.

  • I already read about this and it’s INSANE !!

    Do they think everyone is going to want this kind of totalarian dictatorship?!! There is millions and millions already standing up around the world!!
    Go to Children’s Health Defense.. Robert F Kennedy Jr has a an event on November 3rd ‘walkout world day!!! This is for ALL the vax, masks and other unconstitutional mandates they have placed on citizens in the world!

  • Welcome to the future.
    We’re currently living in the period in time that was prophesied of in the past by Jesus Christ and His many apostles/disciples, and by John the Baptist (one of Jesus Christ’s cousins also mentioned in the documented record of the original delivery of Christ’s gospel to the world. His other cousins were Lazarus, Martha, and Mary), the ancient Israeli prophet Isaiah, and the young prophet Daniel (AKA Belteshazzar, the ancient Israeli teenaged prophet in Babylon @615-555BC). There were others. These all spoke of time of trouble, the likes of which the world had never experienced before. It would be a time in history so dramatically overwhelming that even His elected people would be turning away from Him for brokenness and inability to carry on after carrying on for a brief number of years in resisting it’s troublesome years. It is known as “The Tribulation” and sees “Wars and rumours of wars” and earthquakes in diverse places… These are the beginning of sorrows” and likened to when a pregnant woman’s water breaks as she goes into labour of childbirth and begins painful contractions in the lead up to experiencing the most extreme pain she’s ever felt in her life… This is what we’re about to see appear on the world stage.
    These prophets spoke of a time in human history when these strange events would all emerge in order to divide us into 2 basic groups, the fruitful and the unfruitful. This epoch would effectively experience a cut in time, known as an ‘Apocalypse’ (“Apoc” or “Epoch” is a distinct or defined age or collective period in decades/centuries/millennia, e.g. “The Ice Age” and “The Stone Age”, and the word “Lypse” means to cut). When an age ends, it only happens through a dramatic series of events that emerge in rapid sequence.
    Before too long, approximately 2/3 of the world adult population will patriotically unite under one highly charismatic global leader who deceives many souls into thinking he’s the second coming of Jesus Christ, when in fact, this charismatic “Prince charming” (a little hint there for the savvy) convinces the world he can and does perform miracles and is defeating some kind of evil foe the people of the world need saving from. He is nothing of the sort. He is a devil in disguise, but he will deceive many people and make it so troublesome to live in his world that even those of us who know he’s up to no good will be tempted to give in and follow his evil way of life. His evil way of life will be short lived as he has no sustainable ong term focus. His agenda is for the extremely short term, i.e., he will be bombing countries with small nuclear warheads every day with no concern for the deadly effects these powerful weapons have on our climate . He hates God Almighty and hates God’s most prisddme creature (human beings)

    The truth is the exact opposite from what this evil prince/king will be proclaiming of himself. He’s a total liar and will deceive many many people into believing in him as the saviour of mankind. He’s not saving us from anything.

    He’s evil and known as the antichrist.
    NOTE: The word “Jesus” is an ancient Greek word meaning “God saves” and the word “Christ” is ancient Greek word meaning “The annointed”. Therefore, in His name, Jesus Christ is “God saves the annointed”.

    Get annointed with Jesus Chrit and be saved. Don’t be left unsaved to fend for yourself because at some point we all need saving (and usually it’s from ourself).

  • You’d have to be an absolute swinish moron to want ANY kind of passport, vaccine or otherwise. These “people” want your entire life on this “document” so that they can allow or disallow whatever it is they want to. These are rights you already have; they aren’t theirs to give to anyone.

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