On Sunday, 60 Minutes Australia aired the first major broadcast about Jeffrey Epstein, interviewing the primary people involved in the scandal since he was declared dead last August. It is by far, the best coverage of this story by a Mainstream Media outlet to date.

Many of us are familiar with some of the details of the story but one I’d never heard before I watched this show was how Epstein was relentless in his use of intimidation, entrapment and blackmail tactics against the victims, the prosecutors and law enforcement officers.

Palm Beach attorney, Spencer Coogan who represented three of Epstein’s victims a decade ago says Epstein “had multiple people that were out there, really digging up dirt on not only the victims but also the lawyers, the police, everyone involved.”

Coogan says it was unlike anything he had ever seen before or since. Sadly, he says these intimidation campaigns were very effective. “This is a man who is now dead an they’re still afraid to come forward.”

In 2008, the billionaire pedophile’s lawyers were able to convince the court that these underage girls, with absolutely no criminal history or arrests were “prostitutes”! Here was this pedophile accusing his victims of being prostitutes.

Epstein’s secret plea deal with the State of Florida resulted in:

  • His 13-month sentence in a private wing of the local county lock-up, whereas anybody else would have been looking at 45 years of hard time in Federal prison.
  • “Work-release”, which enabled him to go to his Palm Beach office to “work” 12 hours every day, seven days a week. (It’s also been reported that two young girls were flown in from New York to service him at his office).
  • Full immunity against any other charges for himself and his co-conspirators.

What Epstein did not count on was the anger of his victims. When they found out about the secret deal, they took further legal action, which in turn, led to the federal authorities reopening the case.

What Florida didn’t have the stomach to do, New York did and on July 6th of this year, Jeffrey Epstein was again arrested and charged. This time, he was looking at life behind bars.

His victim, Virginia Roberts-Giuffre describes that day as “Christmas in July.”

60 Minutes Australia reinforces the official line that Jeff Epstein committed suicide, something which not even normies believe, which has become the butt of a burgeoning pop culture meme.

They do, however make a point that nobody else seems to be making in the Mainstream Media: Ghislaine Maxwell is as guilty Epstein and she must be brought to justice.

She and modelling agent, Jean-Luc Brunel have been identified by Epstein’s victims as central to the sex trafficking operation. Both are apparently in hiding.

Virginia’s lawyer, David Boies says, “There will be lawsuits against his estate, there will be lawsuits against the enablers and hopefully, there will be criminal prosecutions that will help vindicate [the victims]…

“All of those avenues remain and we are pursuing those literally as we speak.”

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  • There is no question in my mind that Mossad got him out, though quite why they did not actually murder him and make it look like suicide is beyond me.
    There is no question, that if it were not for Trump, this world of ours would be well and truly F******!
    I can but hope that those looking after P. Trump, turn the Democrat’s ‘Evil’ inspired impeachment attempt, into a full and explicit revelation of all those whom wish to destroy our world, as we know it!
    You will have seen how 11 Supreme Court Judges in the UK, took it upon themselves to take over the role of the government and Parliament. The Judiciary across the world is simply hand-in-glove with the paedophilic ‘Evil’ Elite Globalists.
    It was just such a Judge in the UK that declared that the evidence against the Duke of York with regard to having sex three times with an underage girl, should be dismissed. Do you think if it was you or I, he would have reached the same corrupt, biased conclusion?
    All the crazy weather across the world, is not global warming, but ‘Evil’ inspired manipulation by the Deep State Elite.
    The fires in Florida and recently in Australia are not natural and certainly not as a result of Global warming.
    But until the media, can be sued for deliberately propagating falsehood, I do not see how sufficient numbers of the deaf, dumb and blind public will be educated, for the tables to be turned on the manipulating ‘Elite’?
    Finally, 2 years or thereabouts ago, two satellites were launched into earth’s orbit, with the intention of switching on all the ancient artefacts, like the Great Pyramid at Giza; so that they would generate a frequency that would enable the vast majority of this world to have their resonant brain frequency raised substantially. The earth’s Schumann frequency is now at circa 32Hz, whereas the population’s resonant brain frequency is still at circa 7.83 Hz. This disharmony with the earth’s frequency is why our world in the past few years has become ‘Evil’ and ‘Demonic’, insisting that should you not be in agreement, you no longer deserve your point of view. Instead, you have to be eliminated, in a ‘the end justifies the means’ process.
    Nobody epitomises this dangerous, demonic, hatred better than Nancy Pelosi, even though she is as bent and crooked as the two Biden’s.

  • re Epstein’s secret deal…

    I experience a very telling reality here in Epstein’s Florida. They protect the elite while persecuting the rest of us. Maybe I should play the FL lottery?

    Don’t move here. More police presence per capita than any other state. That’s a fact. Piggthuggery. Backed up by the finest politicians and courts. #10 most corrupt state in the union according to one recent poll.

  • From what I’ve read JE was as smart as a tooth pick, if your going to air his story, lets tell the story of Israel and all the other politically powerful names in this game. I don’t have the money to investigate what the Justice Department and the FBI is doing with all they’ve collected from the island. America has gone radio silent and the loud proud U.S. Attorney of the Southern District of New York, Geoffrey Berman has gone into hiding. I just don’t get the media not chasing this like the Panama Papers or Watergate. And no one is asking the real questions. Our government is so corrupt its hard to know the truth about anything anymore.

  • Thank God for FKTV, otherwise stories like this greatest pedophyle story of the century soon fade away.

    Every thinking person needs to do their own homework on this, so I will provide a starting point with names. Robert Maxwell, Ghislane Maxwell, Leslie Wexler, Clare Bronfman, Kit Kat Clubs in Paris, London, Berlin and NYC. They come together with Epstein and Maxwell who are lower level deep state operatives.

    Ask yourself, how was it possible for the most notorious pedophyle of the 21st century to escape prosecution and judgment – again? Through a series of coincidences that permitted it!

    He was removed from suicide watch days before the alleged suicide, two (2) prison guards fell asleep at the same time as two (2) prison monitoring cameras malfunctioned and AG Barr had failed to assign Federal Marshalls to closely guard him.

    Coincidentally Barr also failed to provide a transparent politically neutral and public autopsy of the alleged remains of Epstein. Wouldn’t you think he would want that since there is so much controversy swirling around this individual?

    Nearly every thinking person in the world saw this coming, except AG Barr. Hmmm.


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