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Investigative journalist, Darren Beattie joins the War Room to discuss the details of his latest bombshell article about what he calls “The highest-stakes, most dangerous and most important story in the country.”

He says his previous article, reported on by Tucker Carlson is the reason why the NSA began spying on the latter.

Beattie says, “It all boils down to one question. Was 1/6 an ‘intelligence failure’, as FBI Director Christopher Wray says – or was it an intelligence set-up?”

He says one clue that it was a set-up lies in the upwards of 20 unindicted co-conspirators in the 1/6 indictments made against members of the key militia groups implicated, who played various roles in the Capitol Riot and who have not been charged for the same activities — in some cases, more severe activities — as those named alongside them in the indictments. Beattie believes these individuals remain unindicted as a result of grants of immunity, because they are either federal agents or assets.

“And yet, a sandwich shop owner faces 60 years for saying, ‘No, no, not yet.’ That discrepancy was tremendously suspicious to us. In this second piece, we were able to refine this question still further by asking…about one of those unindicted persons referenced in the charging documents…the head of the Oath Keepers Militia, the biggest militia in the United States…and we basically open up the story with the following: ‘Hey Republicans, you can crack open the entire story of January 6, 2021 (“1/6”) with one simple, relentless question: what is the FBI and Army Counterintelligence’s relationship with Stewart Rhodes?’

“I would not have published this if I didn’t have an extreme confidence level in this piece. If this is right, that means that the head of the major militia imputed to 1/6 would have had a relationship with the Federal Government, either as an informant or an undercover agent.

“If that’s the case, it’s not a stretch whatsoever to say that 1/6 was actually orchestrated by the government, that it was actually a set-up…This false 1/6 narrative, that I believe was engineered as an infiltration operation; this false narrative is now the key pretext that our National Security state is using to ram through Patriot Act 2.0, the Domestic War on Terror.”  

Beattie believes that the Intelligence Community has gone rogue and that. “If we don’t bring them to heel, we don’t have a country.”

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  • I can’t understand why anyone would allow strangers access to their homes under any circumstances. During these unsettling times, no one should have to anticipate the kind of behavior they’d exercise when unknown people are wandering about their homes. If anyone enables strangers to enter their homes under any pretext, then they deserve whatever consequences ensue.

  • Find


    January 5th !

    January 5th !

    January 5th !

    Video of an Unauthorized Tour of the Capitol Building,

    which video Reveals the Agent Provocateurs’ Tour

    —to Prepare for the January 6th Take-Down of

    Trump’s Reputation :

    Where is that Video Evidence, Folks ?!


    P.S. More evidence :

    ################################### :

    Confirmed: Disguised Leftists Infiltrated Trump Crowd on Jan. 6, Said They Told FBI How to Infiltrate MAGA

    Recently released videos prove what conservatives have been saying for months now: Trump supporters were not the only ones at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

    Two leftists infiltrated the Jan. 6 mob that stormed the Capitol and later said they told the FBI how to “infiltrate Trump rallies.”

    The two men are Walter Masterson and Peter Scattini and a quick look skim through their respective Twitter feeds shows that they are, indeed, leftists.

    Multiple videos on Scattini’s YouTube channel show him and Masterson — disguised as reporters from One America News Network — asking questions to a number of Trump supporters outside the Capitol on Jan. 6.

    An additional video blog posted on Feb. 17 features Scattini explaining how FBI agents approached the two men after their Jan. 6 stunt.

    “They introduced themselves as two agents of the FBI and one officer of the NYPD and asked if they could come inside and, of course, we said yes,” Scattini said.

    “We talked to them for about an hour, we are not in any trouble, but that was super weird.”

    “Walter is giving them tips on how to infiltrate Trump rallies.”

    This lines up with a recent assertion made by Fox News personality Tucker Carlson that the FBI had agents on the inside during the Jan. 6 incursion.

    “Strangely, some of the key people who participated on Jan. 6 have not been charged. Look at the documents. The government calls those people ‘unindicted co-conspirators.’ What does that mean?” Carlson said on Tuesday.

    “Well, it means that in potentially every single case, they were FBI operatives.”

    None of this changes the fact that many Trump supporters present during the incursion broke the law and should be punished for their crimes.

    However, these videos undeniably prove bad actors with a leftist agenda infiltrated the Jan. 6 events.

    Perhaps even more shockingly, what this news also reveals is the fact the FBI may very well have had something to do with the events on Jan. 6.

    Since the incursion, the federal government has been hell-bent on targeting Trump supporters who were present at the Capitol incursion.

    Meanwhile, when it comes to the countless number of far-left, BLM-inspired riots and looting sprees that occurred throughout the course of 2020 — which undoubtedly caused far more death and destruction — the federal government doesn’t seem to care whatsoever.

    There is one possible explanation for why this might be the case — the FBI could be pushing a partisan political agenda and is fully willing to enlist the aid of leftist bad actors in order to do so.

    This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


  • Politics is all diversion, so greedy billionaires can rape the Earth and fuck humanity in the ass.

  • I supported the SEC while they were on my floor investigating GS. This miscreant is part of a global onslaught of humans who hold themselves above the masses. United we stand against their evil, twisted, severely compromised remnants of anything remotely human. Division is not an option.

  • I was there January 6th I came to support President Trump and he is still our president today as I type. This was not an insurrection at least not by the American people this was a setup! There were two to three million people there with dogs and children peacefully Gathering. I arrived Sunday and I left on Thursday I was there for four nights. I am 68 years old and I’ve never had a gun in my life until now. observing what I have seen over the past year and a half. we must defend ourselves and our loved ones and our communities if we are attacked and we are under attack right now with this fake diabolical deathblow of a vaccine which is not a vaccine it is a shot the only reason it’s being called a vaccine is to render the pharmaceutical companies harmless that’s it! This is a medical assault on ourselves and our children we must not allow our children to be tested or take the shots and if schools are going to mandate same we must remove our children from schools now and protect them it is our duty as parents and it’s time to step up and take decisive action to extricate those who would harm us from their positions of perceived power where they reside in their communities up-close-and-personal. We must make a stand where they shop where they go to church where they live their lives. Peacefully and unrelentingly. I have protested at New Jersey governor Phil Murphy’s house. I also worked with him at Goldman Sachs in New York City in the investment management division. His reputation there is less than stellar. Executive assistants are privy to almost everything. I supported the SEC while they were ensconced on my floor investigating Goldman Sachs.

  • It’s a blatant act of insurrection by the intel agencies. As always, blame the opponents of globalism for their dirty dealings. Based on video evidence.

  • Might as well, these creeps listed above (and others) have been at war with the American people since 2001.

    That they went from Total Info Awareness to Prism (which does the same and worse) gave one all that you needed to know. Hell, Comey wanted the keys to encryption while he failed to stop every single terror attack under his watch – bar none. And they knew in advance about every single actor.

    It’s a war, it’s been a war and it’s going to get uglier before its over.

  • John McAfee’s dead man switch just may be making waves. I just saw a video of Israel Defense Forces, at the beach front condo collapse near Miami. Speaking in broken English, the commander was expressing how they were here to help you good people. That’s most likely a coronal who speaks better English than most Americans do. But seems as though both John and his brother have condos there. ‘Think they’re looking for more telling info?

  • I believe that the intelligence community has an excuse to after Trump ,only because they fine associates with the Q movement. So as long as trump appears to be associated to Q ,is their excuse to go after Him ,as well as their movement,. He needs to separate him from them , otherwise they won’t stop. , I hope trump wins Amen 🇺🇸👈

  • Not new. It’s like discovering that next Sunday is going to be Sunday and if it’s realy, really true, then it will be Sunday. Or if it looks like a duck,,,,,

    How many times do Americans need to see these secret police operations in fase flags, before they connect the dots?

    TV zombies! They’ve been programmed to deny reality and believe televised false reality.

    • Many connected years ago. Regarding the sleeping sheep Jon, just like the sheep around the globe that eeks bull manure. But if we make it the future includes them. Have patience.

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