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The events on January 6th at the US Capitol look to be a classic false flag operation. In so many cases over the years, as with Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and with Osama bin Laden in 9/11, those accused by the US Federal Government of being the instigators of the biggest terror attacks on US soil turned out to be longtime assets of the very same Federal Government.

Darren Beattie at suggests that the ranks of the three primary militia groups labeled by authorities as most responsible for the Capitol attack on 1/6 (the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys and the Three Percenters) are filled with ​federal undercover agents and federal informants, which is confirmed of Proud Boys leader, Enrique Tarrio.

He says one clue to this is that there are upwards of 20 unindicted co-conspirators in the 1/6 indictments made against the Oath Keepers group who played various roles in the Capitol attack and who have not been charged for the same activities — in some cases, more severe activities — as those named alongside them in the indictments. Beattie believes they remain unindicted as a result of grants of immunity (because they are either federal agents or assets).

Beattie has found links between the 1/6 Capitol attack with the foiled kidnapping plot by the Three Percenters against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, which had also included a plan to storm the Michigan State Capitol. So here, we see the same Three Percenters group accused by FBI of their involvement in 1/6, with the same plan to storm a Capitol building and then we learn that 60% of the Michigan Plot’s senior leaders are known FBI informants or undercover operatives.

Beattie writes, “As the cherry on top, what if we told you that the director of the Detroit FBI Field Office [Steven D’Antuono], who oversaw the infiltration operation of the Michigan Plot, was subsequently granted a highly coincidental promotion to the DC office, where he is now the lead FBI agent for all 1/6 cases?”

It’s a very suspicious fact pattern. Beattie says, “This was just months before, a plot to storm the State Capitol of Michigan, involving one of the three main militia groups associated with 1/6, with the same FBI Field Agent who was promoted after this – after his infiltration operation – just knowing that just really helps to drive home the pressing plausibility of this most disturbing question that we’re raising is what the Hell happened in 1/6? Was there a similar infiltration operation? And when you look individually at the cases of these unindicted co-conspirators, there are huge red flags there, that press this question even further.”

On Wednesday, Congressman Matt Gaetz seized on the Revolver News report to direct its pointed questions towards FBI Director Chris Wray, asking him about the extent of FBI infiltration into the militia groups, how many undercover federal agents and confidential informants were present at the Capitol during the so-called “siege” and what role did they play? And of all the unindicted co-conspirators referenced in the charging documents of January 6th, how many worked as a confidential informant or as an undercover operative for the federal government (FBI, Army Counterintelligence, etc.)?

On June 15th, Chris Wray told the House Oversight Committee that he’d arrested nearly 500 people and that the FBI still had hundreds of ongoing investigations “Beyond those 500.”

The FBI continues to aggressively pursue the 1/6 investigation, even though none of the protesters were armed and the one person who was murdered was a female Trump supporter by a Capitol Police officer, whose identity is being hidden.

In short, it appears that the FBI organized the January 6th riot and is now framing Trump supporters for treason.

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  • “. . attacks on US soil turned out to be longtime assets of the very same Federal Government.”
    Which proves once again that our gov agencies are compromised and cannot be trusted to support our Constitution.
    And further,
    Many people don’t understand the extensive media campaign being used is GLOBAL. The bigpharma and the media control the global narrative, or at least they are trying to maintain their control.

  • Copied and pasted:
    As an example of these collusions between the controlling classes, Trump recently, and as usual, did a complete reversal, contradicting his phony position at every level in an effort to gain certain political support while doing the exact opposite of what he claimed. Doublespeak in this arena is common, but in this case, it is also deadly. In order to gain favor from tentative supporters, Trump stopped all U.S. funding of the World Health Organization (WHO), pretending to show contempt for its policies and control of this fake pandemic. But at the same time, he gave over a billion dollars to GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance founded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a fascist public-private global health organization. GAVI is one of the largest contributors to the WHO, so in essence, Trump’s actions were a total lie, as the new contribution to the WHO funding GAVI was many times more than the past three years, which by backdoor techniques could be used to fund the WHO covertly. It is telling that since the U.S. quit funding the WHO, the largest single contributor to that evil and corrupt organization is the Gates Foundation, and Trump gave the Gates’ created GAVI over a billion dollars of taxpayer money.

    There is also much more deceit evident here. GAVI and the WHO work hand in hand, along with The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), and are attempting to vaccinate the world in short order by claiming a deadly virus called Covid-19 will devastate the planet. On the WHO website, COVAX is the vaccines pillar of the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator, and claims it seeks to ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines and end the acute phase of the pandemic by the end of 2021, never mind that the so-called acute phase ended much earlier this year, if it existed at all. They must know the future because they have planned the future. Bill Gates is controlling much of this effort, but Gates has been partnered with Anthony Fauci and Birx in the Trump administration, and is the leading funder of the WHO, is the founder of GAVI, and all, including Trump, are working together in a joint venture that will lead to mass vaccination. Considering this alliance from hell, Trump has stated publically that he has deployed and will use the United States military to distribute and administer the new vaccine that is coming. This too will be a direct collaboration between Trump, Gates, the WHO, GAVI, CEPI, the Pharmaceutical mafia, and many of Trump’s cabinet. So did Trump really defund the WHO, or did he just create a mass mandatory vaccine squad bent on controlling the globe?

  • “It’s not me they are after; it’s you!”. So many Psy-Ops to entice the Patriots out of the wood work for 4 yrs. “Q” was a ruse. Now they’ve begun the purge in not just social media, and militias, and soon every day citizens given Biden’s (or really his handler’s) statement of, “See something, say something”. It’s all very evil and sickening.

    • From a blog
      ¡ Exactly ! Trump is also photographed at having been at one of Jeffrey Epstein’s functions, yet when confronted with the issue, Trump claimed that he never knew the guy nor had any sort of friendship with him. Trump is part and parcel of the same machine, but the fact is that he was never directly involved in politics himself and instead hovered around the periphery of the political establishment, had a considerable amount of the populous fooled into thinking that he was for the people. Trump is probably the perfect decoy for the deep state, because while many of his followers are distracted to the detestable deeds of government, Trump’s party and allies from across the aisle are up to the same games of interventionism abroad and disenfranchisement of the average citizen domestically. Trump was installed as president to prevent the nation from coming undone at the seams. If Trump had not been elected then there could have been a possibility for a mass uprising against government, and that is the last thing the international cabal of elitists and deep state operatives could want. A polarized and divided nation is much easier to control and manipulate

  • Did you know that the FBI building in DC is empty and all boarded up? Maybe they are expecting terrorists called American Citizens to come calling…!

  • Thank you Tucker! It takes guts to address these subjects on main stream media. Maybe some newbies will start to get it l now.

  • A previous commentor asked why Rump asked people to come, and of course, he did not show up himself, but danced to “gloria” while others protested in the cold. Another question would be “why did Alex Jones sponsor it, and was never arrested?”- Jones had been saying that presidents were chosen, not elected; until 2016, when it was made known that government would be cracking down on truthers, then Jones started to support Rump. I informed Jones that Rump was involved with Epstein and had charges of raping a 13 year old, that he had connections to Rothschild, that he had given 6.2 trillion dollars to bankers, that he had claimed to have locked down America himself in the first debate against Biden, that he had started operation warp speed to vaccinate us quickly, but Jones ignored it all. You need to ask yourself whose side you are on. Rump’s side, the establishment (Rump is there) and follow the division caused by the establishment news media, which includes FOX, or to think on your own. The establishment newsmedia is dominated by the CIA, and gives a little truth to give a handle to their lies. The FBI, CIA, and government work together, and no republican or democrat politician gets any significant position without proving loyalty to the globalists

    • Yall r an idiot!!…the military chose Donald Trump….a delegation led by I bleve 4mer NSA Admiral Rodgers , and abt 80 4mer and current miltary n 2015 2 recruit Donald Trump cuz they knew Barack was dstroyin’ the military…and the COUNTRY!!!

      Admiral Rodgers bein’ the director of the NSA wud hav had a xhaustiv, thorough, ntensiv backgrnd chk done on Trump…his personal life and financial records were totally xamind…and he came up CLEAN!!!

      No hint of scandal or wrong doin’ anywhere b4 they wud ndorse him…hahahaha…

      No candid8 4 pres has evah been that scrutinizd….and they found NOTHIN’!!

      Admiral Rodgers is the 1 who warnd Trump Barack and Brennan were spyin’ on him illegally n TT and 2 reloc8…which Trump reloc8d 2 his Trump Golf Club n Paramus NJ…hahahaha…

      That’s why Pres Trump is supportd by 80% of the military…they recruitd him dude!!..

      Now what was it y’all were blatherin’ on abt Trump and a 13 y-o girl…and othr nonsense…

      There is credible evidence that 60% of the vaxd r gettin’ harmless saline solutions…not the deadly G8s kill shot….thanx 2 Pres Trump…

      btdubbs, where n hell is G8s?!?!…hahahaha…👱…

      JUS ASKIN’

      • Good retort. Lots of provable facts, evidence to bury the opponent, and great character to boot. OOps, I see that I am replying to myself here, not to the one that has no ability to respond with intelligence nor with any weapon but unfounded ridicule- the weapon of immature stupid and uninformed nonthinkers.

        • You aren’t worth wasting my time on because what you posted doesn’t mean a thing. Where is a guilty verdict? What about Russian collusion the libatardos dreamed up? Shall I go on and on with other BS you tards have tried. Oh I say he was connected to the Davos clique but turned on them. I don’t agree with the bogus vaccine either but he loved the USA and doesn’t want it to turn into a communist shit hole that it is becoming now.

  • Why did trump ask his supporters to come? I am/was not a big Q follower but I would listen to such individuals i.e. x22,sgt, and we know etc. And Q would say ” we have it all ”
    The only guess that I have is that ( I hate to say it) it was planned to give the GOP an out. Blame it on those patriots. What if nobody would of showed up then how do you think it would of played out?

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