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France has fallen to the far left.

Riots turned to celebration for progressive protesters over the weekend as strategic alliances between the far left and Emmanuel Macron’s centrists snatched victory away from Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella’s National Rally in the final run-off round of the France elections.

Sky News All-Stars Gabriella Power, and James Morrow take a look at the dramatic turn of events in the French election and what it means for the country moving forward.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The one thing we can always depend upon is Frenchmen and women have always been a volatile vain and fickle people by the nature of their culture which of course spilled over into Quebec Canada and the Trudeau family whom Canadians with half a brain knew all along were Castroites using Marxism as a guise for despotism, just like a bunch of other despots before them.

    Emmanuel Macron is hardly a centrist, he’s always been a Hegelian investment banker agent. This is a dialectic theater shell game shifting to the next synthesis.

    Tolerators get very upset when people stop tolerating them and so they do what they always do, they riot.

    Can you see Macron now with a great big gotcha grin on his mug?

  • They didn’t have a good candidate in first place; therefore, it doesn’t matter which side out of Omacron / Le Pepe it may fall as it’s been falling since a long time ago.

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