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This is Part 2 of Tore Says Show‘s EV-I-Lution: Cloned Lives Matter, an extremely disturbing assemblage of videos about what could be called the posthuman cloning agenda and digital genetics and Jeffrey Epstein’s connection to all of this.

Tore says that the COVID tests were in reality a DNA harvesting operation. Bill Evanina, former Director of the Counterintelligence and Security Center was so upset about this before he resigned that he issued a warning that, “Foreign powers can collect, store and exploit biometric information from the COVID tests.”

One of the main contractors that provided these COVID test kits to the US Government is a Chinese military company operating in the US called BGI.

Bill Gates has met with BGI and Canadian billionaire, Peter Nygård partnered with BGI. In 2021, BGI was charged with harvesting DNA from pre-natal tests. Peter Nygård cloned himself and implanted his girlfriends with embryos of his clones, which he would then harvest to inject the fetsus’ stem cells into himself as an anti-aging treatment. Nygård is currently on trial for rape.

Quantum computing is making cloning possible and China and France are already engineering biologically-enhanced Super Soldiers

We see clips of Fritz Springmaier’s talks about DARPA’s Avatar program, which is about mind transfer technology and of Dmtry Itskov and his group, who claim that by 2045, they will have the ability to download consciousness into a computer.

Founders Space CEO Steve Hoffman talks about we’ll be able to “outsource functions of our brain” and how we’ll be able to upload memories to the cloud. They’re creating a database of all thoughts and emotions, whereby, “If you can match the [brainwave] patterns to the database, you can literally start to read their mind…it wouldn’t be long to train a machine to read your mind.”

An unnamed expert tells a reporter, “You can push your bio signals to the cloud through few API calls, then we have a large amount of sophisticated signal processing that’s spun up to make sense of that data and then, with a few more lines of code, through, again a simple, rest API, you can get back a meaningful result – and all that in realtime.”

In Part 1, of EV-I-LUTION, Yale University professor Dr Charles Morgan had talked about sending thoughts from the brain of one living being into the sensory cortex of a second living being in what’s called “droning”, where one organism can direct the thoughts and the motor activity of a second organism.

Pastor Cherie Beltram of the Three Hearts Church in Caney, TX goes into great detail about cloning, the different kinds of clones and celebrity clones; things that I’ve ignored and thought were crazy but now that it’s in a Tore Says video, I guess there’s something to it…

Then, we learn that the US Intelligence Community’s Utah Data Center at Bluffdale and other similar facilities have enough storage for a yodabyte of data, which is one million exabytes. Former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt once said that all of human knowledge would take up 5 exabytes of data so why do they need storage for one million exobytes?

A voiceover from an unnamed source answers this question:

“So why does the Shadow Government need to collect so much data? The reason is they have built a computer-generated realtime mirror model of the world that includes a digital twin copy of every single person on the planet.

“The more data they can collect from the real world from each individual, the more accurate the world model becomes. To achieve optimal results, they have used nano bots to link the signals coming from your biological neurons to your very own digital twin in the computer-generated mirror world so that everything that occurs in the simulation also occurs in the real world and vice versa.

“As more data is collected, the simulation becomes a more accurate model of the world.

“Each person’s digital twin is readable and writable and subject to the powers of algorithms. And because you are tethered to your digital twin, you, too become programmable.

“The Human Brain project achieved its goal of creating a digital model of a human brain. This digital model is used as a template to upload your consciousness to the computer-generated mirror world.
“A nanobot brain-to-cloud interface links you to this template, so that all of your experiences, memories, personality, etc are transferred to your digital twin.

“Over time, as more knowledge and data are uploaded to your digital twin, the twin becomes a more accurate representation and will eventually behave and act just as you, when given the same set of circumstances.”

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  • The DNA collection of the nose swab for Covid-19 makes sense.
    It’s something that I thought about when i gad my first test in in June of 2020 when the tester said: You Are Already In The System !
    Then sge said: We didn’t need your sample , We Already have you.
    This was Done at a Job site, the Job was at a place that packaged Covid-19 test kits , I quit after 2 days once i realized office worker were allowed to skip the test and only warehouses workers were tested.

    Here’s an article on how all New born babies are DNA tested.

    And Codis is now Done in all 50 states on inmates who gi to prison.

      • In the beginning of Covid, I was in the hospital for something else. They heard my mother had covid at home and I had been exposed. They locked my room, only a lady in a hazmat suit came in until they released me right after this…
        The woman put a catheter needle in and took a bag full of blood, put it on ice, then took about 12 vials and put some of them on ice.

  • I guess I must be living a sheltered life. Clones operating at this level, is this just more disinformation. I think most of these people are being mind controlled, brainwashed, but clones?
    I’d have to see much more evidence, facts about these clones. I am aware of “Black Mice” they use in laboratories. Any suggestions on books, science papers besides movies and talks that do not show any shred of evidence along with photos that have been altered…This film is entertaining!Great post and I do keep an open mind!
    In this day and age anything can be possible…

  • Twelve, thirteen, maybe fifteen years back, I became aware and knew deep down that something horrifyingly abusive and wicked – inhuman, really – was happening in bio-labs across the planet. After watching videos of, for instance, the human-like kangaroo flexing its muscles for a man and his family at a zoo somewhere in Australia; the three-foot high part human mouse that came bounding into an area where a lab-tech became absolutely terrified in some bio-experiment lab somewhere; the part pig, part woman lying semi-supine while nursing piglets that had been preserved (made to appear as if the spectacle might not have been real but instead just plaster-of-paris) and put on display somewhere in either Mexico or South America … photos of beastly looking dead embryonic animals tossed out in garbage bags and stumbled upon by hikers and such in remote areas North American deserts, which, even the vultures seem to avoid. Seems as though anything pure and good that can be seen and touched – now even unseen and untouched, considering they are even exploiting the human psyche – has been debased by human slime funding these sorts. Anyway, I have been saying ever since then that these freak show labs need to be destroyed, with every last actor and funder imprisoned; their monies, every last dime, confiscated.

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