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You asked for it and you got it! The most requested guest in our podcast’s short history, Cathy O’Brien finally joins the podcast! Cathy has been a lifelong whistleblower on child sex trafficking, MK Ultra and trauma-based mind control. She also happens to be one of Roseanne’s best friends. The two have been fighting to expose the deep state since they first met at a conference where Roseanne opened for her in 2007.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Cathy has been my hero for many years. Anyone that has been through a tenth of what she has been through and survived would hide and be grateful to be alive (understandably so) but Cathy is a true warrior. She has stayed in the dangerous limelight to bring us to real freedom.

    She is a gift from our creator paving a road to the justice this creation seeks. The real deal!
    Once you see and know her story you then know the depths to which the opposite of love and compassion can threaten our beautiful world and yet she is the wayshower to what saves the most threatened.

    Thank you Roseanne a fellow warrior of this path of truth and freedom of our souls.
    I love you both with all I have.

  • Reclaiming our dignity as wonderfully and fearfully made creatures in the image of our Maker!

    I used to wonder why I liked Rosanne, a liberal Judaic, then I found out she was a country girl. Bingo, as a country boy we connect, heart to heart.

    G-d bless both of these wonderful ladies.

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