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    At this point, the Medical Examiner has completed the autopsy of “Jeffrey Epstein” but the cause of death remains “pending”. For the first time in years, Americans on both the Left and the Right actually agree on something! Namely, that the most high-value prisoner in the US did not commit suicide while locked up one of the world’s most secure facilities – nor did the multiple cameras that were supposed to be filming him “malfunction” – nor did the guards who were supposed to be checking in on his cell every 15-30 minutes fail to do so because they were “overworked and understaffed”.

    While the dinosaur media is decrying those who would propagate baseless conspiracy theories, you’re likely reading this because you’re looking for some of that high-octane speculation, right?

    Photos released on Saturday of “Epstein’s” body being wheeled into a Lower Manhattan hospital after he was discovered unresponsive early that morning a have since been deemed by many to not be of Epstein. It’s thought they contain either a body double or that the images were entirely created in Photoshop using – wait for it – the profile of the late Anthony Bourdain!

    Various ideas are considered here that may seem preposterous – but none more so than the idea that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in a suicide-proof cell at the Manhattan Correctional Center, having just survived a murder attempt a couple of weeks ago!

    I’ve read many potential scenarios of what could have happened and like WWG1WGA, the YouTuber who created this video, my gut tells me that Epstein is not dead. Rumors were circulating that there was a $100 million bounty on his head, so the many millions it would have cost to buy the silence of strategic employees at the prison and the local hospital, etc. would merely amount to a small investment.

    Robert David Steele and others believe that he was extracted by the Mossad and is now celebrating in Israel. Others believe that the White Hats have whisked him away to Gitmo.

    Here’s where it gets crazy and WWG1WGA did not cover this in the video. It was 3AM and I was trying to pack it in and be done with this article when I came across a tweet from @atlsmr2 that read:

    “…the dead guy in the photos is not Jeffrey Epstein. He is none other than Hillary’s dead brother, Tony Rodham…It is a direct strike on Hillary Clinton. When she sees this, she will figure out that Epstein is not dead but that he isn’t in jail, either. So where is he? Moved to an undisclosed location where he can’t be murdered by her and every other sick gazillionaire in this world. Because she tried to kill him last time. Epstein is alive. Narcissists don’t ever commit suicide.”

    I went to do an image search and indeed, the eyebrows, ears, hair texture and the nose on the person in the gurney all look like Tony Rodham!

    Regardless of whether he’s dead or alive, prosecutors in the Southern District of New York say they will continue investigating the sex trafficking case against Epstein and they’re still calling for any more victims to come forward.

    Some observers say that with Epstein dead, the DOJ will not be hindered from obtaining all the evidence available at his sprawling properties in New Mexico, the US Virgin Islands, Manhattan and Paris.

    Actually, Donald Trump’s Executive Order of December 2018 Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption will allow the US Government to unilaterally seize all of these.

    Because he was charged with Conspiracy, this means that Epstein’s many accomplices are not out of the woods, including Ghislaine Maxwell, who we may see extradited from wherever she’s been cooling her heels.

    Everybody – from tinfoil-hatters to normies to Comrade DeBlasio – all want to see a full investigation and prosecution of Epstein’s sex trafficking and blackmailing operation, which is wonderfully unifying – even if each side believes only the other side will be destroyed in the process!

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    • trump is hilary 8 th kin also kin to the queen,maddona,others look at the bloodlines you see…biden is his friend its a game…biden knows he going to lose and trump going to win again…biden no kin to the queen also hes for palestine not israel… bibi friend with trump…trump is cyrus the great incarnated as stated in ishaiah 45 vs 20 he was incarnated to help the hebrews.

    • check this out you know hes alive,jim jones,david koresh these folks was agents set in to use,as was charles manson-others, there book on joe biden working for globalists and talk on end days-that esu christos was real he was called isha also in india where he evently moved had a family… judas also fled to india…judah was one that betrayed the lord esu but did not want him crucified he thought he go jail few years then get out he was one that hung himself he had tried to save the lord gave the silver and gold coins back they would not release the lord..the lord came from the starship bethlaham he was god aton as one you notice in matthew he accended in ufos with apostles,,share these books and donate also download and share let the 4 winds spread in these last days. these books go into vatican having sex slaves,holding young people hostages and raping nunes also talk on satanic killings your law might be involved in sacrifices,see zecharaih you know you in the last days before god comes for christos comes as aton the father all must be translated to live in his presence on earth.

    • You can’t believe photos or videos any more because the FBI and other government and military agencies have the technology and are using it for a long time — I am one of the targeted surveillance burglary crime victims they have used some of their high tech software and security hacking systems on in grand theft burglaries and covert black operations in Washington state….. “Turu” Wilkie et al, and Johnna Jewell are two of government connected organized crime network involved in DHS agencies personnel and contractors involved in surveillance burglaries and hate crime targeting.

    • Interesting that Donald Trump’s long term associations with Epstein was literally buried, but
      targeting the clintons. One must remember that Trump now president, committed
      hideous crimes against the underaged young womens in Epstein’s private island. and
      his estates. side-track the realities is not going to cut even in the pro Trump site.

      • Do you have any proof of what you’ve said?

        In the documents released by the Florida courts last week, Virginia Roberts Giuffre said that Trump did not have sexual contact with Epstein’s girls or even flirt with them.

        • You’re absolutely correct. Trump never went to Epstein’s island. He disassociated himself with Epstein once he realised what he was up to. He threw him out of his mansion at Mar el Lago and even co-operated with the police to get him arrested.

    • Not to worry…Epstein may or may not be dead…We have plenty of pedophiles to take his place…Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew…the list can go on…

    • Regardless of who is in that photo, we may never know the truth. The Rodham theory is interesting but my money is on Vegas was done by the Saudis. har.

    • Is this a new TV show?
      The plot sounds like an old TV show.
      Are we still being played with?

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