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    Like many people yesterday morning, I awoke to hear that high-profile pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein had committed suicide in his suicide-proof jail cell at the Manhattan Correctional Center.

    There are so many reasons why the official explanation that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide doesn’t make sense. The best summation of the events on video that I saw was by Dr. Steve Pieczenik, who explains here that Epstein isn’t just an individual but that he represents an entire system that is taxpayer-funded and mind-bogglingly corrupt.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Tele Aviv is full of teen and pre-teen young girls trafficked from Europe, I would suggest that’s where I’d look for Jeffrey……er…..I mean his ghost

    • Yeah, I know, Epstein hung himself with his paper uniform.
      Or was it, Epstein killed himself using the hands of another?
      And he magically turned off the cameras watching him.
      What gover ment of pedophiles do you think is now praising his choice? Oh, I mean world of.
      Kind of has the signatures, of a certain foundation I believe. Or was that intelligence Agency?
      Same difference. Now, did he have a deadman switch? That is too much to hope for.
      He was not wise…. enough.
      Or has he escaped? LOL, the lies we are fed and are suppose to believe.
      Does this mean all his films won’t come out? LOL
      Make it a better world, somehow or another.

    • Dear Alexandra,

      Succinct, accurate and to the point!

      No need for an hour-long explanation.

      The system is slowly being unravelled and ‘Evil’ will surely be overcome; even if not as fast as many of us had hoped.

      Think ‘Evil’ in this world and the Mossad seems to have been behind it, including IS, whose original leader was a Mossad agent!


    • Hey democrats,

      Choose a side:

      1) Me too movement and the prosecution of molestors, perverts and rapists.
      2) Big deep state government and their rapist, pedophilia, trafficking of minors and minorities.

      Hypocrite much???

    • Windsors pro-Nazi- LOL!. King Edward was anti-war so had to be replaced by his half-witted brother, Albert (Geo IV) so the Zio-banksters & their stooge Churchill could initiate a needless world war to destroy the German people and save the S Union. Edward’s best Friend, Simpson, was Jewish so it is hard to say that he was pro-Nazi, just because he came from the Sachs-Coburg & Mountbatten families.

    • One step closer to total military dictatorship…Epstein was under federal custody, start there! Who is in charge of our Federal government? Stop giving Trump credit, he is an errand boy for the Military, Bankers, and Wall Street…Like all presidents!!

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