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    Chemtrail activist, Dane Wigington of claims that Hurricane Harvey is the latest example of covert weather warfare being waged on a completely unsuspecting population. He asks, “How would forecasters know, so far in advance that Harvey would park itself in Texas and stay there for days, due to high pressure zones locking Harvey in place? Because the forecasters are reading from a script of the weather given to them by geoengineering contractors like Raytheon and Lockheed-Martin. Raytheon does all of the forecast mapping for the National Weather Service (NWS) and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Lockheed-Martin does the same kind of mapping for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We have the foxes minding the henhouse…the forecast track for Harvey was beyond unprecedented…Harvey’s behavior was not an act of nature. It was manipulation with patented climate engineering technologies.”

    Wigington claims that footage and the weather radar shown here fully expose how Hurricane Harvey was deliberately steered by microwave blasts and that we won’t hear anything about this from weather service personnel because they have been gagged by illegal non-disclosure agreements signed with their defense contractor employers.

    As to why this is happening, he says, “This is where dichotomous ‘this or that’ thinking must be abandoned…there are many agendas being carried out…solar radiation management is one primary stated objective of climate engineering…” He claims that one objective of climate engineering is to obfuscate its own existence and cause confusion with prevailing ideas about Climate Change.

    I cannot wrap my head around the barrage of data and verbiage here but I have no doubt that Wigington has has only the best of intentions, as he uses this weather disaster to emphasize his lifework.

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    • There are at least two impacts, resulting into any cathastrophe.
      – At first the sun is increasing his electormagnetich impact on the erath and its spiritual beings.
      Here the extremes grow in intensitiy.
      – Secondly the power of money creates a fight between the rich and the poor.
      Both results into a selection, by which the aware ones can survive by an inner wisdom.

      This inner wisdom is present inside an spiritual space, which can not be destroyed in any way.

    • The UN has had resolutions on the use of weather weapons since 1978.

      Everyone knows that coastal and riverfront properties properties facing bodies of water attract premium property prices.

      This is an unlikely but possible conspiracy theory:

      Perhaps those behind the use of weather weapons are interested in persuading the coastal population to relocate far away from coastal areas in order to generate vast profits and create safe areas for the rich that could be sold to make money for landowners without millions of the poor blocking redevelopment.

      Meanwhile some have said that planetary changes will force millions to relocate sway from coastal regions due to changes in sea levels such as Edgar Cayce.

    • Dane has been working on the Shadow Government’s (SG) geoengineering crimes for over a decade. IMO he’s the most credible person investigating it. The microwave emissions caught in the act here are quite a telling detail.

    • Could be. I recall one hurricane in particular, since I live in hurricane alley and watch their progresses carefully over local weather watching electronics. I do not presently recall that hurricanes name, but I watched hourly as it navigated around the keys, turn north, run parallel to the Florida west coast about fifty miles offshore, then stop, make a hard right, headed straight for Tampa Bay, turned left and headed north again in Tampa Bay, tweaked a bit to the east, entered into the mouth of Peace River in the north segment of Tampa Bay and followed Peace River diagonally all the way to Orlando, just like an intelligently navigated boat! How does that work? Hmmm, hurricanes must be intelligent too.

      That same year thee hurricanes crossed over my county in close order, one shot across just south of my town from the east, one shot across just north of my town from the west and the third one right up the belly from the south and passed directly over my town. It was like we were targets for artillery. They missed us the first two tries and got us on the third round. We were all out looking up into the clear blue sky eye as it passed over us, yet two years later the official publication of that hurricane had it passing over somewhere else with all kinds of beautiful expensive official government art work.

      Years before, living on the east coast during a hurricane, everyone was out in their yards and driving around the neighborhoods rubbernecking in the eye of a hurricane while television and radio were reporting the eye of the hurricane was twenty miles offshore. It gets to be a funny joke after awhile, except that secrecy and propaganda are weapons in the hands of the secret keepers for as long as people will tolerate it.

      Though building codes in recent years have improved, they haven’t improved enough. It’s amazing property damage isn’t worse. What is seldom talked about are imbedded tornadoes and almost never mentioned are high speed micro bursts within hurricanes. A micro burst can flatten almost anything!

      We have a lot of large citrus groves here and you can see where a micro burst cut through a grove. There won’t be a tree left there like a bulldozer cleared a road through the grove. Them’s heap strong winds!

    • First, you put the steam in the air from the power plants, second, you control it with multiple microwave frequencies. Yes, then in other spots on Earth, you spray the chemtrails, and also control them with microwave transmissions of a slightly different frequency. I begin to understand.

      • I have found Dane Wigington to be sincere but I really couldn’t vouch for what he was saying here. Many people allege that the chemtrails contain compounds which make the atmosphere extremely conductive and thereby more easily manipulable by directed energy sources.

        A point that he brings up which I think is very curious is that all of the major weather forecasting agencies are owned or controlled by the biggest defense contractors (because their equipment/personnel are used).

        • I think Dane wet himself on this, it was a mound of high pressure that stalled this one and eventually shoved it east.

        • Greetings Alexandra,

          What’s the whole point of or the underlying reason for manipulating the weather? Is it a part of the plan, of a few, to reduce the world population?

          • Peggy, if a program has the amount of money spent on it that one may infer has been spend on this one, for as long as it has been (25 years, maybe a lot more), you can bet your bottom dollar there are several reasons behind it.

            Crypto and ABC agencies don’t splash that kind of moolah unless it scratches multiple itches simultaneously. Population reduction is likely one.

            Don’t quote me on this, but if you wanted to write a script where the Earth was being prepared in advance for an alien species’ arrival (with different requirements for life than our own, wink wink), it would probably resemble what we have seen recently on our planet. . .

        • Well, let’s see here (

          Silver 105%
          Copper 100%
          Gold 70%
          Aluminum 61%
          Brass 28%
          Zinc 27%

          With Barium, it varies by compound, but none I could find was a very good conductor. While we may agree aluminum is satisfactory, it is far from spectacular. Far, far less may be said of barium.

          So I would have to disagree with the premise of “extreme conductivity” in chemtrail compounds. But why would extreme conductivity be desirable? Why not something more reliable and manageable?

          As for your ultimate paragraph, boy, you said it!

          • I don’t know that the atmosphere needs anything to make it any more conductive. Between the water vapor and the electrical fields that cause lightning, it seems to be naturally quite conductive. Maybe the particles have to do with shaping or controlling fields? I’ve heard that barium salts are sprayed to create magnetic missile defense shields, according to one pilot whistleblower who talked about Project Cloverleaf in a clip I ran some 6 or more years ago.

            I do not claim to be expert on this subject.

          • There are a number of theories put forth about the geo-engineering agenda–why it’s been an on-going program, what the mix of metals used controls and how. Elena Freeland’s videos and books put forth the theory of the “space fence”. She outlines technical info that names the specific metals used and the quality of their conductivity. Alex posted her last interview with Dark Journalist (DJ) on this site. I think there is a Part II coming soon on the subject through DJ at:

            If you are not a subscriber to DJ’s site you can usually find his work here. Thanks Alex!

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