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    The ongoing havoc being perpetrated upon the US body politic by the MSM, in collusion with Soros-funded hate groups has been fraying the nerves of those on all sides of the political spectrum and the first thing people need to do, if they haven’t already is to tune out that garbage.

    Dr. Ted Broer joins me to talk about that from which this garbage is distracting our attention away.

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    Learn More about Sabbatean-Frankists in this Israeli Radio interview with Rabbi Marvin Antelman.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Alexandra, while this is nasty stuff, please show your pretty smile more. You look so sombre and although the info is “serious” part of our inoculation against the poison and sense of defeat “they” wish to instill in us, is to keep your humor and draw upon your spiritual self.

      This ain’t the only visit you’ve made to Earth. It’s a powerful turning point time in the Cycles. We’re here to participate as well as just observe. The Negative Ones have pushed their agenda to its bitter end… and yet, in so many ways things are better. Abundance is possible.

      Far bigger powers run this Cosmos. I’m personally not comfortable with those who fall in with this historical model of one “Jesus of Nazareth” since that is just plain bad scholarship on their part; BUT, they are not wrong to feel-know there is a greater loving force that supports us. I would fall more with Gnostics who called it “Jesus” but did not mean the fairy tale version developed by the eventual Roman Church, the Savior Super Hero model for comic book minds.

      Also watch the recent David Wilcock stuff on the “Fluff Cloud” or higher energy field our solar system is entering. This is Wilcock’s good kind of presentation, whereas I find Corey Goode very suspicious. In fact, it is most likely the polarizing situation we see now as increasing madness is a side-effect of the incoming higher frequencies which are giving mankind a psychic colonic— too many centuries of lies and utter bullshit have constipated our collective soul. We need a serious Reboot and ayahuasca type psychic purge.

      I think all bets are off. Elites have felt suspected some major change is coming, whether it was pole shift, etc., and have been busy diverting trillions to build their underground cities, or off world colonies (if you buy into Secret Space Program).

      Just this week I see article Army cannot account for 25% of budget. They are not “losing” this money, it’s all going into black budget breakaway civilization survival stuff for desperate elites. Sure they get some money from opium fields in Afghanistan but that is a drop in the bucket to just stealing money and then stonewalling everyone.

      Find your spiritual or soul nature. What’s the worse that can happen? They crash the world economy and your body dies? OK? Laugh in the enemy’s face. This ain’t the end; it’s just a cliff-hanger chapter. Besides, the “enemy” that gets you off your ass and wakes you up is really your “friend.” Most of us need a good hard smack in the head to snap out of it.

    • I have been seeing through the BS that MSM, and others have been tossing at us. I hate to say this, but I think it won’t be long before the fan gets hit, and that may do the damage of no more world, no NWO, no more countries, not many left on the surface of good old Earth. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Amazing video and covers so much in such a short space of time. A good wake up call to the agenda. Thanks for putting this one out there.

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