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This is a disturbing and cautionary film by Abby Martin about Steve Bannon, President Trump’s primary adviser. Martin likens Bannon’s role in the new administration to that of Dick Cheney during the presidency of George W Bush.

The icky details of Bannon’s life have evaded me until now and I found this film to be very relevant and worth watching. I don’t agree with Martin’s observations about Globalism but I do think it’s important to be able to listen other points of view.

Many people voted for Trump because of Hillary Clinton’s numerous suggestions during her campaign that she intended to go to war with Russia – an apocalyptic idea, if there ever was one while.

Now, with the current administration’s recent decision to add more US troops to Syria and Iraq, in addition to discussing “limited support” in Yemen, we discover here that Bannon is a serious war hawk…and one sick puppy.


Alexandra Bruce

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  • Where is the proof? She does not like Bannon, it’s obvious. The rest of her ramblings is typical lefties rhetoric and shame on you for not being one.
    I would put her in Paris for 6 months, no problem with Muslims? I think Calcutta is a cleaner city today.
    As a European, I gladly send them all over to you. Be thankful you have a big ocean surrounding the USA.
    Maybe her time is better spent on the USA predatory imperialistic politics for decades on end and is the reason why large parts of the world are in shambles. Sadly enough the EU was created to do the exact same, being predatory imperialistic. This all for the comfy of a tiny elite.
    No Miss Bruce, in my opinion, you mist the ball on this one.

    • I don’t think Abby Martin is co-opted. She’s a perfect exponent of a very typical San Francisco Progressive mindset. That’s where she’s from and that’s how she was raised to see the world.

      The Neoliberalist rebranding of Corporatism over the past decade has been as ironic as it has been demoralizing for the Progressive constituency in America, which is not very astute about its own situation, as evidenced by Abby Martin’s presentation. They fail to grasp how the Central Banksters have compromised their representatives and are wreaking total havoc domestically and internationally.

      Former embodiments of gender-and race discrimination have now become the “front of the house” for the Military Industrial Complex, selling us the same endless war that the Neocons were selling under Bush II.

      I don’t see much that fundamentally separates the establishment Dems and Republicans ideologically, at this point, which is why many call the Establishment the “Uniparty”.

      The transgender bathrooms are just a remarkably effective way to keep people polarized, destabilized and distracted from what’s really going on, which is galloping Fascism.

      Obama doubled-down the un-American, unconstitutional Patriot Act sh!t-show from Dubya that was never about the so-called War on Terrorism. It was and is about the total control the Banksters want over every transaction – and over anyone who would challenge their agenda.

  • In some ways Abby is admirable, but she is poorly educated and ill equipped to pass judgment of what she perceives as evil. I don’t know much about Bannon, certainly not as much as Abby claims to know, but as concerning her other judgments, she is reverting to her old leftist hacking inclinations and I am sorry to see that. She is apparently attempting to pass off this political hit job as a journalistic documentary.

    • I think she did a great job on Hillary and Podesta but she is out of her depth – and she really shows it, here – when she describes Globalism. Abby pooh-poohs and dismisses Globalism as a “Vague concept that describes everything from a shadowy network of international elites, seeking to usurp American sovereignty to the destruction of Western culture with foreign invaders, aka immigrants.”

      She has not done her homework about the Central Banking system and what has really driven the US’ wars over the past 16 years.

      I think the Central Bankers are behind Globalism. They want to control all the currency. All of it. They don’t really care about anything else but they will happily destabilize countries with wars, to get rid of Sharia Law banking and install new member banks of their Central Banking system in countries which were previously not part of their system or who were rebelling against them, which is the case of every Middle Eastern country that the US has invaded over the past 16 years.

      They will gladly destabilize countries with “wars on terrorism” and migrant crises, to usher in a police state that makes it easier for them to achieve their ultimate goal.

      • Even after allowing for Abbi Martin’s shortcomings Bannon is obviousely over qualified to join the clan of warmongering physcopaths. It is unsettling how such people are able to wield power under the construct of ‘democracy’ where we the people supposedly choose our leaders and those wield power on our behalf.
        I have lost all faith in the existance of freedom of speech. You have this as long as nobody listens to you. If we protest we get Kettled. The fastest growing method of control is debt. The internet is becoming a tool of surveillance and control. Independant journalism is being slowly crushed. All this while the masses are fed a diet of sport, celebrity faeces and opinions to be adopted.

  • As a white working man I have been sholdering the tax burden of the mass refugee invasion since the 60’s. Don’t give me the crap about how great they are for the US. I have seen the destruction of the moral fabric of our country.

    Funny thing is Abby never touched upon the Massive amount of Zionist Jews Trump has running the WH. There lies the real danger to our Republic. AIPAC and Zionists have hijacked Congress. Immigration is a small easy to adjust problem. Rooting out the Zionist control of our National Government will be a real challenge for all Americans.

    After 50 years of guilt trips and progressives looting our country I am pleased to see some power shifting back to White people. As a Native of Miami don’t try to give me the double talk. I have been living this crap my entire life.

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