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    This is a very laser-focused and pithy conversation between Nigel Farage, British MP and the leader of the UK Independence Party with Infowars’ David Knight.

    Nigel Farage, who lobbied for Britain’s exist from the economic strictures of the European Union, aka “Brexit” for 25 years and finally succeeded explains the dire importance of America’s upcoming Presidential Election, warning that if the US doesn’t act now, it could be facing a collapse as never seen before.

    This interview was conducted just prior to the third and final US Presidential Debate, where Farage discusses the forces of Globalism, which he’s fought his entire career and which are very strongly represented by Hillary Clinton.

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    • Just gotta love Nigel. The interesting thing is that I am British and voted for Brexit. Now I live in the Philippines where we have a new president who openly states that this is an independent sovereign nation, and immediately gets attacked by the US/UN and UK/EU. They will attack anyone who is anti globalist, and the good news is they are losing…..

    • Don’t you just love this guy: corporatism: the corporations write their own regulations and put up barriers for the small entrepreneurs; they’ve carved up the market.
      Big pharma being mentioned as a typical example where through their undue influence medical care has become more expensive.
      And under this corporatism the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. Finally someone who tells it as it is. Are we going to call him another conspiracy theorist?
      The only thing he seems to forget in his arguments is that Trump is part of that corporatism: he built himself a trump empire.
      So both candidates represent big money however they wish to present it to the public, which excludes by nature the idea that any of them would have the interests of the people at heart: even if they wanted to they wouldn’t know how because they went through years of thinking profit and nothing else.

    • This coming election will be a big mess, I know that’s a understatement, corporations against the people that support them. Now how to change things, that’s a bigger question. I have ideas, but we still need to contend with a rigged election first. I hate to say it, but “go Trump”. There I said it.

    • No one should be voting FOR Trump NOR Clinton – they are both despicable people, presenting with different sides of corruption & megalomaniacal excess.

      People are so stupid (having been lied to excessively through our education system, and of course through the media & propaganda ministry), that we can’t expect them to do the reasonable thing – we all WILL have to go in person to Washington DC eventually, and force them out physically. Yes, a class war/ Civil war and Global wars are coming (according to history). Hopefully, after we shed a few billions lives, we’ll realize the truth – we DON’T NEED the nation-state. We need an enlightened leadership COUNCIL running things, never one person, never secrecy, and greed and megalomania MUST be rooted out. It will ALL happen, once we stop lying to each other.

      • Dr. Moebius: agreed but with one difference. We have to stop lying to OURSELVES.
        Not sure about the civil war but it’s a fact that ppl in the States (and everywhere for that matter) have been brainwashed for years into believing in a totally corrupt system which sole aim is to get rich at the cost of the ppl and will enforce ppl silence through total control.
        And the sheep call it democracy, hahaha the joke.

    • The Circus tent is collapsing….Delusion is the “Lifeblood” of Politics and People need a crutch to help them get through Life…

    • Europe needs to face the fact that there are far too many distinct ‘tribes’, ‘cultures’, ‘blood lines’ there to be uniting under MONEY AND TRADE…stupid naive attempt. This so called ‘far right’ reflex is no more than a normal contraction to religious threats and attempts at social engineering… A Pole is a Pole, a German is a German, a Hungarian is a Hungarian, a Rumanian is a Rumanian, a Frenchman is a Frenchman, a Spaniard is a Spaniard, an Italian is an Italian, Scandinavians are Scandinavians etc. Attempting to drop all pretense of that in the name of MONEY AND TRADE smells more like greed than altruism. Ditto shillery’s delusions of control.

    • In 2000 there were only 7 nations without a Rothschild central bank – Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran. Today there are only 3 – Cuba, North Korea and Iran. The US Rothschild family has hosted a $100,000 per plate fund raiser for Hilliary and publicly endorsed her.

      Other like ilk have raised One Billion to elect this person.

      Hillary Clinton is outraising Donald Trump by 20-to-1 among Billionaires, like George Soros who has repeatedly funded her.

      These are the very people who want to steal national sovereignty and subjugate citizens to their boards of appointed corporate apparatchiks who are the deciders in TTP & TTIP. Remember it was the Clintons who gave us NAFTA and moved our industrial base to China.

      Some people have such short memories and mental handicaps. Maybe we do need someone somewhere to tell us what to do and when to do it while we are forced to pay for their services.

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