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It’s not as if we haven’t been hearing about an imminent crash of the dollar for several years now but after having seen this clip, I feel as if I’d be remiss if I just sat on it. I hope it doesn’t come true, let alone as soon as it’s predicted to do, here.

The Web Bots predictions are based on chatter scoured from the Internet. The project has been a fairly accurate predictor of world events, roughly 8-10 weeks prior to their actual occurrence in 3D reality. These are my notes on Clif’s own summary of his full report, available on his site:

Contrary to the Mainstream Media polls, Clif High’s Web Bots predict the landslide election of Donald Trump (which is already happening, in Florida’s early voting), accompanied by mass confusion, with lots of language saying that “Hillary is missing”, followed by the debt bubble burst.

The Web Bots say that Hillary will go missing and that the next global financial meltdown will be triggered by the collapse of the subprime auto loan bubble and by the repatriation of dollars from foreign countries. The confusion within the US body politic in the aftermath of the elections will confirm to everybody outside of the United States that this country’s leadership is crazy. Anybody making a bet on America’s stability, relative to economics will be taking the wrong side of the bet; the US is not stable enough to be trustworthy. US policies are so weird and egregious, with the Deep State supporting the criminal cronyists at the top level.The world has gotten wise to the fact that the US doesn’t have its house in order; it’s never going to pay back its debts, so why should they do business with the US and especially, since at the top of the power pyramid, there are all these bloodthirsty lunatics?

Two-thirds of all dollars are outside of the US, so the Federal Reserve is going to destroy dollars en masse, as part of this process of mass repatriation. Regardless, the US is going to be overwhelmed by hyperinflation – but it will be a weird kind of hyperinflation, because real estate prices will be falling, prices for cars will be falling through the floor – while the cost of food, gas oil energy electricity, clothing – the most basic necessities – will be going through the roof. This will be because no other countries will be taking dollars anymore. Exporters won’t be shipping goods to the US, due to the collapse of the dollar.
The Web Bots predict the Dow Jones Industrial Average trading at a volume of a $125,000 and Bitcoin trading at about $12,000 and $25,000 per ounce for gold and somewhere north of $700 for an ounce of silver. It’s not going to be a fun world to live in. Even if you’ve got gold and silver, you won’t starve but you’ll still have difficulties finding stuff because imports will stop.

It wouldn’t surprise Clif to see the Dow drop three, four, five, six thousand points over the period from the Election until early March – down to maybe less than 10,000.

People are going to be so angry at the Fed by March of 2017, that those who actually work there are going to be under enormous amounts of pressure. Some will commit suicide – or be suicided.

It will be like a Zimbabwe or what Nigeria is just starting to get now or Venezuela. It’ll be a modern form of hyperinflation, because it’s not going be ubiquitous. The price of cars will plunge, the price of housing is going to plunge but the basics will be super expensive.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Hi .. if hillary will win .. you better hide in the mountain … and stop sowing fear ..

    If trump wins .. congrats

  • Alexandra, there is something wrong with the sound on this video. Any chance you can run it again with better sound? I REALLY want to hear what he has to say.
    Thanx a MILLION

  • The Rothschild bank, oops, The Federal Reserve bank was passed in 1913, does anyone know the story? There were some illegal laws passed, unconstitutional laws, and we still believe that they are legal? We are sheep headed for the chop house. You do know that the law that Kennedy passed #11110 is still in effect and the U.S. Treasury can print legal bucks, without the Federal Reserve being involved. That’s one of the reasons they killed Kennedy. Anyway I will shut up now, everybody have fun with the melt down, it won’t matter much if you ain’t got much….LOL.

  • Curious as to what this means for Canada. Will we be flushed down the same pipes because we share a border? Or will we be ok because we have our own currency, albeit quite connected to the USD. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

    • TC, I like the Deagel 2025 forecast because it is a merge of all the major public think tanks and Deagel doesn’t have a dog in this race, they only care about the military aviation markets:

      You can click on the top headers of each column to sort the list by Population, GDP, Military Expenditure and Power Purchase Parity.

      According to Deagel (which re-adjusts constantly, so it’s important to check back), as of now, Canada is forecasted by 2025, to lose a third of its population, half of its GDP, two-thirds of its military expenditure and more than half of its power purchase parity.

      This may sound dire but it is MUCH less dramatic than what is forecast in 2025 for the US, with a population decline of ~3/4s, a GDP reduced to a little over 5% of today’s, a military expenditure that’s roughly 10% of what it is today and a power purchase parity for the average American that’s less than 20% of what it is today…

  • I have yet to watch the clip, I have lost a decent connection, but like you I have been hearing this tale for years and it is all BS. There is no problem. All that needs to be done is to dismiss the so-called debt, it is a fiction of compound interest added to compound interest for so long the interest is greater than the debt. Nobody is owed anything. It is a mirage. Close the Federal Reserve and hand over control of the money supply to the Treasury and carry on as normal. The Dow Jones is meaningless, industry will simply carry on however low the Dow may sink. The rest is just an excuse to do exactly what I have just explained, except that it will be the Bankers who do it.

  • Does anyone take this wild eyed stupidity seriously? One day, eventually there will be a global collapse. I am the same age as this gentleman and I doubt I will live to see it. Keep predicting gloom and doom and eventually, with enough time and patience you will be right. Just not sure which generation that will be.

    • Nobody needs to predict “doom” and “gloom”, it is taking place in real time right now. If you take the time to educate yourself, you will see it clearly. The global shift in paradigm is taking place at a rate that you will not notice.

      My parents lived through world war and global collapse, and that was just a few decades ago …

      My grandparents also lived through earlier world war and global collapse. What makes you so certain that it cannot happen to you? Just plain stupidity?

  • This is what happens when a person foolishly spends a tremendous amount of time trying to analyze a simple fraud. The result is total confusion. Clif is scared to death that he might suffer, and rightfully so. The rulers of this planet, through the BIS, will reboot the planet with war, economic collapse, and revalued currency. This has been the agenda throughout history and it will be the agenda for earth in the future. However you interpret what this guy is saying, the same agenda of war and economic collapse will unfold. The only question is, “who will suffer and how much”? It appears as though the sheep in the United States are about to be moved into a new corral, with less amenities, and justifiably so. The rulers of this planet have been in control for over 6,000 years and they know exactly what they are doing. Geopolitics, global finance, and the East vs West conflict are simply a management program for them. They might even address this program as a delightful game. After all, it is not that difficult to herd a flock of sheep, especially when you have thousands of years to do it …

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