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    Mouthy Buddha is back with an impressionistic piece that goes over what we’ve learned so far about these websites participating in a kind of Twilight Language of pedophilic SEO.

    In Pedogate Part 1, Mouthy showed us how the Google search term, ‘BH Kids’ functioned as a kind of code for pedophilic content online. In some examples, Google search results for “BH Kids” led to the Slovenian lingerie website,, showing an image of a naked girl, maybe aged 5 or 6.

    When browsing normally, no naked children were on their website. However, simply typing “BH Kids” into Google was enough to activate new secret, hidden destination links to, which DID show naked children. After his éxposé, these pages were taken down.

    But this search term anomaly didn’t only apply to He also found it associated with dozens of other websites, including Brookview House, a children’s homeless shelter in Boston, whose founder is a proud BFF of world-renowned PizzaGater, Hillary Clinton. At least the image in this hidden link isn’t lewd.

    Mouthy shows us many other weird and suspicious associations with the search term, “BH Kids”. It’s no coincidence and once seen, it cannot be unseen, even if some of the webpages are removed, once exposed to outsiders.

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    • They are stronger ever now with a pedo in office. All progress has been reversed and they are well pprotected. Our children are not!

    • And what about that video game that’s so big about that neighbor guy who has that circle triangle thing on his chin? I don’t remember his name, but I think it’s Hello Neighbor. There is so much to what you showed in your video. Hillary owns that shipping company that was stuck in that harbor a couple of weeks ago and they found a ton of trafficked kids on there. She is disgusting.

    • Good thing Trump used the military to get these sob’s or else the general population would have hung them in a tree and would have skinned them like skinning a catfish. Then sit back and watched them die in agony.

    • Awesome works brotha
      Appreciate y’all , an your commitment to bring it out so people can wake up to dis sinister shit goin on. I used to rescue children out of horrific situations in Cambodia. I was furious most of the time. Thank God fo my Sista who worked along side me. She helped me to not wanna kill someone. I’m a dad of 7 daughters. Protect dem wit my life💪🏽
      Mahalo nui loa

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