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    My head has been spinning for a year, as I’ve tried to work out how a coordinated global fraud of such a vastness as COVID-19, involving so many different sectors and jurisdictions could’ve been pulled off.

    Dr Lee Merritt joins Mike Adams to discuss the financial and regulatory forces that have been keeping most doctors from doing the right thing and morally pushing back against this patently genocidal agenda.

    She explains, “There’s a pyramid, here. At the very top of the control pyramid, are the doctors who are chiefs of departments and administrative; the CEOs…of these hospitals that are taking the government money from the NIH…

    “The role of Tony Fauci, here…he’s what we’d call the bagman. He takes the money that his bosses give him, like the Gates Foundation and whoever…and over his life at the NIH, Dr Fauci has distributed $800 billion, a half a trillion just for AIDS research, alone. So hospitals have become dependent on this stuff. I heard up to 80% of research institutions are NIH grants.

    “So they’re bought. The people at the top are not going to speak out, because Dr Fauci has a long arm and can pull back your grant if you start speaking out against Remdesivir and for Hydroxychloroquine, for example.

    “Then at the bottom of the pyramid are people who are in training and I hear from them all the time and they’re sad about what’s going on but they can’t speak out, because they can’t get through medical school and they can’t get through their residency if they don’t speak out. And I’d give them a moral pass right now.

    “But in the middle are a bunch of doctors, like you say, they’ve got debts, they’ve come out of training…or they don’t want to lose their job, they’ve got a mortgage and kids and I get this…but look back at Germany. We don’t give those doctors a pass for not having jumped off the bus. We’re in a moral bus that’s about to go over the cliff. It’s time to get off.

    “We’re killing people, at this point. By omission; we could’ve told them about Vitamin D, something very simple…They are killing by commission. They’re treating people inappropriately in the hospitals…

    “I know a lot of people who are not physicians, who gave up their jobs and stood up morally, rather than go along with this and I’m just going to say that God will not hold us blameless: Physicians, it’s time to stand up. You cannot keep riding this bus.”

    Dr Merritt is so smart and articulate and has many great insights to share, here and Mike Adams is at his best, as well.

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    • Ivermectin kills Covid in 1week and stop spread by a carrier in 2days so this alone could stop the crisis across the Planet in 3 months as it’s cheap , kills Covid and can be made easily. This was a scam that they ignored the best treatment in order to force the world population to be forced to take vaccinations. Crime against humanity and Health Officials along with politicians and big pharma involved in this Criminal Health Conspiracy need to be imprisoned with no chance of parole.

    • The Nuremberg Trials left us clear guidance on human experimentation.
      The International Criminal Court is our modern outgrowth of Nuremberg.
      Doctors are getting too much of a free pass.
      Grow some balls of find another industry to work for.

    • I really appreciate your service and this information. My hats are off to both of you for standing up and coming forth and exposing this atrocity. I am a Veteran myself and after the anthrax have suffered physically for years without explanation. It is still an uphill battle for me as I never had fatigue or health issues before the anthrax. It is horrible for doctors to be put in this situation when you know that this is hurting people. I do understand and I have had pressure from my family to get vaccinated and I remember what happened to me after the anthrax and your right it was experimental. It was signed by Bill Clinton for emergency use and I am sure he didn’t think that it would do this much damage. I congratulate both of you for standing up and announcing wrongdoing. God Bless and continue his work.

    • When I tried to tell people about the psychological damage masks do to children, it was like beating my head against a brick wall. The glazed eyes and total lack of comprehension made me feel like I was in the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The fact that their developing brains are being deprived of oxygen, and so their brains are developing differently seems to have no impact whatsoever. In my humble opinion, masking a child is a SERIOUS form of CHILD ABUSE.
      That is all.

      • Well also poisoning a child is irresponsible and is like unwilful neglect and involuntary manslaughter in my eyes. However, they are trying to distract the public and make it seem innocent. I always said that when they start paying people off it is for a reason (ie. PPP loans, stimulus, and unemployment). This is so that we will think it is okay and for our own protection and safety. That the government would not lie to us or harm us. it is a tactic that is used with terrorist and intel. I even think that they are controlling Facebook and The CEO is really no longer in full control of Facebook. If anyone remembers them calling Mark before Congress and asking for transparency etc. They allow him to still be the face for the business and take the fall and criticism.

      • They have infused such fear that they can’t understand simple facts. It will not penetrate. I get so upset about mask. I saw some articles showing mask were used for punishment, dehumanization in ancient times. Now I can’t find those articles.

    • That is an interesting comment, I didn’t remember being on this site before.

      Do your own research. Trust a person from middle America, Idaho, they will tell the truth.

    • At 4:12 she says: If you get the vaccine and you have to go get ressuscitedafterwards that should be a tipoff!
      WAHAHA! Right on.

    • Wonderful, I’ve been totally impressed with Dr. Merritt’s deep knowledge and her amazing clarity of analysis ever since the first time I saw of her, there’s so much packed in a single interview I need to listen more than once to get most of it, thank you for this.

      • Yes, I’ve always had the same excellent impression of Dr Merritt since I posted a talk she gave some 5 or 6 years ago.

    • Great information explaining everything in a clear concise way. Thank you so much Dr. Merritt. I will never take the evil jab. I don’t take any shots for anything. Even my dog never got booster shots. No thanks, not worth the risk.

      • You’re right to receive the information Dr. Lee Merritt has put out in this article. You’re also right not to take the evil jab – I’m not getting that evil jab also. Why? For one thing, it isn’t a vaccine at all; all vaccines don’t change the human DNA, period. What does change it comes from mNRA and spike proteins that cause severe side effects and even deaths.
        In fact, SB, the FDA only approved this in emergencies, not on healthy people. This was an experiment, which violates the Nuremberg Code, in that true consent was never given. Those people who were in this experiment were lied to by the CDC; thus, no consent. How many suffered severe side effects? How many actually died from this experiment? That’s the question.

    • The deadly covid is in the shot, thats why they are pushing everyone for months to take it. It’s in the shot. Don’t take it, question what’s in the those shots.

    • I keep hearing stock up on Ivermectin. How on earth are we supposed to do that when our doctors won’t prescribe it? Does anyone know where we can honestly order that from a website? It’s very frustrating hearing to stock up on things that we cannot get a hold of.

      • Hi Julie
        Go to. first link and follow the instructions by using text messages to get Ivermectin. They have the prescriptions sent directly to your local pharmacy. I found out about from the second link at the bottom which is an excellent resource to use for Covid19. They have a link there on getting Ivermectin from several doctors services.

      • visit america’s frontline doctors website – there is a ton of info and a portal to a Dr that will prescribe either ivermectin or hcq.

      • You can get Ivermectin for horses at Tractor Supply. Some Tractor Supply stores do not keep it in stock. Our store has it in stock. I bought 2 tubes for about $3.00 each. I treated myself using one. Check with your local tractor supply. You can take high doses of Ivermectin with no risks.

    • Dr. Merritt’s concerns are visions from within a Plato’s cave. Both she, and Mr. Adams discuss at great length the effects, barely discussing the CAUSE.
      In my estimation the vaccines, lockdowns and the Great Reset make a fine backdrop to entertain their audience with, but the brilliant light dancing in front of all of them (Merritt, Adams, and their audience,) eludes them all, and scares them.

      Dr. Merritt too her credit did give us a passing mention of the CAUSE of our concerns though! When she mentioned briefly the ‘conflicts of interest,’ over self/s – petty self interest, and the over-arching control that money and the weilders of it has over us all. Money has marginalized a majority of us, is a TRUE statement. Often times most of us, act contrary too their own real interest (survival), out of petty self-interest. Selling themselves cheaply, for the scraps thrown too them, never realizing that their selling their right to survival, for a bowl of red potage. These would be the bribes of the loans, grants, and a plethora of other financial chains that bind us all to the System.

      The effects of these facts should be “Self Evident.”

      So what is the CAUSE ? simply put; what we call money is a FRAUD, just as most of human race is as well.

      With fake money, we have been paid nothing, which we mortgaged our lives, future’s, and survival , paying with nothing, but a promise to perform, meaning (contracted) to our thralldom.

      Out of petty self-interest.

      Now our self appointed masters are calling their margins in, and demand our performance.

      It has been stated elsewhere; “A government big enough to give us everything we want, is big enough to take it all away.”

      Welcome to the New World Order, bought and paid for with NOTHING…

    • Family member took the jab. Is there anything I can do to help or is it too late? Thank you both so much for the info! So many took the jab and now I have to figure out what to say why I’m avoiding them. Your toxic to healthy people I guess.

    • I have nearly 200 links proving that any of the covid vaccines available have caused serious illnesses, seizures, blindness, paralyzation, blood clots, death and a host of other illnesses. Never, ever allow these monsters to inject their poisons into your body which is a gift of God.

    • The Han Chinese are an absolute scourge on the planet. The Manchu knew this. The Han are the ‘primitives, peasant, low IQ’ that mowed down thousands in Tiananmen Square, and now those who gave that order, drove those tanks are in the CCP! The CCP has NOW TRAINED their population to distrust each other, to not make a move to help if someone faints, is injured (they just walk by and ignore them)..and have created these monster humans that are immigrating to America. And NO, they DO NOT have an IQ that is 6 points higher than everyone else…Pure propaganda… Do you want that psychotic, no conscience element running roughshod over the entire world? I think not! Time to acknoweledge the FACT that certain groups are antithetical to the worlds well-being and survival…and do something about it!!

    • Do some RESEARCH INTO RITUALS…and you will see that masks, 6 feet apart, hand sanitizing..are all in the Satanic Rituals on this very sad planet…

    • I recently listened to the following podcast:

      In the podcast, William Schnoebelen claims that the COVID vaccine is designed to transform us into the beast/chimera when the mRNA in the vaccine attaches to our DNA. The Beast literally supplants the Creator in our bodies. The Sign of the Beast may be the vaccine passport that indicates that we have been injected with the Beast and that the Beast now stands in our bodies which, according to 1 Corinthians 6, are the temples of the Holy Spirit.

      2 Thessalonians 2:3–4 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; 4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

      Everyone who is injected with the Beast becomes the Man of Perdition because they are one with the Beast. The Bible talks about how the fallen angels had children with human woman who became the Nephilim. Schnoebelen implies that satan and/or the fallen angels are trying to do that again by joining our DNA with their mRNA. If the vaccine is creating chimeras, then the government is facilitating the creation of the anti-messiah/Man of Perdition by coercing its citizens to become one with the beast.

      • Have you anything to contribute to the discourse other than your “Invisible-Man-In-The-Sky” fantasies? These are harrowing times we’re living, and serious business to say the least. Save that pablum for Sunday school and leave the discourse to the adults in the room, if you will.

    • Most Doctors in my small East Texas town abandoned their practices before the Plandemic so it makes me believe they knew something and possibly have involvement!!

    • Come, let us go down and change their understanding of what is said. I don’t like this movie, I want to leave, but to where? LOL even the fact checkers work for the chemical gods… Bless you all.

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