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For centuries, our primary energy source has been hydrocarbon-based, and since the 19th century, most of that has been in the form of petroleum. In 1975, the US dollar was cemented as the world’s main reserve currency with the establishment of OPEC and the petrodollar system, which obliged the main petroleum-producing countries to accept payment for their oil in USD and to invest their surplus oil proceeds in US government debt securities.

Many believe that the true motive for the Iraq War was because Saddam Hussein converted all of Iraq’s oil transactions in the Oil for Food Program to euros and that the Deep State-controlled Bush Administration sought to maintain the USD as the international reserve currency and to block a more widespread adoption of the euro as an oil-pricing standard. After the US’ 2003 invasion, Iraq returned the denomination of its oil sales to the US dollar, despite the dollar’s decreased value.

Yet today, the fact that China, Venezuela and Iran freely bypass the USD in their oil transactions without triggering similar reprisals indicates that the dollar is no longer worth defending and that its status as the world’s reserve currency is coming to end. Perhaps more importantly, it indicates that petroleum as a primary energy source is coming to an end. At the fire sale price points we’ve been seeing for the stuff, it will no longer be worth it to take it out of the ground.

Many of us are aware that there are alternative energy technologies that have been actively suppressed to maintain the global economic control system and energy paradigm. This interview with Zach Vorhies gives us a glimpse at how the Deep State operates in this arena today. With the fresh eyes we now have from the Great Awakening, after being brutalized for four years by the political – and now biowarfare – antics of the Deep State, we can really see it in the suppression of all-important clean, cheap energy technologies.

Zach Vorhies, who was a Senior Engineer at Google-YouTube for 8 years is back on the X22’s Spotlight to talk about the dawn of widely-available clean, cheap energy within the next decade. The topic of cold fusion hit his radar while he was working at YouTube and he saw that Google executives, including current CEO, Sundar Pichai lied to Congress when they denied blacklisting any websites. Vorhies had seen in Google’s corporate intranet that several websites were blacklisted in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting. One site however, had nothing to do with the Las Vegas Massacre, Andrea Rossi’s independent cold fusion website,, about which FKTV published about a few times, back in 2011.

Further digging led Vorhies to the discovery that Google had their own secret cold fusion laboratory, which has since been made public. So, not only has Google been blacklisting businesses that are competitors of their strategic ventures, they’ve been actively suppressing vital information about an important alternative energy technology, while attempting to develop it as their own intellectual property.

Zach tells of arranging to meet with the head of Google’s cold fusion lab to make an introduction to Rossi, only to be met with a total psychopath, an executive from a cryptocurrency company that Google had acquired who was heir to an old railroad fortune and a Rockefeller crony. A more classic Deep Stater could be scarcely imaginable.

Zach has since become an avid follower of Ken Wheeler, who has further developed Nikola Tesla’s Aethereal Mechanics (explained in more detail in the interview transcript below) and developed SunCell® technology, which is able to tap energy from the Dark Matter found in the water molecules that are freely available in atmospheric humidity.

Unlimited energy would mean a whole new world. As Zach says here:

“This makes wind obsolete. This makes solar obsolete. This makes nuclear uranium fission obsolete. This makes all the other energy systems that we’ve used obsolete…we can imagine part of it but the new things that will come are the ‘unknown unknowns’. We can’t even imagine what it would look like in a society with unlimited energy…And not only people – but entire nations…With decentralized abundant energy, everywhere the Globalists lose their main control over the world.”



ZACH VORHIES: Google had this lab that they were experimenting in cold fusion and they kept it from the public for a little bit and then they came out with it…

The availability of energy to power an economy is one of the foundational things of transformation that we’re going to see I believe in the next decade.

DAVE: So, what do you mean we’re gonna see different energy? We won’t use oil anymore we won’t use natural gas anymore? Are those becoming obsolete?

ZACH VORHIES: They’re becoming obsolete as a primary energy source, just because it takes a lot to pump them out and ship them around and then use it and then there’s all these external negative externalities from using that energy source…The nuclear atom contains way more energy – like, orders of magnitude more energy – than the carbon chemical bonds and if we can access this and make it common and make it cheap and make it everywhere, then everyone will pretty much have, instead of living off a river of energy, they’ll have access to Niagara Falls at any time, for the cheap, in such quantities that they won’t likely pay for the use of energy but more like the capacity of energy use.

What I mean by that…they’ll have a generator in their house that will produce all the energy that they want on demand and then maybe once every 15 to 30 years, it’ll require that a cartridge is replaced and then it will continue to just run without metering…it will be almost like an appliance.

DAVE: Where’s the power come from?

ZACH VORHIES: So, this really interesting experiment came out in 1989 and it was done by these people by the names of Pons and Fleischmann and they were working with another university and they noticed that if they took water that had deuterium atoms and you allowed these atoms to soak into a palladium rod and then you vibrated that palladium rod with an alternating electrical pulse, then they were forming unknown nuclear products.

Nuclear products were forming from a unknown process at the time and so they decided to come out with this and at first, everyone was like, “Yes! This is great,” and then, there was a bunch of labs internationally that started to reproduce the results and then all of a sudden, the media turned and the academic institutions turned and they said, “No, no, no. This is a hoax!” and they vigorously prosecuted the scientists, who never said that they had hoaxed anyone.

They they maintained their scientific integrity…Back then, 1989 the media ruled over all of us, so they were disgracing…I think I think one of the scientists got fired and then and then they retired.

Recently, in 2016, 60 minutes had this big long piece called “Cold Fusion is Hot Again”, where they come out and they say, “Well, actually turns out that the scientist Pons and Fleischmann were really onto something and all these different intelligence communities have been secretly working on it around the world,” like China, Japan and even the United States – like skunkworks, I believe was one and Boeing was one – and it turns out that there’s all these different institutions that have never stopped studying cold fusion.

And it turns out that there has been a few scientists that have made some incredible breakthroughs in this field and one of them is Andrea Rossi…I think he’s he might actually be shipping at this point, to certain industries. His device, which he calls the S-Cat or E-Cat system uses a proprietary way of using this cold fusion – and cold fusion is kind of a weird term, because it’s very hot when it’s in action – and he’s been able to have a series of public displays, where he has…a it’s a whole set of reactors – think of it, almost like a reactor complex – and he has been able to run these complexes and have a third party monitoring group that came in and they looked at it and they saw everything. They made sure that there wasn’t any tampering and they came out with a report – I believe that Cambridge actually posted this. It was posted on Cambridge and the report said that, “This guy is generating more energy than can be possibly assumed to have come from a chemical source.”

So, in other words, if you took out his reactor and you said, “What could possibly be happening?” there’s no possible chemical reaction that these little generators could have utilized in order to output the amount of power that they were observed to output for 30 days.

And so they came out and they said, “This thing looks like it’s an unknown nuclear process that is active,” and so this was not the first third-party validation that Andrea Rossi had done. He had actually done several and if you follow what a lot of people are saying about it, they’re all saying that, “Oh, he’s a hoax! He’s a hoax!” but they can’t actually point to any concrete reasons why it is a hoax…it turns out that it’s fake, phony and false.

This is just something that I’ve been following for I would say longer than four years. I’ve been watching this website,, and I’ve just been coming back. Because, back when I was asleep, I believed the Mainstream Media. I thought that it was a hoax. So, to see all these scientists going down this rabbit hole of what I thought at the time was fake science was really intriguing. I was like, “Man, these people have a lot of facts. This is what craziness looks like.”

It wasn’t until November 2017, when I noticed that that I couldn’t find the page…when I finally figured it out, they had a notice on the top of the page that said, “This site has disappeared off of Google’s index.”

DAVE: That’s strange.

ZACH VORHIES: Yeah, and I went, “Well, that’s weird.” I worked at YouTube, which is owned by Google and so I’ve got access to all the same systems that any other full-time employee at Google has access to. So, I said, “Well, just fix this.”

And so, what I do is I go into Google’s company-wide system, called Buganizer, which contains all the bugs and I started to research and I put in the name of the website called, and I did a search and sure enough, this Buganizer report came out and it was related to the Las Vegas Massacre shooting and it was a blacklist of a whole bunch of new sites, related to that event, that Las Vegas shooting event.

And I’ll give you an example: Reuters’ “Gunman kills at least 50 wounds, 200”, that one was blacklisted. Some stuff about ISIS claiming responsibility for the event – and all those seem to be related to the Las Vegas attack, except one on this list, and the URL was fake. has a “www” in front of it, but this one said, “”, and I’m like, “Well, that’s weird.” And I clicked it and it obviously didn’t go to anywhere and and so, I filed a comment, saying, “Is this censorship list the reason why E-Catworld came down and got delisted off the Google index?”

And so I started pressing and eventually, Google was like, “Oh, yeah this is a mistake and then they restored the account and took E-Catworld back on the list.

I was like, “Why would why would somebody go to the trouble of creating a fake URL that is not owned by the company in order to take them off the Google index, because that doesn’t make any sense. The site does not talk about current events. It did not talk about the Las Vegas shooting massacre. Someone deliberately created a fake URL in order to get them delisted and so the question was why.

Well, if the site is fake because it’s talking about cold fusion, then there’s there’s really no reason for anyone to do this, it’s just a bunch of people chasing after a false lead. However, if we change our assumptions, we consider that cold fusion could actually be real, then all of a sudden, this looks like more of a deep state attack on an alternative energy source. It’s like a cover-up.

I started considering, I was like, wait a minute and that’s when I found the 60 Minutes episode and I found all this other stuff and I found out that the guy, this Andrea Rossi had actually gotten patents internationally and the more I started investigating the story, the more that I saw him as this unbelievably stubborn scientist that won’t quit, no matter how many problems the Deep State creates for him.

You can look at his patent that he created for his E-Cat device and in it, the patent clerk actually writes in the notes that he’s hesitant to offer this patent, because there’s no way, in known physics can a device like this ever work and that he thinks that the guy’s lying, Andrea Rossi, in his ability to actually produce this thing.

The thing is that you could get a patent on anything, as long as you’ve got a working copy and what’s interesting, is that just recently, they made a change to patents, such that you can only patent something that’s known to work by “known laws of physics” and

DAVE: That’s interesting.

ZACH VORHIES: Yeah, that happened in the last like five years, I believe so.

DAVE: Did he actually have a working model?

ZACH VORHIES: According to him, yeah he had a working model.

DAVE: What happened to it?

ZACH VORHIES: Well, he kept on improving it and that’s essentially what the E-Cat is today, that he is supposedly shipping to select customers.

When I researched this, I started to come to a couple conclusions. First, if this cold fusion is real, then Google being a really big company is going to invest in it, just to monitor the technology, right?

When you’re a really powerful, as a corporation, you want to be the first – or, I’m sorry – first at second, they kind of joke. You don’t want to be first. You want to be first to be second. So I realized that Google – it would be in their interest to actually invest money to monitor the cold fusion space but then, I realized that because of all their political censorship that was going on, that they wouldn’t want to admit that they were looking at cold fusion, because they wouldn’t want to violate the global warming narrative.

And so, under that assumption, I realized that Google would not only create the lab but would keep it secret and so I said, “Well, if these are true, then I can go and I can look for it and I will find a secret cold fusion lab.”

So, I went and I looked and I found it. I found the cold fusion lab. It existed. There was a bunch of scientists. They were working there and so I said, “Well, that’s pretty awesome. Google uses a lot of energy. Maybe I can connect them to Andrea Rossi.”

So, I reached out, I talked to these scientists, they’re interested in a quick pitch. So, put together a pitch, so I researched all the patents that he has, all the numbers, how it works and so I go and I do the Google Hangouts meeting with these scientists and then all of a sudden, during that meeting there’s this executive that is present that I had no idea who he was and he wasn’t part of the the conversation chain with these scientists and when I come in, he’s like, “Hey, Zach hey great work that you’ve done there, blah, blah, blah.

And then, through the conversation, he proceeds to tell me that everything about Andrea Rossi is a hoax and that he doesn’t even have a patent in the United States and I correct him. I go, “No, no, no, that’s not true. I know that he’s got a patent.” And he’s like, “Well, he’s done a patent but it hasn’t been issued.”

I said, “No, it was issued in this certain year and here’s the patent number.” He was like, “Well, yeah but that he doesn’t have it like internationalized, so it’s worthless.”

I said, “No, here’s the internationalization. Here’s the patent in the UK, here’s the patent in these other territories.” And I’m sitting here, thinking to myself, “Why is this guy telling me something that is easily refutable, if he just does any amount of research?”

And so one thing leads to another and I end up meeting this guy and I realized, man, this guy’s just a pathological liar and it’s not like he’s dumb. He’s an executive who comes from a from a cryptocurrency company that Google acquired. So this is at about the time of getting into “Who really runs the planet? Is it a bunch of oligarchs that have control?” and I and I look up the guy’s last name and I find out that his family was super wealthy. His family helped build the railroad system. They’re sort of like family, orbiters of the Rockefellers.

I  realized, wow, these people, if they get a hold of Andrea Rossi, they’re not gonna use his technology, they’re gonna kill it, right? They’re gonna smother it. So, Andrea Rossi, he shoots me texts. He’s like, “Hey, how’s it going  with Google?” and I’m like, “Oh man, how do I structure this response, so that he can understand this?” And say, “Screw it!”

So, I just reply to him, “Hey, Andrea, the Illuminati control Google and I don’t think that if you work with them, that they’re going to be in the best interest of getting your technology out. I think they’re gonna kill it.” And surprisingly, he knew exactly what I was saying.

He’s like, “Okay. Understood. Thanks, Zach.” And then he ended up going like his separate ways. So, I started to to realize that, indeed, Google might have de-listed this cold fusion website, either to protect the agenda or just as an anti-competitive measure.

Google had all these investments in all these different cold fusion labs and that was secret. Then, about the time that I came out with my disclosure, Google finally revealed to the public that, yes they had their the secret cold fusion labs – but then they stated like they didn’t actually find anything.

DAVE: Do you think cold fusion actually works and they were just saying this, but they found that it does work?

ZACH VORHIES: Yeah, I believe that it does. It’s been replicated in so many other labs. Even when Pons-Fleishmann came out, they were saying that was a hoax. What you had is you had a minority of scientists that were saying, “No, no, no, we got it to work, too! We followed the instructions, we got to work.”

And the media’s response to that was, “Yeah, but it wasn’t 100% reproducible, so it’s not scientific.

At the time I was like, “That’s really weird. If it’s reproducible at all, that means something is there.” So, I do believe that has worked and if you look at the history, it’s now really reproducible.

The biggest proof that it works right now is the critical rare earth that is needed to run this thing is palladium metal and if you look at the palladium prices, they’ve just shot through the roof in like the last year. So, someone is doing huge purchases of this metal, for whatever reason and I can’t confirm where that metal is going, I just noticed that, at the same time that cold fusion is now being disclosed more and more, that the palladium prices are shooting up.

DAVE: So let me ask you this. We talk about cold fusion. A lot of people talk about free energy and all different types of energy. Have you come across anything like that? A lot of people talk…about Tesla the scientist, where he was working on free energy have you come across anything like that, at all?

ZACH VORHIES: I have. There’s something called the Searl Effect, which apparently, can take energy out of nothing and kind of bring it in and people will be like, “Why isn’t that widely known? Why isn’t that hit in other places?

It was really interesting, because there’s this physicist that I listen to you on YouTube, he’s quite popular. His name is Ken Wheeler but he goes by a Greek name on YouTube and what he noted is that it’s well known within the electrical transformer – it brings voltage from super high voltage down to low voltage for your house. And he said that it’s common knowledge, within the engineers in the transformer design space that not all of the losses can be accounted for.

So, what that means is that, if you take the amount of Watts going in and you measure the Watts coming out, then there’s going to be a slight difference. Well, if everything matches up, then you should be able to measure the heat coming out of a transformer and say Ah-ha! All the energy is turning into heat and everything balances out but according to him, there is energy that can’t be accounted for; that it doesn’t show up as heat it just disappears.

And Ken Wheeler’s got an answer for why that is. He says that the reason why it’s disappearing is – because, you have to go back to Tesla. You know, Tesla didn’t believe in Einstein’s General Relativity. In fact, he called Einstein a “fuzzy-hair crackpot”.

And if you look at what has Einstein built? What has Einstein invented? He hasn’t really invented anything. He just has this theory, that media just tells us over and over and over again, about how right he is and how correct his theories are. And if you don’t think that Einstein’s right, then there’s something wrong in your head.

Well, it turns out that the great scientists of Tesla’s time all hated Einstein. They thought that he was spouting out theories that were based in mathematics but had no sort of physical reality that they mapped to.

According to Tesla and Maxwell – and I believe there’s actually an extended Maxwell Equation that we don’t use – but the speed of light is not constant. It’s actually a speed of induction through space. And the medium – what is the medium that light travels through? Well, according to the scientists of the day, it was the Aether.

So, if you go back and restart physics from Tesla and these Aethereal Mechanics and you work your way forward, it turns out that you don’t have all these problems that the Standard Model of Physics has. Like, right now, in the Standard Model, they can’t connect gravity to Quantum Mechanics and basically, to the electromagnetic field – it’s not unified. There’s a missing link that they’re trying to figure out and they’re coming up with all these mathematical concepts in order to try to bridge them.

There’s quantum gravity and all this other stuff but fundamentally, you’ve got these problems and the more that you look at the problems of the Standard Model of physics, also called the “cult of bumping particles”, you realize that that it’s just completely insane.

They have this thing called Virtual Particles that just zip in and out of the vacuum of space and then annihilate each other and when you look and you say, “Well, why do we have this? Like, is this a real thing?” and like, “Oh, no, no, no, Virtual Particles aren’t real, they’re just there to balance out the equation.”

And so, if you look at what Ken Wheeler has to say about this, what he says is that the Aethereal mechanics – the experiment that disproved it was a hoax and that they actually were able to see real results of the Aether Drift, if they just placed their inferometer on a mountaintop and that you’re able to actually see the Aether Drift.

So, Aether is the thing that actually permeates through the Earth and the Aether is made up by the Magnetic and Dielectric Fields. They’re kind of opposed to each other. Magnetism, even though you think of a magnet, as something that sticks together – Magnetism [according to] Tesla is a repulsion force and the Dialectric Force is the Counterspace equivalent to it.

Counterspace contracts in. That’s why it’s called Counterspace and Magnetism pushes out. So if you use this really simple, elegant view of what the the fundamental properties of space are, then what you realize is that you can figure out the Speed of Light, that the density of the Aether can expand and contract and that gravity is actually is just a form of what Ken Wheeler “Discoherent Dielectric Acceleration.”

In other words, there’s a pressure medium that forms between a mass of objects and the Aethereal pressure and that it causes things to go towards that null point in space. And you can actually see this with…Casimir Plates. If you take two plates in the vacuum of space and you bring them close enough together, then all of a sudden, there’s this mysterious force that pushes the plates all the way together.

And if you look at the Standard Model, they’re like, “Oh well, the rate of Virtual Particles that are able to form in the Quantum Foam of space aren’t able to form when the space gets small enough, so they don’t form and therefore, they don’t exert a pressure and then the plates come together. This is a really ridiculous thing, because these Virtual Particles don’t exist. They’re just there to “balance out the equation”.

But now, here they are, they’re trying to use this as a way to explain the Casimir Effect! Well, Aethereal Mechanics just says, “Oh yeah, we figured this out, like 100 years ago. This is just Discoherent Dielectric Acceleration…

So, why does all this matter, right? Well, it turns out that a lot of the scientists that are coming out with these cold fusion devices – and the big one is called Brilliant Light Power and their SunCell® . Well, this company isn’t just about a cold fusion device, it’s also about a new fundamental theory of physics that will replace Quantum Mechanics and it doesn’t rely at all on the Standard Model.

In fact, it goes back to the Tesla Aethereal Mechanics, in order to explain how it works. And what’s interesting is that this new device, this Brilliant Light Power SunCell®, which is different than Rossi’s E-Cat system, in some of their videos that you’ll see, you’ll notice that what they’re able to do is they generate energy so quickly and so fast, that they’ll blow out a hole of their tungsten container, because of what, at the time was an unknown particle stream that was coming out.

And when they looked into it, what they came up with – the dude who came up with this, his name is Mills. He’s like a Tesla. He’ll be known as a Tesla once all of his theories get digested, because they’re kind of new. Mills built on top of Tesla and he built the Sun Machine and he’s he’s discovered what Dark Energy is and what Dark Matter is.

What he says is that Dark Matter, which he claims is being generated in this machine of his, is actually a form of hydrogen, where the electron and the proton are closer together and so he calls this small hydrogen, a “Hydrino” and his entire cold fusion device is the is is predicated on the generation of these Hydrinos and what’s amazing, is that these Hydrinos have different energy states and as they lose energy, they generate more and more power, at every state.

And…Mills was able to come up with a bunch of predictions that explain all these different energy states and when he looked at this, he’s like, “Oh, man, if you look at the Big Bang and then all this energy, all this hydrogen forms out of like the universe expanding and becoming colder, then most of the hydrogen should actually form as these Hydrinos and only about 10% of it should form as actual hydrogen.

And if you look at the universe like only 10% of it is visible and the 90 other percent of it exists in the form of Dark Matter. And the Standard Model calls them WIMPS, which is an acronym for “weakly-interacting massive particles”. So, they’re a particle that’s got a lot of mass but they don’t interact with other matter in the universe, either at all or extremely weakly.

And so, according to Mills, these Dark Matter particles are these Hydrinos and what’s happened is that the Dielectric Magnetic Field has collapsed because the electrons are now spinning so close to the nucleus, that the charges, the opposite charges between the proton and the electron cancel out and therefore, these particles are able to pass through most other matter without interacting with it, at all.

DAVE: So, are you saying that we’re headed towards a new form of energy and a new way of thinking about energy, because what we have today was taught to us a long time ago. Physics, we still have the same rocket technology going all the way back to the ’60s it really hasn’t changed that much. Pretty much, if you look at our technology today, except for the phone, which rapidly changed, a lot of it’s still the same, actually, when we talk about energy.

So, are you saying that we’re moving into something completely different now and it’s about to come out?

ZACH VORHIES: Yeah. I think that we are heading into a new energy delivery system on the grid – and if that were if that were to happen right now, a new energy system was coming online that would obsolete everything away, the whole fossil fuel industry, what would be the rational move by the oil industry in response to that?

DAVE: Well, first of all, they wouldn’t want it to happen. They would try to shut anything down. They would try to hide it all, which, I think we all know that they’ve been trying to hide; they’ve been hiding things all along. So, we don’t know about it. I mean, I think it’s very strange that…back in the ’70s, they were talking about electric cars and here today we have an electric car which it’s still the same battery, still the same everything. Nothing’s really changed there, you still have to charge it up, it’s still the same exact technology. Yeah maybe the batteries got a little bit better but it seems like they’re just keeping everything status quo, they’re not really letting us move forward, right?

ZACH VORHIES: Well it’s actually a more specific question, that I was asking, which is, if you’ve got a depreciating asset and what is your optimum move right now? It’s to sell it right it’s to sell it. What do we see right now in the oil industry?

DAVE: Well, we see a glut of oil. They thought well the oil price going down.

ZACH VORHIES: Yeah. They’re trying to pump it out as fast as they can. And I was sitting there thinking, “You know, kind of waiting for this moment to happen, back in 2018-2019, once I realized that this cold fusion was real, as everyone that made all these investments in oil fracking – they’re gonna want to unload as much oil as they can, while they still can, because in the very near future, you’re not going to need any oil to heat your house or to cook your food. You won’t need natural gas pipelines. We’ll just have an appliance that delivers all the energy for your house.

In fact, if you wanted gasoline for your car, you would go to a gasoline fueling place and they would purchase their gasoline from a factory, which would make synth gas, which would essentially take, as input carbon and energy from a nuclear reactor and then use the carbon as a battery and synthesize hydrocarbons that you could then use to run in your car.

DAVE: So, you think right now, what they’re doing with oil right now, they’re pumping out as much as they possibly can, trying to sell it off to make as much money as they possibly could and then have this new technology come in, because they knew it was coming in?

ZACH VORHIES: They know it’s coming in. Yes, that’s my assertion.

DAVE: But this is gonna change – I’ve been thinking about this and if we do have this new technology, the electric companies, the oil refineries, all these different jobs – and the control over the people – of who gets energy, who doesn’t get energy – that kind of disappears, doesn’t it? I mean that would be a whole new world.

ZACH VORHIES: It may be a whole new world. This makes wind obsolete. This makes solar obsolete. This makes nuclear uranium fission obsolete. This makes all the other energy systems that we’ve used obsolete.

Think about what limitless energy would be allow us to do? First of all, it saves us money but then it means that travel is more affordable, it means that we can have total recycling of all our garbage, like you don’t move it into a recycling bin, you just put everything into one garbage and then it goes into a processing plant that uses energy in order to chemically separate all of the elements in your garbage and then those get sold off as raw chemicals.

And now if you’ve got all this energy, then you can build you know you can build underground, you can build up, instead of having like all this farmland that’s basically single-story, free energy from the Sun crops, now you can turn around and you can have a hydroponic building and you can have super nutrient-dense spinach – that’s just using an example.

All these things are bottlenecked on the amount of energy that we have as a society. But if this gets released, we can imagine part of it but the new things that will come are the “unknown unknowns”. We don’t even, we can’t even imagine what it would look like in a society with unlimited energy.

DAVE: It’s funny, ’cause when you look at some of the Q posts, Q does talk about technology, energy, cures ,that this is definitely coming, where the world is going to know that they’ve been holding things back from us, and I’m talking about you know the the controllers the elite the the people up top that they’ve been this entire time, they’ve been holding a lot back from us to keep control of us and I really do believe that that’s what they’ve been doing.

They don’t want us to move ahead, they want to keep us in a certain state so that it’s easier to control, because if everyone has their own energy and and you have all this energy and it changes the world and you’re not paying your electric bill, like you are today you’re you don’t need to fill up your car with gasoline like you do today and you’re, let’s say your car – even the car might even change. Everything might change and you don’t need certain people to, you know control what you’re doing.

It removes the controllers and the people. It breaks that line between the two and now, people are actually a lot freer than they were before.

ZACH VORHIES: And not only people – but entire nations.

DAVE: Yes and nations – you don’t see the nations with energy problems. They can’t get water, they can’t get this. A lot changes!

ZACH VORHIES: The oligarchs, at any time can go to a nation and say, “Play ball or we’ll cut you off from oil.” That’s that’s blackmail. It’s do we say or you’ll be completely destroyed in your economy will halt. This is something that’s been used, it’s Nations this this energy blackmail.

With decentralized abundant energy, everywhere the Globalists lose their main control over the world. Everything else comes from the availability of energy.

DAVE: Zach, I really want to thank you for coming on the x-22 Report Spotlight. Once again how can people see your stuff, your work?

ZACH VORHIES: I’ve created a website, if they want to see the leaks, they can go to, that’s where I’ve centralized all of the links and the disclosures. I’ve got several articles I’ve written, pointing out the choice bits of that Google disclosure. If they want to join the fight, follow me on or just search for my name, Zach Vorhies.

DAVE: Thank you very much, Zach, thanks again for being on the x-22 Report Spotlight. I’ll be putting all the links at the bottom of the video, to make it a lot easier for people just click on it, you’ll go right over to his stuff.

Once again thank you for being on the Spotlight, I really appreciate it.

ZACH VORHIES: Thank you, Dave.

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  • Love Zach, but he’;s not totally right. When I looked to patent an EM device in the 90’s, the PTO said they ALL EM patents have been granted, and you cannot submit any patent for novel electric/ electronic/ electromotive devices!

    Maybe they did allow some, but the policy was to deny them.

    Also, Zach misses Salvatore Paid Fusion reactor. THAT puppy would power a families’ needs for a lifetime. AND, it claims the technology is “operable”, which means, it exists, and it works.

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