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    Alexandra Bruce
    December 27, 2014

    This is a recent CBS 60 Minutes report on cold fusion, a 1980s-era technology, now making a comeback – and re-branded as “nuclear effects” – due to the smear campaign waged against this research – and the personal destruction of the two Utah University scientists, who discovered it in 1989, Dr. Martin Fleischmann and Dr. Stanley Pons.

    Both scientists fled the United States, due to being destroyed by the scientific community, with particular pressure put upon them by the hot fusion industry and a trail of mysterious murders, including that of MIT’s Dr. Eugene Mallove, who sought to defend them by publicizing the major fraud perpetrated by MIT, in their endeavor to “reproduce” Fleischmann and Pons’ findings – or more accurately – to quash their findings, altogether.

    This latter story was published here last week here:

    (The ordeal was so traumatic for the younger of the two scientists, Dr. Stanley Pons, who is today is 73 years old, that he renounced his US Citizenship in 1998 and became a French citizen).

    Cold fusion reactions are thought to be similar to those that power the Sun – but at room temperatures, on a tabletop – without releasing hazardous radiation. In 1989, it was presented as a revolutionary new source of energy that promised to be cheap, limitless and clean. It was quickly dismissed as “junk science” by mainstream physicists, who did not want to see the multi-billion dollar funding for their “hot fusion” projects dry up.

    But cold fusion is back today, with funding from DARPA and an increasing amount of mainstream scientists convinced that cold fusion, aka these “nuclear effects,” could lead to monumental breakthroughs in energy production.

    The 60 Minutes interview ends with a bittersweet interview of Dr. Martin Fleischmann, shortly before his death in 2012.


    All credits go to the DrNo Nofunclub for uploading the original material.
    This upload is for people how prefer full length videos.

    Additional reading e.g.:

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