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It’s now become mainstream knowledge that the novel coronavirus is a bioweapon, as we’ve been reporting since January.

It’s not very dangerous but it is a weaponized bat virus that has been spliced and diced and CRISPR-Cas’d with the ACE-2 receptor that causes it to aggressively attack lung tissue, in addition to the same HIV gp120 spike glycoproteins that caused AIDS to take 30 years to be solved.

George Webb reports that Anthony Fauci, through NIAID (part of the NIH) owns the patents to these spike proteins, having had a 30-year jump on it, with his HIV research.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. just dropped a bombshell on the Thomas Paine Podcast, detailing an apparent agreement between the The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the Bill Gates-backed pharmaceutical company that has the best chance of securing billions of dollars in contracts for a national coronavirus vaccine.

2019-nCoV (the official name of the viral bioweapon) was initially developed at the University of North Carolina but because there was a moratorium on the weaponization of organisms in the US, the NIAID, under the leadership of its longtime Director, Anthony Fauci provided a $3.7 million grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to continue the process of weaponizing this virus.

In this video, Dr Rashid Buttar, a highly-rated osteopath in North Carolina with a background in emergency surgery in the US Army and is now the international best-selling author of ‘The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away’ joins Gary Franchi at the Next News Network to call out the fraud that is being perpetuated worldwide by Anthony Fauci, the World Health Organization, the CDC, Bill Gates the Deep State and the Mainstream Media.

Recently, several YouTube interviews with Dr Buttar have gone viral, with millions of views, only to be taken down by the tech giant.

Here, Dr. Buttar lets ‘er rip about the rampant fraud in the reporting of the numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths, the demonization of Hydroxychloroquine – a safe medication that has been on the market for 70 years – because it threatens the hoped-for vaccine payday for these 9/11-style bioterrorists.

He says Anthony Fauci is at the center of it all, from the funding of its weaponization, to having a financial interest in the vaccine, to the draconian shutdown that has crashed the global economy.

“I’m still angry that [Fauci] basically broke the law – he more than broke the law – he created this entire cascade that we’re seeing. The world shutdown was created by this initial aspect, back in 2015. He broke the law, he went against government moratoriums, he took taxpayer money and he funded research that has now led to the COVID-19.

“In 2017, he was documented at Georgetown University, saying that there will be a pandemic; that this presidency will face that …how did he know that in 2017, that something was going to happen in 2018, ’19 or 2020?

“You can’t predict the market three days from today, what’s going to happen. How did he know that there was going to be a pandemic? He’d stated the President – this president – will face a pandemic…when somebody starts making these types of statements and then they were involved with the breaking of the law to fund the research that American taxpayers paid for, that then went to Wuhan and now they’re trying to create this diversion and say that it was China –

“I don’t know where it came from…it’s irrelevant. The complicity of what’s going on right now, whether it was released in China or whether it was already here or however it happened, the US system has condoned it, has jumped on it, they’re opportunistic, they’re shutting down the economy, when they know, in fact, that there’s no basis – I mean, there’s no virus that leaps six feet or twelve feet – and now they’re saying 13 feet – complete misinformation!

“…when the Surgeon General came out and said that basically, the Gates model, the Fauci model, the World Health Organization model was not going to be followed anymore and they were gonna look at the actual data, the actual numbers, the Mainstream Media didn’t respond, at all!

“All they said was it seems like we’re going to be going to 2022 before people can assemble together – that’s what ABC put out and…the New York Post put out, it seems that the six feet of social distancing is not gonna be sufficient, it needs to go to 13 feet!

“There is no virus bacteria that jumps 13 feet! It’s just – it defies every logical aspect of science and medicine and what really, really pisses me off is that there’s thousands – tens of thousands of doctors and scientists out there that know that this is a fraud and they’re not saying anything!

Either 1) they’re scared of social shaming or 2) they’re afraid that they gonna lose their license. For God’s sake! This is changing the planet and every scientist and every doctor that knows this to be a façade needs to open their mouth and speak! There is every aspect of science has this been literally picked up, thrown in the toilet and flushed down! It’s like everybody’s ignoring it!

“The fundamental aspects of how the human system works is being ignored! Physiology is being just put in the garbage bin! Every aspect of virality and infectious diseases being ignored, Koch’s Postulates have been ignored, every aspect!

“Then we’ve got false positives coming from testing that we know is not adequate…the RTPCR, the Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction testing…you cannot use this testing for diagnostic purposes…and when that’s not enough…they’re causing doctors and nurses to go back and change the death certificates to say COVID-19 as the first cause of death…

“The media is propagating footage of hospitals and from one country to another country, using the same footage…the same person dying multiple times, use of mannequins to show that the people are dying and yet, they can’t even show ambulances that are doing anything. [Hospital staff] are all sitting. The people are playing chess they’re playing card games because they’re so idle. Nurses are being laid off right now because it’s not enough work but they’re pushing this agenda of fear, fear, fear…

“Nobody has yet demonstrated a single death from the actual virus – from the proper, established, accepted methodology – that a virus has caused death. Nobody’s been able to do that. It’s all based upon PCR testing…

“There are multiple studies that show that if you’ve had the flu shot, especially the trivalent flu shot – [you get] false positives on COVID-19 testing! God knows what’s been injected into people over the years! they want to know cause of death I want how many these people that have supposedly died from COVID-19 – which, by the way, the number of deaths are still less than the seasonal flu!

“But I want to know how many these people that died of supposed COVID-19, had a history of a vaccination, an adult vaccination in the last ten years? That’s what I want to know, because the studies clearly show that if you’ve had a flu shot, you’re gonna test positive for COVID-19.”

Gary Franchi asks, “Is Fauci directly responsible for this pandemic? Because he maneuvered the money, he maneuvered around the moratorium, kept this chimeric research going in China – is he directly responsible for, not just the pandemic but also the response that’s killed the economy that’s put – what, 17 to 22 million people out of work? Is Fauci  directly responsible?

Dr Buttar responds, “I think that’s the nicest thing that could be done to Fauci. I think he’s a criminal, he’s broken the law, he’s going against the government. That, to me that seems like it’s a traitorous thing to do, when the government has passed a regulation and he’s at one of the highest levels and the NIH, he’s got a directorship at NIH and then he breaks the law. He breaks the moratorium and then funds research against something that could potentially cause harm throughout the entire world and he’s in collusion with with the foreign government to do it?

“I don’t know. That that’s matter for attorneys to decide…

“Now, the president comes out and says there’s a drug called Hydroxychloroquine, which has been on the market for God knows, 50, 60, 70 years and another drug, Zithromax, which has been around 20 years…These are established drugs.  They’re safe drugs. Using them in combination, there are doctors that have shown at least 99% efficacy. They’ve treated hundreds and hundreds of patients. Nobody’s died. Symptoms resolved within an hour, hour and a half to a day and a half, two days…

“Fauci says unless there’s some studies [of the two together], that it should not be used – yet, he’s promoting a vaccine that we have no idea what the Hell that’s going to do and he’s saying that’s okay to use!

“I mean, if that does not show a conflict of interest, I don’t know what does! People need to wake up and realize there is a massive criminal component to this. The entire world economy, the whole world economy shutting down, it comes back to one person, in my opinion and that’s Fauci.

“There’s other people that are involved with the charade, obviously but Fauci’s the person that they put up in the front and Fauci’s the one who had the ability to stop this.”


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  • I hope the virus will be labeled the Chinese Wuhan virus, rather than Covid 19 to give context for the evil govt. that foisted this on the world.

  • Thanks for this post!
    I love it when Doctors are coming out and speaking against this COVID-19 porn scare!

  • Thank you Dr. Buttar. This guy sounds like me. I’ve been in chiropractic practice for 44 years. I started studying this when I got back from Vietnam in 1971. I was a firebase medic and a grunt medic over there. I woke up in Cambodia May 10th 1970 in the firefight that Leslie Sabo received his MOH for. Once awake its impossible to return to “normal”.
    Back then this information was “underground”. A lot of John Birch material. The Spotlight, the Phoenix Journals, Intelligence Review, etcetera. It was tough just getting this material. Short wave radio with Bill Cooper. “Behold a Pale Horse” had the “Protocols” in it. That and “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” sealed my fate. Then on to the Iron Mountains videos. Plus all the while as a Chiropractor putting up with the suppression by the Medics.
    I remember trying to tell people about this back in the 80’s. Of course I was labeled one of those “Crazy Conspiracy guys”. Which worked so I kept my mouth shut.
    The Internet is a God send. The information is readily available thus the censorship efforts by the bad guys. Now people don’t think of me as the crazy one and folks come to me for more answers and explanations of it all.
    I remember Dr. Buttar from the Washington Redskins cheerleader fiasco. A brilliant man so Thank you Gary for having him on.
    This is the last war ladies and gentlemen. If we lose this one life on this planet is over with. All you “liberals” out there will find out what we’ve been talking about. You won’t like it… Doc

    • What a comment, loved it. I woke up 25 years ago, I am 80 now, been called all of those names also … sad what people are not aware of, sadder yet, so few seem interested.

  • Thank you for your bravery. Keep informing us and asking us to seek the truth. It is up to us to protect our freedom.

  • I want the Gates of Hell & his family to receive all the vaccines they have missed all their lives, all at once. Then send Bill to India, they want to talk to him about crimes against humanity.
    Fauchi should be sent to Guantanamo bay for a long, long rest with water sports treatments.

    Just MY opinion of course.

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