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Former Russian military intelligence officer, Daniel Estulin joins Daniel Brigman on The Power Hour podcast to talk about what’s really going on with COVID-19 and the global clampdown. Hie version of events is very different from what you’ll hear on CNN and it makes a whole lot more sense.

TRANSCRIPT  (Lightly redacted)

DANIEL BRIGMAN: What is going on with Bill Gates in the WHO. What’s the deal, there?

DANIEL ESTULIN: Well, I think the you know the bigger question, even than Bill Gates and the World Health Organization is the fact that Trump is finally cutting off funding to the World Health Organization, which is a Globalist organization created by the Rockefellers, way back when, over 70 years ago in 1948, I believe it was, and run today by the Deep State, whose front man is Bill Gates.

Now, if you look at all the stuff that’s happening, you know exactly what is it that the World Health Organization does. Well, their main objective is the Rockefeller-Kissinger agenda; “Memorandum 200”, to sterilize as many people women as they can and to kill as many people as they can using vaccines.

For example, Kenya’s Catholic bishops, they’re charging two United Nations organizations working with the World Health Organization with sterilizing millions of girls and women under the cover of an “anti tetanus” inoculation program.

So, again, the tetanus vaccination campaign, which is a well-coordinated, forceful, population control, mass-sterilization exercise; birth control vaccines promoted by this Task Force on Birth Control by the World Health Organization. A vaccine, whose purpose is to achieve non-pregnancy, where ordinarily it could occur.

So, there’s a Task Force on Birth Control Vaccines at World Health Organization, Daniel and so, there are several papers from prestigious journals which focused on a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG)…

There’s a heading in the Facet Paper, called “Ability of Antibodies to Neutralize the Biological Activities of hCG”, and the authors are trying to discover whether a state of non-fertility can be achieved by blocking the normal activity of this hCG.

The Kissinger “Memorandum 200,” which talked about sterilization, rather than food aid…the true concern was the maintenance of US access to Third World resources – that’s what Kissinger and Rockefellers they were all concerned about – they worried that the political consequences of population growth in the Third World could produce internal instability.

So, with famine and food riots and the breakdown of social order in such countries the Kissinger memo warns that the smooth flow of needed materials will be jeopardized. In other words, too many people equals disruption for the transnational corporations who steal nations from the very people.

So, does this remind you of what is happening, for example, right now in the Western world; Europe, United States, Canada? Of course it does…This is the same thing in West Africa, with the Ebola crisis – or the alleged Ebola crisis.

Okay, now again if you kind of go back to some of the World Health Organization-sponsored programs, such as sterilization programs, there were unconfirmed reports, both from the Philippines and Mexico that in the 1990s…the tetanus vaccination programs, which were supposedly administered only to women of childbearing age involved multiple injections.

Now, the tetanus vaccine protocols indicate that one injection is good for ten years so, when you have these multiple injections, it would indicate another motive for the vaccination, such as the anti-fertility effect, for example…that gives you an idea that the World Health Organization is not about protecting human life on planet Earth. It has a different, very dark agenda and Trump cutting off funding is a first step in actually getting these people out of business.

DANIEL BRIGMAN: Let me ask a follow-up question: if Bill Gates and the WHO, is touting this potential new vaccine coming, [saying] the “new normal won’t exist until we have a vaccine!” – listening to you, I should never take that vaccine that they’re gonna push.

DANIEL ESTULIN:  You should probably never take that vaccine, because it’s again, one of the things about coronavirus is the forced vaccination programs. It’s the Big Data, new electronic passports. In the future, Daniel you’re not gonna have a passport, you gonna have this electronic passport that’s gonna have your vaccination programs and to see if it’s up-to-date.

You will need…to offer your…electronic passport for you to travel, for you to buy food, for you to get married, for you to die in peace, for you to be able to buy a home, to get a loan.

I mean, this is the same thing we talked about a year ago; about the the new social rating that they have in China. Well, the same thing is being implemented right now in the United States and Canada, in Western Europe – and again, the whole point is that it’s apparently being done for us but we understand how the elite work and the whole point of these programs is not about helping humanity but rather, controlling humanity.

And again, we have another proof of that: the Rockefeller Foundation, back in 2010…they wrote their own report on the possible epidemic scenarios from the year 2012 and one of these things actually foresaw for February 2012, a global pandemic, which will last three years, kill seven and a half million people and, needless to say, will need draconian measures for us, humanity.

In other words, to stop this this pandemic from spreading, with all the necessary precautions, such as vaccinations, microchipping of humanity, etc., etc.

For those people who still have the gall to say, “Daniel Estulin is a conspiracy theorist!” I want you to look to your left and to your right and realize that five and a half billion people and the planet Earth have been locked up in their homes. You have been locked up, something that we’ve been talking about since my first book on the Bilderbergers came out, back in the year 2005.

DANIEL BRIGMAN: You’re kind of answering the question but let’s go a little further: What is the end game of this? What is the not-so hidden agenda with this coronavirus? I mean, where is this –

DANIEL ESTULIN: Hmm – that’s a good question – let me explain it to you. Let me tell you a little story. So, the point of what we’re seeing today is we have a global economic collapse. It’s a systemic collapse, meaning it’s not a sector of the economy but the entire global, financial, political edifice is in a state of collapse.

The global debt – if you keep in mind everything that’s old – is about $4 quadrillion. That’s four and 15 zeros. So, the best way to write off that amount of money is what’s called force majeure. So, you have some kind of a naturally-occurring event, being, I don’t know, a meteorite hitting the planet Earth, you know, gigantic earthquake which wipes out half of humanity, thermonuclear war, Godzilla coming out at the bottom of the sea, you know making its presence felt – or some kind of a coronavirus.

So they tried thermonuclear war, because large wars – not some piddly little regional war in the Middle East – a global thermonuclear war would kill four or five billion people – which is fine, as far as the elite is concerned, okay and it allows you, gives you the excuse to write off four quadrillion dollars. You just write it off and nobody owes anybody anything…

They tried that. They killed Soleimani on the 3rd of January. Who is “they”? The Global Deep State. Doesn’t matter the names – it’s irrelevant. We’re looking at things conceptually, right now.

But because we didn’t have the thermonuclear war – why? Because nobody wanted to deal with the consequences. You have the Russians and the Americans, the Chinese, the Iranians, the Turks – everybody’s there. But nobody wanted thermonuclear war, because they understood the consequences of that. It’s a dirty war, which will have long-lasting effects on planet Earth for us and obviously, for them.

And so, they had this Plan B. And Plan B, again – Godzilla – they couldn’t find him, okay? They sent him an email, he didn’t reply. Meteorite, you know, just wasn’t there. They couldn’t count on it, either. So, then, there’s this coronavirus thing.

Now, a little story, which I made up, 99% of it is true. You have a group of people, very powerful people. Doesn’t matter what their names are – above government and presidents and prime minister-level. They understand that the global collapse is upon us. It’s a systemic collapse of the entire system.

What we’re seeing right now, we’ve only seen twice in the history of mankind, between the 4th and 6th centuries, when the old Roman order collapsed and feudalism came about and then in the 16th century, when feudalism died and capitalism came about – this is the end of a system.

So, they said, “If this goes through, humanity will blame us, because we’re responsible. That’s no good. So, they create this vaccine and they go to the General Director of the World Health Organization. It doesn’t matter what his name is – it could be this guy, could be any guy – and they explain to him the financial situation and they say, “Look, we need to have a force majeure to write off this $4 quadrillion debt and now the global governments – America, Canada, Europe, etc., etc. etc. need to save us from what we’ve done.

“So, what we need to do, we have this virus and we’re gonna launch this, we’re gonna call it a ‘pandemic’ but we have the antidote already. Bill Gates already made it and don’t worry, everything is fine, nobody’s gonna really die. All we need to do is for you, the World Health Organization, as the world health authority – because, people are dumb and they’ll believe anything you say – to call this a pandemic.”

So, the guy says, “You guys are insane. Do you understand what you’re saying?” So they sweeten the pot. They say, “Look, we’re gonna give your World Health Organization $300 billion.” It doesn’t matter. It could be five, it could be a trillion. There’s a piece of colored paper you print. It’s irrelevant.

If he says yes, great. If he says no, then they go to the next step. And the next step is they say, “Look, okay, we’re gonna give $300 billion to the World Health Organization and we’re gonna give you, personally $100 million dollars, which we’ll deposit in any bank account you want.”

If he says, “OK, let’s do it. We’ll call it a pandemic.” Wonderful. If he says no, then they sweeten the pot further. They say, “Look, we’re gonna give you a Nobel Peace Prize. We gave it to Obama, we can give it to you, it doesn’t really matter.” If he says yes, great. If he says no, then they put real pressure. “Look, we’re gonna kill you, as we have killed so many other Presidents of the United States and other countries.

“I mean, we were behind 9/11. The stupid Americans believed it, because some media put it on the cover that it was bin Laden in his cave in Afghanistan. So we can do that and we’ll put somebody else in your place, who will do exactly what we tell them.”

And so, the man or the woman – whoever is in charge – realizes that he is really between a rock and a hard place. I mean, he could die and not get anything out of it – or he could go along, get his Nobel Peace Prize, $100 million dollars, live as a good Samaritan for the rest of his life and be considered the savior of humanity. So, he goes along.

So, now we have the World Health Organization in the bag, officially willing to call this a pandemic. But now, you need the presence of countries to come along. How do you do that? Because, again, this isn’t a little conspiracy of four old geezers sitting in a dark room holding hands, staring at a crystal ball, pressing some buttons, calling for world domination. It’s a much easier process, because the entire edifice of world media corporations and mainstream media is controlled and owned by the military-industrial complex, meaning billionaires and trillionaires who control the world from behind the scenes.

Through media, you can put in some amount of pressure on all the presidents and governments and countries. You can make presidents fall and replace them with someone else. You don’t really need to kill them, you just tell the country, this man is a menace to their country. As a result of his neglect, so many hundreds of thousands people will die; as a result of this false pandemic, so most presidents go along.

Those who don’t, I promise that they will not win the following election so those who do, and pronounce the magic word, “pandemic”, they’ll be given incredible amounts of money by the United Nations by the Rockefeller Foundation, by the Hudson Institute, by the Bilderbergers, by – just name any one of these global organizations, liberal banking financier groups, it doesn’t matter and this how this pandemic works. It’s very, very easy.

So again, the point is you have a global systemic collapse. You need somehow, to find a way out of this. They tried nuclear war, that didn’t work. They still had this $4 quadrillion debt hanging over them. What do they do? Godzilla didn’t come, so they’ve gone for the next best thing, they go for coronavirus.

DANIEL BRIGMAN: Let me interject. I didn’t come up with this idea but we’ve got some emails and what-have-you and the thought came to me, I want to run it by you. Just listening to you, I’m really stunned – I hate they even interrupt you, there – but we just should do something like there’s a webinar…multi-hour webinar, where people all over the world can come see you on video and you answer questions.

Your perspective on this is so different than the corporate media and it’s so needed right now. You are telling that an accurate depiction and what everything else we’re seeing is a lie; what this is, what we can do with the future. Would you do a webinar or something like that? Would you be interested in something?

DANIEL ESTULIN: Absolutely. I mean, I get all literally hundreds of emails every day, most of them from America, people saying, “What do we do now? How do I protect my family? How will we get our food? Do I go a live abroad? How do I get a second passport? Do I keep my money in the bank? Do I exchange my dollars to physical gold and silver? How do I hide it somewhere? These are the kinds of things people want to know.

But I can tell you something else, Daniel. Right now, it’s really, really important for people to understand, is the family unity is the most important thing you can do, as a point of departure. I saw a statistic yesterday, which really unnerved me. It said there’s an increase of 47% in the divorce rates in America over the past month.

In other words, these old rivalries are coming to the fore, with a lot of finger-pointing, “You said that he said that she said that you cheated on me, mother-in-law, your father-in-law…” So, all this kind of stuff is coming out and people are splitting up. If you want to survive today in what’s coming down right now, because it hasn’t even started – it hasn’t started – what people are seeing like, for example my family, my parents, who are now old, they’re in their eighties and they live in Toronto, Canada and their friends, who for years, they’ve been laughing at all the stuff I’ve been talking about – and again, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a Doctor of Conceptual Intelligence – they’re calling my parents and saying, “Ask your son when this thing is going to go away,” as if I had a magic wand can make this coronavirus thing go away.

They don’t understand that it hasn’t started. It’s a prelude to the First Act. It’s an [apéritif] you’re given when you come to someone’s party. Then you’re gonna sit down, there’s gonna be the first course, second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. This thing really is going to start in September.

So, we have literally was what’s left of April, May, June, July and a bit of of August. We have about three and a half months, okay to get our stuff together, understand what’s coming down, okay get ready, because in September, we’re gonna have the first serious wave of collapse.

And what’s coming is gonna be twice as bad as the Great Depression. We have never seen, there’s no person alive on planet Earth today who’s come in contact with anything remotely similar to this – and I’m not talking about the Great Depression, because this is going to be greater, much greater than the Great Depression.

90% of businesses will fail. 90% of people won’t have a job and that’s one of the reasons why the global elite wanted a thermonuclear war…what you’re seeing right now is a change. Yes, a very violent change from one technological paradigm to another.

We went from the fourth techno paradigm – meaning, industrial economy – okay, to post-industrial where, suddenly the industrial engineers; they were no longer interesting. They were looked at as losers and suddenly, the bank managers, the managers, you know the insurance, the brokers, the lawyers – suddenly, these were the White Collar, these were the “in-people”; they were driving the fancy cars, they were having the fancy jobs, they were having the best-looking women – quote, unquote – I know, because looks have nothing to do with the “best woman”, especially in the crisis, which it is right now.

And now, we’re seeing that these people are gonna be taken out of the equation, because we’re going to the sixth techno paradigm. What is the six technical paradigm? Its robotics, it’s Artificial Intelligence, it’s a virtual [reality], it’s 3D printing, etc., etc.

So, in this world, which is Trans-Industrial, you’re not gonna need these people anymore. And suddenly, you find yourself, that industrialists were replaced by lawyers, managers, bankers, financiers, with luxury items, services, that fancy cell phones, entire industries built for the Chinese millionaires to come in and swap anything they can for doesn’t-matter-how-much-money, these people are gone.

So, 90% of people won’t have anything to do and so, by trying to kill five, six billion people, it solves one of the key problems for the global elite. It also solves another key problem you can write off the responsibility and say, “It’s not us. It’s a global thermonuclear war,” because everything else was fine.

But because they couldn’t get that going and you still have the problem of eight billion people and you still have the problem of a new techno paradigm coming at us – these are the kinds of things we can discuss in a webinar – and most importantly, we will give people the roadmap, because they need a map to try to navigate this, because none of us have ever seen anything like it and the Mainstream Media, because they’re part of the Liberal banking financier order, only have one vision – of the people who today are on their deathbed.

DANIEL BRIGMAN: Do you know, this is very, maybe stark reality that you’re presenting the people…I see that this is an opportunity…all these lawyers and all this post-industrial economy and all these managers and all these people who produce nothing, who do nothing but just feed off – they’re like parasites – we have a chance, here to make them all go away and to go back into or go towards something else, and ascend toward something else.

DANIEL ESTULIN: …Historically, no change from one level of technology to another has ever happened without some kind of very violent war or conflict. So, this is gonna be no different. Doesn’t have to be a thermonuclear war or World War II-like conflict.

Because, what you see with coronavirus – call it Hybrid Warfare 6.0. It’s bacteriological war and what you’re seeing is, again they can kill people with pinpoint accuracy. Be it by their DNA, by the age group, by their race, by their creed, by their haplogroups – every other population of planet Earth, they can do that right now and it’s much easier to do that, and this is the kind of stuff we’re gonna be seeing more and more in the future…

The future wars – and the elite finally realized that they don’t need to kill soldiers, okay. They can, with pinpoint accuracy and bacteriological wars, kill as many people as they want from a hundred thousand miles away and not suffer any consequences. This is what we’re seeing now.

It doesn’t matter who’s behind coronavirus. The Americans, the British, the Chinese – it doesn’t matter – all of them are getting something out of this – but most importantly, Daniel, what we’re seeing globally, is that the elite who understand that the collapse is coming – and in the United States, you’ve never seen anything like this – but in the Soviet Union, we saw this in 1991.

So what you’re seeing right now in America we lived through in Russia in 1991, meaning we went to sleep in one country, we woke up in another – Russia. Meaning, that the day we woke up in another country, we lost all our savings that we’ve ever had. 40% of the population went from having something to having zero – and as a result, 25 million people killed themselves; dragged themselves to death, you know, jumped off buildings. This is coming to America and you have to prepare for it.

And if we do this webinar, we’re gonna give people the ways out of this, so that they and their families and their loved ones can survive and navigate. We can’t do this individually, we have to work this as a community, this is very important.

Let’s do it. We’ll put it together, have some kind of nominal fee for it; we’ll make it pretty extensive and people can ask questions. Let’s do it. This is so important right now


DANIEL BRIGMAN: Alright, we’ve got about 20 seconds. A ray of hope. Just give us a little spark of hope of something. We need that.

DANIEL ESTULIN: No matter how hard they try, the world is not going to die. It’s just the old parasitical order is dying. What they want to do, they want to take all of us to Hell with them. We won’t let them do that, okay? Knowledge is power and we will survive!

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  • The entire discussion falls flat from the beginning of the article by saying Bill Gates is the front man of the ‘deep state’. For a start, there is no fee state, there is no right Vs left, Dems vs Reps since all sides across the political spectrum and by now all nations are controlled at the top by the jews of the synagogue of satan. Read the Protocols of Elders of Zion and watch how most people are sublimely keep distracted with these endless political speculative issue. While most are against each other, attention is always deflected from the actions of cabalist jews.
    The Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and the rest are in themselves useful idiot proxy of international jewry.
    You know that jewish families own ‘national’ and international banks, hence they dictate the health of the economy everywhere.
    Covid is the beginning of the very last phase into the establishing of a global dictatorship, a Pax Judaica!!

  • Daniel Estulin’s final comments –

    “No matter how hard they try, the world is not going to die. It’s just the old parasitical order is dying. What they want to do, they want to take all of us to Hell with them. We won’t let them do that, okay? Knowledge is power and we will survive!”

    When I was watching the video and heard these words, I looked at the clock. It said 4:44. The force is with us!!!

  • Just to get this straight. Money is a man-made construct, not a natural resource… the ‘therefore’ which ensues from this fact branches out in many directions… or at least, it should.

    • The “Right to Issue” has been controlled for Thousands of years by the same bloodline.
      All who have opposed them have been dealt with in a merciless fashion. They are very logical and mundane. Their only asset is the “Right to Issue a Medium of Exchange,” for all of us to interact with one another. If you attempt to tell the masses of this you are dealt with summarily – if you attempt to release the identity of the top 30 in the bloodline, you’re worm food.

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