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Dr Steven Greer: There are military and law enforcement people who are quite fed up with this illegal-run operation that’s treasonous. I mean I’ll just be flat-out, put it out there: They are committing treason against the United States.

When I tell you that this group are a bunch of sociopaths and psychopaths capable of this, people need to believe it and not let those guys get away with their agenda, because this is a 70-year, long-term plan that they’re coming to head, now – and you can be executed for that, as you know, by Federal Law.

I think there are certain people who are not going to sit on their hands if the Congress just dithers for another two, three, four years, because, from a law enforcement point of view, we’ve been able to prove that these operations are already criminal enterprises – and by the way, anyone who’s listening, who is an attorney: we’re starting our own legal fund to sue all these corporations for these technologies under the civilian RICO provision, Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations – it’s been used against the mafia.

I always point out to people this organization is the world’s largest and deadliest mafia, so you can invoke that RICO Act, that was passed in 1970 as a civilian organization, which is what we’re about to do and there’s a US attorney on our team, a federal prosecutor, that when we go to discovery and get evidence, we’ll turn over to him. He can do a criminal prosecution at that point, so we’re not going to sit on our hands.

Now, we’re encouraging Congress to move quickly, but in the meanwhile, I can tell you there are things afoot that are going to go more quickly…

Listen, everyone writing, sitting here, listening should write to your Member of Congress and your two Senators, whatever state you’re from and encourage them to pass these laws protecting the witnesses and to hold open hearings, because I don’t think we need to continue this process, like at the this last small hearing with the three guys, where Grusch said, “Oh, I can’t talk about that. I have to be in a SCIF,” which is a Secure Compartmented Information Facility, Top Secret facility.

No! Because the these projects should not be afforded any National Security protection, since they are being run illegally. I think we should take a much more aggressive stand towards fully-open hearings on this, which we’ve been calling for for 30 years.

But I think your listeners have more power than they realize, if they were to write their member Congress, their representative in the House and their two Senators, because they need to hear from the people. They need to hear that the people care about this issue.

The most dangerous is their capabilities to A), stage a alien invasion that would convince everyone that’s false and B), things that they can do geophysically.

What I mean by that is I have a NOC, a Non-Official Cover guy who’s Deep Cover, currently in the system that described this illegal covert group, were able to move an asteroid on a trajectory coming from the Sun to skim over the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific cause massive tidal waves and destruction, deliberately – and an ET craft intercepted that and saved our bacon.

Now, I also know that they have systems that they can put on fault lines off the coasts of various land masses, like California and elsewhere and they can trigger those and those can cause massive earthquakes and tsunamis.

When I tell you that this group are a bunch of sociopaths and psychopaths capable of this, people need to believe it and not let those guys get away with their agenda, because this is a 70-year, long-term plan that they’re coming to a head, now is a true threat to humans.

So, those two areas are the most disturbing things I have discovered about this organization; what their plans are and what their capabilities are – and these aren’t theoretical capabilities, these are actual ones.

So, to have an organization that’s not being overseen by the People or by Congress or the White House, that have those sort of technologies and that kind of malicious intent, we’re talking an existential threat to humanity and to our country and that’s why, you know, I left my medical career a few years ago to fix this.

Because, once I learned what was really happening I was ready to walk away from, you know, whatever it is is, you know four $500,000, $600,000 a year as a doctor to fix this problem. And I don’t get paid, by the way. Everything we do with this is pro bono or we’re sort of a philanthropic group. We’re supported by donations.

And you know these films, by the way, you know, how we crowdfunded them, the biggest crowdfunded documentaries in history, have all been the ones we’ve done on this and you can see all of them, like all three of them. Now, the ‘Lost Century’

Interviewer: How much have you crowdfunded?

Dr Steven Greer: Well, this last one, I think we raised a little over $700,000 to do the ‘Lost Century’ and and get it out. But see, I mean, we don’t have a marketing budget, so the only way we can actually get the word out is folks like you sending out to your fans, the base and influencers and I know that people like Chris Brown and Demi Lovato and and Sully Arnav, Godsmack and others have helped get the word out through their fan base.

So, a lot of it is having influencers help us get the word out – and I thank you for that – so the illegal secret government used these in clandestine operations; drug-running, human trafficking, staging false events, like abductions, so people think the aliens are a threat.

And, in some cases, just normal operational use and testing and development but…if you were to contact the senior folks at the Pentagon, one of the comments that Admiral Wilson said and also, the man I briefed, who was the head of the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency – a three-star general, Hughes – he said, “Look, we can’t get any information on this but the problem is, the best thing I have is a B2 Stealth Bomber and this secret government group have things that can do circles around it.”

So, they said, “What are we going to do?” I said, “Well, you have to get these under control.”

Now, this is what I’ve been saying to everyone, from the CIA director for Bill Clinton in ’93 all the way through the ’90s and I’m still saying it to members of Congress.

The good news is is that the Amnesty Bill, if it passes, which, after a six-month period, all those operations would be considered criminal. Then, you could put law enforcement in place that goes in and gets, seizes these craft and technologies – and the bodies.

Well, because they’re wise enough to know that if they were to do such a thing, it would create panic and would also be portrayed by the Spinmeisters as an “alien invasion”. See, it’s a Catch-22.

If they were to do what you’re suggesting, the public has already been brainwashed about there being a threat from aliens, which is completely not true. But you bring up a very good point and this is one of the things I had this conversation with these members of Congress about in the last few months, is that any civilizations – that is, thousands, to hundreds-of-thousands of years more advance than we are – if they were hostile, they would just shut this whole enterprise down – it would take a fraction of a second.

So, this is a proof that they’re not hostile. They’re also very patient and they don’t want to do something that plays into this false narrative of this illegal, secret government group.

Because let’s say they were to do what you’re saying and they come in and they liberate assets or people or they shut down our capabilities to target them, that would be portrayed as an “alien invasion”, which is exactly what they’re trying to avoid – and that’s exactly what everyone in the public has been – and also I hate to say some people in the government have been brainwashed about.

Like, when Mr Grusch started talking about this event where aliens were shooting up and killing the villagers in Brazil. Well, he didn’t know that that was a a CIA clandestine operation, using our own man-made craft and it was 100% being done by humans.

So why wouldn’t he know that? Because he’s a young guy who wasn’t read into that. He wasn’t briefed into that part of it, he just heard the story.

So, this gets into this whole question of a little bit of knowledge on this is an extremely dangerous thing, but to pack all of this is very complex; to go through all the evidence the cases, the science, the Top Secret – I mean, look, most people can’t get their minds around the 70 or so Top Secret whistleblowers we have up on our YouTube channel – never mind the other 700. So, it’s a big, it’s a very heavy-lift, right? But it needs to happen and at least the process has begun.

But the ETs are way too smart. If I look, with my meager IQ, if I have figured out what the consequences would be of them doing what you just suggested and just coming in and taking their assets back or landing or exposing themselves massively to the whole planet, they know, like I do, that that would be immediately spun by the Spinmeisters and the Liars as some kind of attack and Alien Invasion, and and I think they’re just way too evolved, socially and spiritually and intellectually to to fall into that trap, because if I figured this out I’m sure they have.

But I think the other part of it is, that – I think it you know this a very good question that comes up a lot: “Why don’t they go ahead and do it and just fix this mess?”

I go, “Well, everybody heard of Afghanistan? 20-some years in Afghanistan? So we go in there, I know a lot of Special Forces and Green Beret people who are over there and we go in there we think we’re going to impose Jeffersonian Democracy on a country run by warlords, right? Opium-trading warlords.

And 20-some years later, we didn’t make any more progress than we had before we went in. We left in a debacle a year ago – and now it’s back to warlords!

So, you cannot externally impose evolution. It has to be organic. So, I think the ETs are wise enough to see this and and know that humans have to evolve socially and economically, politically, spiritually – whatever – by learning.

Now, it doesn’t mean they just sit back and let us do everything.

And one of my concerns is – and this is something not being talked about enough – is that, if you have technologies that are being reverse-engineered and studied for 75-80 years, since the ’40s, and you reach a certain point, where your your human technologies get close to what the ETs have and we become a threat to them, out of self-defense, they may have to intervene and that is a worst-case-scenario.

And I flat-out have said that to members of Congress: we are running out of time to do this little do-si-do dance of kindergarten-level of studying this issue – and they would not do it out of hostility but they would do it out of self-defense – but most people don’t know this.

I mean, if you if I know of 122 cases where we’ve knocked their spacecraft down, we also have weapon systems on satellites out there, in space, that have targeted these extraterrestrial assets craft.

At a certain point, if our technology get good enough and there’s scalar, which means they could go beyond the speed of light and go to another star system – not the craft but the energy weapon – then, we become a true threat to other worlds.

So, my view of it is, that if people want to know what the problem is in this corner of the universe, go look in the God-damned mirror. I mean, it’s what humans are doing. It’s like that Michael Jackson song, you know, ‘Man in the Mirror’.

But you know, it’s like we need to look at that and and say, “What are we doing?” but the problem is, most of the American public – and I would say most of the Congress – still don’t know that we have the technologies to be that kind of threat out there; these covert, human, illegal projects.

So, letting a group like that wander around doing anything they want in defiance of the law, with no oversight by the People and no oversight from the Congress, the people’s Representatives – that is a true threat.

So when people say, “Are the UAPs a threat?” I go, “Not the ones from off-planet but the ones that are here, that we’re making – yes, that is the biggest threat to our National Security – way bigger than China, Russia or Iran.”

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  • “Aliens” are controlling Planet Earth? In a way, that’s true. Here in Texas millions of Illegal Aliens appear to have a financial stranglehold on the illegitimate Biden “government”. Before we deal with the “Reptilians”, we will need to vanquish these illegal alien “Bug People”, Then, of course, there are the illegal alien Muslim terrorists here in America to attack and kill us White Infidels.
    “Beam me up, Scotty!”

  • I don’t believe him or alot of others!!
    He’s controlled opposition..
    ..until they can ‘prove’ their NOT
    they are just that!..

  • When are ‘they’ going to help ‘us’ with ‘this’?
    The Undesigned Universe – Peter Ward
    “ . . . it is these ocean state changes that are
    1:02:28 correlated with the great disasters of the past impact can cause extinction but
    1:02:35 it did so in our past only wants[once] that we can tell whereas this has happened over
    1:02:40 and over and over again we have fifteen evidences times of mass extinction in the past 500 million years
    1:02:48 so the implications for the implications the implications of the carbon dioxide is really dangerous if you heat your
    1:02:55 planet sufficiently to cause your Arctic to melt if you cause the temperature
    1:03:01 gradient between your tropics and your Arctic to be reduced you risk going back
    1:03:07 to a state that produces these hydrogen sulfide pulses . . . “

    Or ‘this’?
    No ‘BAU’?
    ‘Most’ ‘economic thinking’ is ‘short run’ and ‘redundant’? ‘It’ ignores the ‘supply side’? ‘Growth’ {and ‘civilisation’} depends upon ‘cheap’ F.F. – those so called ‘halcyon days’ are ‘over’. ?
    “The crisis now unfolding, however, is entirely different to the 1970s in one crucial respect… The 1970s crisis was largely artificial. When all is said and done, the oil shock was nothing more than the emerging OPEC cartel asserting its newfound leverage following the peak of continental US oil production. There was no shortage of oil any more than the three-day-week had been caused by coal shortages. What they did, perhaps, give us a glimpse of was what might happen in the event that our economies depleted our fossil fuel reserves before we had found a more versatile and energy-dense alternative. . . . That system has been on the life-support of quantitative easing and near zero interest rates ever since. Indeed, so perilous a state has the system been in since 2008, it was essential that the people who claim to be our leaders avoid doing anything so foolish as to lockdown the economy or launch an undeclared economic war on one of the world’s biggest commodity exporters . . . And this is why the crisis we are beginning to experience will make the 1970s look like a golden age of peace and tranquility. . . . The sad reality though, is that our leaders – at least within the western empire – have bought into a vision of the future which cannot work without some new and yet-to-be-discovered high-density energy source (which rules out all of the so-called green technologies whose main purpose is to concentrate relatively weak and diffuse energy sources). . . . Even as we struggle to reimagine the 1970s in an attempt to understand the current situation, the only people on Earth today who can even begin to imagine the economic and social horrors that await western populations are the survivors of the 1980s famine in Ethiopia, the hyperinflation in 1990s Zimbabwe, or, ironically, the Russians who survived the collapse of the Soviet Union.” ?

  • Steven Greer is alien mind-controlled.

    Secret Space Program Experiencers continue to Add Weight to Idea of Breakaway Civilization
    by Makia Freeman
    February 21, 2019

    “The main product the ICC ((Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate) is SELLING to ET groups (thousand of races) is cyborgs designed to be ROBOTIC SUPERSOLDIER SLAVES with a human consciousness.”

    by Dr. Michael Salla
    December 08, 2015

    Siemens has been involved in secretly building billions of tiny RFID chips to track the movement of abducted humans used as forced labor in secret space colonies and in a galactic slave trade.
    Siemens’ role in helping Nazi Germany build advanced weapons for the Second World War is well known, but less known is the extent to which it participated in the use of slave labor. (…)

    However, there is whistleblower testimony that such practices continue and Siemens is still involved.
    William Pawelec was a computer operations and programming expert with the USAF, who started his own electronics security company, and worked for high profile U.S. defense contractors such as SAIC and EG&G. (…)

    Prior to 2001, Pawelec decided to reveal what he knew about deep black projects that he believed were hiding advanced technologies from the U.S. public.

    He gave an interview (below video) to Dr. Steven Greer with the strict instruction that it would only be published after his death. He died on May 22, 2007 and the video was published posthumously on December 14, 2010.

    Among his many revelations is information concerning the development of the first electronic RFID tracking chips that were developed as early as 1979 according to Pawelec.
    Pawelec said that soon after demonstrating an even more sophisticated lithium niobate chip in 1984, which could be tracked from a distance of 120 kilometers in space, he discovered a small Silicon Valley company had been set up to manufacture billions of them.

    He learned that,
    “after they had made billions and billions of these little chips” the factory was shut down a year later, and all information about the chips disappeared.
    Pawelec said that the small company responsible for making the billions of tiny chips,
    “was a division of a rather major European electronics firm that had the plant: Siemens.”
    Pawelec went on to describe how his colleague, Bob, the former head of security for the U.S. State Department, was assassinated in Nairobi because he was getting too close to learning about the people that had acquired control over the tracking chips and had built billions of them for an unknown purpose.
    Pawelec’s testimony suggests that the Siemen’s corporation had acquired the rights and control over the tracking chip technology, built billions of them in less than a year using a U.S. subsidiary, and then arranged for the local manufacturing plant to close with all information about the tracking chips now gone.

    Importantly, the Siemen’s corporation was associated with a powerful force embedded within the U.S. military industrial complex, which was intent on hiding the true purpose of the chips.
    This finally takes us to the question,
    what purpose did the Siemens company have for building billions of chips for tracking humans over long distances?
    In an email interview, Goode described the development of A GALACTIC SLAVE TRADE that involved extraterrestrials and national elites secretly in control of Earth governments and militaries.

    This was achieved through a network of corporations, which he described as the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC):
    The Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates discovered that a large amount of humans were being taken off the planet by various ET’s anyway, so they decided to find a way TO PROFIT FROM IT and have control over which people were being taken.

    In prior arrangements they were made promises of receiving technologies and biological specimens for allowing groups to abduct humans, but the ET’s rarely delivered on their promises.

    Once they had developed the advanced infrastructure (ICC) in our Sol System, along with advanced technologies (that some of the thousands of ET groups traveling through our system were now interested in obtaining) and now had the ability to deter most unwelcome guests from entering Earths airspace, the Cabal/ICC then decided to use human trafficking as one of their resources in interstellar BARTERING.


    First published at 18:36 UTC on June 5th, 2023.
    Last Words, Aliens and Deep Underground Military Bases – Denver, Colorado, November 1995
    Philip Schneider, a government geologist and engineer with over 17 years of experience working on government black projects at Area 51, S4, Dulce and Los Alamos, was one of the most important whistleblowers in modern history.
    He co-invented methods used in shaped charge explosives research to facilitate the building of underground military bases as well as submarine bases, carrying Rhyolite 38 level 3 security clearance.

  • Its sure been a great ride over the past 60 years and I enjoyed it all! Fck these commie bastards who believe they have dominion over all individuals and their affairs. Everything in cycles….get ready to fight. Defeating them = utopian wetdream ;>\

  • That’s a great article. I do feel like it is moving too slow. I complain all the time about too much talk and not enough action. I’m ready.

  • All Steven Greer has to do to move from a place of incredulity in his lectures to the status of a “trustworthy voice” in the disclosure community is to admit that not all aliens are benevolent and have the human race’s best interests at heart. There are many voices out there that are presenting their testimonies as experts and experiencers regarding ETs and 95% of them agree that there are alien races who have already done anti-human acts against people and institutions, such as the Nordics, the Grays, the Reptilians and a number of insectoid species. Just tell the truth about it. Greer is a very convincing ambassador for ETs, partly because of his articulate and very fluent (at times glib) mode of speaking about this subject. People tend to believe him because he’s very professional and I say that to his credit. But just because he presents the reality of ET presence as a fluent professional doesn’t mean everything he is saying is true.

  • Our Congress and the majority of Washington D.C. are being held blackmailed by Israel and WEF.
    The Police and Military will respond to $$$, they are order followers and nothing more. The demonic aliens exist with humans on a very low Vibrational energy emitting frequency here on Earth. Raise your vibration and you reach a dimension that is far about this low frequency here on Earth. It’s all an inner job and you can’t vote your way of of this mess here on Earth. America has a constitution it would be wise to learn it, study it and use it to subvert these criminals in Washington…it’s up to you!

  • Excellent comments Dr. Greer. We are being attacked from within our own dark state which is filled with Reptilian/human creatures.

  • I have followed Steven Greer for years now in one form or other. Of course he is not the only person I have followed or listened to because as the world progresses into this so called mess we are in we will always have the so called saviours of man kind and maybe for some for a price. I have red his book and for me its about language he uses and his language suggest to me that there is something not right. I may admit that I do judge him and that is only because I really know nothing about the man other than what he tells us. I must say his Alien story has not wavered over the years so I give him that. For me I simply listen and pay close attention to what is being said because for me it “all happens in language”

  • Why would I write a letter to my “enemy (congress)”?
    Yeah, congress still doesn’t know about C19 scam after 4 yrs, how convenient!

    Think about google algorithm that just because I search on right wing topic on google, I’d be already categorized as a possible terrorist.

    You can continue doing research, talk to other folks and so on, but I do not think that writing letter to congress is a smart move.

  • methinks red herring…. Hawaii showcased capability to readily fry any location at a whim, so if ‘they’ wanted us dead, it would have been done already. Seems to be more likely that we are lab specimen – walking cultures for some really disgusting end goal.

    Between 1) hosting my own organism that harvests and binds me to some AI Borg & ultimately harvests my soul into some Steiner ‘Eighth Sphere’ …….& 2) taking a splash from an asteroid…., drowning seems quite a merciful way out.

    Humanity can worry about Cosmic Implications once we survive extinction by way of Black Magicians. Again… Smelling a misdirection from Greer on this one – even if unwittingly.

  • The militia which is legal under the constitution needs to stand up now. Writing congress to get .gov to fix .gov is a fools errand but the money he wants to raise can be used to buy up some arms to point at the criminals in DC to force them to stand down this is the only way they want to die anyway and it would be a kindness to send them back home to HELL . The white pu$$y hat people could come along for the ride if they can find the courage to do so.

  • The militia which is legal under the constitution needs to stand up now. Writing congress to get .gov to fix .gov is a fools errand but the money he wants to raise can be used to buy up some arms to point at the criminals in DC to force them to stand down this is the only way they want to die anyway and it would be a kindness to send them back home to HELL . The white pussy hat people could come along for the ride if they can find the courage to do so.

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