In a talk he gave about free energy technology, Dr. Steven Greer tells the story of Stan Meyer, who invented an engine that ran on 100% water – and how Stan died under odd circumstances.

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  • Greer can be a snake oil salesman sometimes, and I think he’s a bit of a con man. He wants money to do research in his own lab, controlled by him. He’s not scientist, and it shouldn’t cost millions of dollars to develop.

    Why doesn’t Dean Kamen do this anyway? He could figure it out.

    Greer is always making fatuous statements like “no one else has been able to do this..” which is not true. There have been other inventors over the years (John Andrew, Herman Anderson, Steve Ryan, Joe X from Australia, Bill Williams, and more) who have invented water engines, creating Brown’s gas (HHO, which is similar to H20, but not bonded geometrically, rather free atoms).


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