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  • She has got it darn right (especially about virus fraud), and those that are trying to scam sheep again by selling drugs in order to cure something that doesn’t exist.
    HOWEVER, there other part (again) is an over stretch as for reasons I’ve said previously.
    You’re talking about “theoretical” and not “actual/factual” that are based on flying carpet patents – meaning that no one yet has solid evidence to prove that Nano craps is there and doing harm (an not something else); so this sorta brings us back to the same problem that she just complained about (Virus scam based on unproven claim with evidence).
    Perhaps, it takes a bit more time for her to realize that, but she’s certainly making progress.

    • nah , im sorry john but you are incorrect about the nano being some theoretical & speculative technology that is rooted in thoughts of fantasy or widely optimistic thoughts that are built and constructed from pieces of wishful thinking, intrigue and imagination. i realize that there are many patents out there that are much like this and in fact dont exist ……yet , and that the whole intention is to file for a patent for a magic carpet so that in the future once further development is complete then it will have been secured by the earlier filing, however this is not the case with the nano, as you can can listen to lectures by the Professor Ian Akyldez or however its spelled and he discusses all the different developments that were made in detail including the experimentation that occurred along the way , and even how the CIA had put a hold on all things nano and there was a gag order that was essentially place over anything nano until i believe 2017 or 2019…..a similar thing was done regarding all things Artificial Intelligence as well , both of the classifications lifted in or around the same time frame, just prior to the ScamPlan19 roll out !!!! the shit is very very real and its been real for every bit of 30-60 yrs dude!!! its been discovered that there are spreadsheets from the Dept of energy dating back to the 60s & 70s with frequency values and related data that were categorized to individuals by IP-address, but have now transitioned to a rolling code style of encryption that is identified by MAC-address…..its been kept under tight tight control for many decades ….. its likely something that has been drip fed to the academics institutions and the contractors for the Mil. Industrial Complex Machine since as far back as the cashes in or around ’47 in the rural New Mexico region of the several states of America, just as Mr William Thompkins had recalled the process being strategically done in or around that same time period !!!!! its unlikely a genuine & organic human development, its more likely to be in fact the actual nuts and bolts of how the hive mind phenomena works that has historically been attributed to the greys

  • Non Bioweaponized here…will still order / take Ivermectin, CDS, HCQ, Azythro, Doxycycline and have it on hand. Also we do not have any markers/BTooth in us.

    Ive been giving my cattle Ivermectin for yrs and no other shots for them. Best tasting meat ever!

    We The People Walk Worthy

  • Dr. Ruby, graphene is NOT WHITE AND IS NOT STRETCHY… !!!! You are one of the deceivers who prey on human lack of knowledge…..

  • It is good to see Jane Ruby, drop her ego and open her mind.

    Kudos to you Alexandra, you Posted Sabrina before anyone else.

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