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In 2018, the World Economic Forum discussed the possibilities of Mind Control using sound waves. This is something that several people have claimed to be a target of. They have become known as “targeted individuals.”

A subcommittee for Homeland Security was recently held to discuss this technology and the targeting of US government employees and their families. This is commonly known as, the “Havana Syndrome,” and dates back to 2016 when US diplomatic personnel in Cuba experienced unexplained health problems.

Eli Crane: “Guys, if your, assessments here are correct, these are very covert weapons, aren't they? They don't leave behind bomb fragments, bullet holes, etc. They could absolutely be used by our adversaries and have very low levels of, very easy to deny if they were even there, that they were used. Is that correct?”

Greg Edgreen: “That's correct. There's no entry or exit wound. How they're designed is to make the target feel like they're crazy, like they're imagining things, especially on the low duration. the low intensity, long duration hits.”

Eli Crane: “Have any of you three panelists ever seen one of these weapons?”

Christo Grozev: “I have seen a 1991 version of the weapon. And it looks like a satellite dish with a unit this size attached to it. And, of course, over the years, miniaturization has been possible. Obviously there is a limitation to how miniaturized it can be because of the antenna size, which is always related to the wave. But still, it is something that can be well contained in the trunk of a car or even a large backpack. My experience shows that it can be cobbled together. It's something that can… A rough crude version of this that would probably require longer exposure than the more advanced version, that has been tested, as we see from this document, can be put together inexpensively. But again, I would abstain from commenting further, lest I encourage people to try it at home.”

Lou Correa: “What you all are saying is there's a government cover up? The fact that something is out there afflicting targeting us?” 

Greg Edgreen: “The government in the IC assesment is wrong. It's dead wrong. I can't tell you if it's a cover up, why they're doing this, malfeasance? I won't go there.”

Mark Zaid: “So cover up would depend on intent. There could be good reasons to withhold information. I will say that the public statements that the executive branch is making is inconsistent with the classified record, and then it would be Congress's job as an oversight authority to determine why that is, whether it was a legitimate reason to mislead the public or because of some nefarious reason, or all the above.”

Eli Crane: “Mr. Grozev said, you spoke to a Russian agent who said that they believe that Americans are using these same weapons on them. Is that correct?”

Christo Grozev: “That is correct. Back in the '80s.”

Eli Crane: “Might that have something to do with part of the CIA's motive to cover up the existence of the this tech in these weapons?”

Christo Grozev: “That is a very logical possibility.”

While it was admitted that this technology is being used, the discussion was focused primarily on Russia. As if to create more incentive to escalate war with the Russian Federation. When the question of whether it has been used on the American population was raised, it was dismissed with a smile.

Daniel S Goldman: “Are any of you aware of any reported incidents from individuals who are not members of the United States government? Domestically, I should say.”

Mark Zaid: “There are many people who believe they are victims of AHIs. All you have to do is look at my Twitter feed whenever I post on the topic. I only represent federal government employees and their families, so I don't focus on the accuracy of those particular claims.”

There is plenty of evidence showing that the “targeted individuals” who claim to be victims of this were the guinea pigs in today’s all out assault on the people. And our government is far more concerned with starting another war.

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  • Whatever the mind of unregenerate man can conceive and believe it can achieve.

    Prior to being appointed by the impostor president, Cass Sunstein, a U. of Chicago law professor loon who proposed adding chemicals to city water supplies to pacify the population so they would do what they were told, While in Obama’s office he expressed a low opinion of Americans and a high opinion of himself. He is married to Samantha Power another arrogant, divisive fascistic political screwball champion for any minority with a bitch.

    Truth is that Americas cities had already bought the toxic waste by-product of of the phosphate and aluminum corporations, that was too toxic for the EPA to permit releasing it into the environment, so they sold it to the nations city water departments as a tooth decay preventer and added it to the water supply and American bodies are filtering it into the sewer systems.

    When any nation tolerates abuse of other people and other peoples property by a handful of lawless degenerate crackpots, this is one of the many hurtful outcomes. Almost all of them today are university taught to abuse their neighbor for the greater good as they interpret good in their world view of mankind being a mere evolved animal needing herd management. Call it human husbandry!

    It doesn’t end with adding toxic substances to the environment when mankind is itself part of an evolving environment which if not checked will destroy the rest of the environment according to their own arguments. This is the philosophic under pinning for Klaus Schwab’s WEF and all the rest of the Billionaire’s who now think to own us.

    Not so? Look more closely at the wealth of the nation. Not until the 21st century was the old money surpassed by leaps and bounds in a couple of decades. Old money was counted in a few billion dollars when Silicon Valley money and private equity money bounded past nearly all of them with hundreds of billions to make Klaus Schwab’s enterprise possible.

    And the list of their names is neither unknown nor short! They are famous for the greatest wealth transfer in history. Their wealth is being used to carry out Schwab’s stated objectives. Why can’t we see that? They are bragging while the stunned impoverished middle class is nearly voiceless save for the ranting and raging of Donald Trump—another new Billionaire!

  • Completed in 1993….

    The Ground-Wave Emergency Network

    300 Towers, 300-500 Feet High,
    Spread Across the United States

    Able to alter moods and thoughts en masse.

    It operates in the very-low-frequency (VLF) range, with transmissions between 150 and 175 kHz.

    This range was selected because its signals travel by means of waves that have a tendency to hug the ground rather than by radiating into the atmosphere. This signal drops off sharply with distance – a single GWEN stations transmits in a 360 circle to a distance of 250 to 300 miles. The entire GWEN system consists of approximately 300 such stations spread across the United States, each with a tower 300-500 feet high. The stations are from 200 to 250 miles apart, so that a signal can go from coast to coast from one station to another.

    The Jabs connect Psychotronics with WEF.

    Don’t forget Elon Musk…..NeuroLink


    Antarctica , dozens of mind control bases, owned by assorted countries.

    Frequencies travel up to Artic, then down through center of Earth, repeats, plus they can vectic to angles.

      • The Military and Science Players always deny or either say it will be in the future.

        GWEN, has been there…..also now it is linked to the space fence, as far helping to calibrate, the ionization.

        GWEN has been effecting people, with emotions and reactions;before the chemtrails, and their added psycho-chemicals that are added at times…..causing emotions and reactions.

        Comforting thought…..

        • Yes, when I was writing about the Montauk Project in the 1990s, Preston Nichols and Stewart Swerdlow would talk a lot about the mood-altering ELF coming from GWEN.

          • Things that come out of Your work, such as Awareness, enhance the Public and play an important role, in the beauty of the Mind, as it is a learning and growing process, like a flower adds to nature.

      • To make it clearer to you, frequencies can be piggybacked onto other frequencies; pulsed using the important feature, of the Antennas….broadcasting or pinpointed.

        It seems everything is kept tweaked up, as time moves forward.

        Funding is a bottomless pit.
        The agenda is the agenda to these psychopaths.

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