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Dr Steven Greer joins the Alex Jones Show to talk about his latest film, about the “ultimate false flag” UFO event that is evidently on tap for us in the near future. He says he was impelled to make this film, when he noticed that the Director of National Intelligence and minions, like Luis Elizondo, Chris Mellon, Nick Pope and others were all consistently repeating “the same provable, damnable lies”, as he calls them. To whit:

Lie 1) “We don’t know what these objects are.” We do know what they are, he says. Some of them – a small percentage – are, indeed extraterrestrial. However, he says most of those shown in the media are actually OURS. They’re from Lockheed-Skunkworks, they’re from Northrup-Grumman. They’re made by contractors who are making these antigravity, free energy devices and they’re actually a bigger secret than alien UFOs, because this free energy technology could bring world peace, end poverty and fix the environment without “a bunch of cap ‘n trade, half-bandaid solutions.”

Lie 2) “We don’t have anything that can move this way.” Dr Greer then refers to footage of a classic triangle being aired by Jones’ producers, “This one you’re showing right now, it has nav lights on it. It’s a triangle, anti-grav, silent, made by Northrup-Grumman and we have known this for decades.”

He asks rhetorically, “‘So, are there actually ET craft? ‘Yes, much more rarely seen. They’re using these man-made ones to try to create Lie 3) “UFOs are a National Security Threat”.

Dr Greer says, “I’ll give your viewers a date: October 1954. That is when we mastered gravity control and began making man-made things that looked like UFOs.” This footage you’re showing now is from the Skunkworks, up in the High Desert of California.

He says the organization that’s controlling this information is transnational, one of the senior components to it is a US intelligence group, called “The Majority Intelligence Committee” or “Majic”.

Alex Jones says that brushing up against the occult is unavoidable, when researching this field and that there are stories of these people contacting off-world beings. They say they’re contacting angels and demons and he asks Dr Greer if he knows anything about this.

Dr Greer refers to a meeting he had with an official at the Vatican, where both concurred that neither angels nor demons require a spacecraft and he also refers to an individual who is high-up in this controlling organization, who is a depraved torturer who has killed people and who leads a Satanic organization.

Dr Greer describes being invited, in 1992 to meet with the head of Army Intelligence (it’s unclear if this included Psychological Operations Army Lt Colonel and Temple of Set Founder and High Priest, Michael Aquino) and he says was pressured to accept a $2 billion bribe to join that group and to quit the work he was doing to disclose the facts about the Special Access Programs involving ETs and their technology.

He also says he heard that $10 million was distributed among UFO researchers for their silence and cooperation. Alex Jones reports that similarly, billions were spent paying off tens of thousands of internet influencers, for them to push the vaccine on their followings.

Alex says that he has been similarly recruited many times and he asks Dr Greer why he thinks these groups have attempted to recruit them. Dr Greer then launches into the most in-depth description of Operation Looking Glass I’ve heard yet:

“Well, there is a project known as Operation Looking Glass and Red Light, where they can sort of gaze into the future with some of these technologies and they often will see someone who could be a problem to them in the future and so those people, they’ll try to target to get their cooperation with all sorts of inducements, threats, bribes, etc.”

Then Alex asks him why they didn’t kill either of them and Dr Greer reminds him that he almost did die when he and three members of his team simultaneously got metastatic cancer and he was the only one who survived.

The last vital nugget of information Dr Greer wants to share is that we have technology that surpasses anything we can imagine. He shares a story from aerospace researcher, James Goodall about a conversation he had with former Skunkworks CEO, Ben Rich on the latter’s deathbed. Rich told Goodall that at The Cube, which is deep underground at the Lockheed Skunkworks in the California desert, “there are things out there that are beyond what we could imagine we’ve done or been portrayed on Star Wars or Star Trek.”

“He’s referring to extremely advanced technologies. We have spent trillions of taxpayer monies over the years on these technologies. We have not gotten the benefit from them. These are controlled by a group of sociopaths that want to use them for Endless War, and destruction and frankly, evil purposes, rather than the same technologies could be used to give us a paradise on this planet.

“People need to understand that this is not like a superficial, ‘Gee, are there aliens out in space?’ issue. This is very much about the human future and I would very much encourage people to help us get the word out.”

He says the primary reason for UFO secrecy is because they’re an alternative energy and propulsion device that is disruptive to what he calls the “PetroFascists”, the power elite who don’t want us to know about such things and who want to keep the planet on this centralized macroeconomic system that we no longer need.

This is why manmade UFOs are a bigger secret than the extraterrestrial ones.

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    • Well, more specifically, it’s more like the ruling psychopaths against the non-ruling people, the majority of which is mindlessly adoring them, voting for them, doing their dirty work, etc — read “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” by Rolf Hefti at www dot CovidTruthBeKnown dot com

  • They write history therefore they can build and relate their own prophecies, order and coordinate over time modifying it if necessary (time travel) to favor synchronicities, they can malevolently impregnate letters, numbers, symbols or concepts to constitute a hermeticism, while clients or patients who simulate these possibilities in their minds are adapting to their scenarios and their plan as a priority.
    In the same way that Satan, witches or viruses (poison) were built, the infected can recreate an enemy and distracting mental entity that will need to manifest itself through a body, a real person and a symbolic object to close the circuit of belief inoculated. For example, in altered states of consciousness this program can be represented using the memory of a trauma during sleep paralysis, defining a space for submission, inciting an escape or an attack. This is the basic master-slave (student) programming. We not only eat genetic material from nature but also environmental information that is neurally written in the brain, it is a physical impression through repetition called an engram.
    These altered states of consciousness can initiate a lucid dream and be provoked at a distance, either from the minimum with a hypnotherapist or the maximum with an electromagnetic waves, where the elements of the stage become the raw material from the dream world. Although a deception may not need a deep altered state but a simple act of technical and dialectical magic, for a military man, for example, to have the certainty that an extraordinary event has been real and indisputable in front of his experienced and indoctrinated eyes.
    However, natural and spontaneous activations occur in which elemental archetypes of nature are represented, for example, representations of fertility, reproduction or inspiration, in the beauty of a female figure. How is the transit of death represented?
    How is life represented?
    Then, there is an intrinsic relationship between the waking reality in which we think mechanically and the enormous reality of the dreamworld, which is what really happens while we think during the day. That is why the propaganda constantly bombards to intoxicate with fictions on that border with a reality unfolded by our distorted perception. In this way the creative minds are affected and at the service of the parameters that history needs.
    The greatest threat to “them” who are made of flesh and bones, and hidden behind simulations, technology, victims and puppets, is not a specifically dangerous person for them, it is us, the millions of human beings.
    They say they have a technology far from our imagination, therefore with their logic we are vulnerable to their great superhuman power and there is nothing we can do about it, it does not seem that way to me, it seems that an idiot can travel from 0 at the speed of light taking his idiocy wherever he goes inside the dome. No one without virtue or values ​​can be superior to a human being, we are not equal, because they have renounced their humanity.

    • Your LAST sentence in your comment hits the nail on the head…DEAD-ON!
      If you have seen the movie AVATAR, you would have a closer look at the EXACT situation being played out right now .
      There are “People” on this planet that are COPIES of “US” (Humans) Falsely representing themselves as human…Like the Fake NOVI in that movie.
      Right now they are extremely “Desperate” about killing as many of “US” they can…BEFORE They are REMOVED FOREVER!
      The current EVENTS unfolding will Right the “Poles” on our planet unleashing an “Environment” making it Impossible for them to LIVE here anymore.
      Watch the newer version of “The Time Machine” for another CLUE, how events will unfold.

  • even the kids of military personnel know the real guys are NOT A THREAT…
    WHAT we do know; is our own government is..

  • Because when all the West that’s being burned out; moves to the East that’s being that :When the planes fly over and spray us with heavy metal poisons, the water will leave no trace…

    • Having a hard time getting past the adds on my phone, the entire screen is blocked, and I must be quick to beat them…

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