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Clif High begins by saying that the CCP attacked the US (and the world) with the bioweapon and cyberattacked the 2020 Election and by rights, the US could have started nuking China months ago, except that it’s much more complex than that, because the CCP is really a proxy of the Globalists and the Chinese people are also victims of these same control freaks.

Moreover, the CCP/Globalists have completely infiltrated our civilian command structure and all of our institutions, such as the media to such a degree, that most people don’t even know that we are in the middle of a global unconventional war.


He says, “We’re in World War III now and it might be a couple of years before most of the Normies will actually recognize it. This is how peculiar this situation is. But in my way of thinking, the bad guys, here are really not the Chinese people. The Chinese people are slaves of the CCP. And so I always eliminate the slave class, unless they’re willingly fighting for the masters.

“I think of it as the Globalists and this would include Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, the Rockefellers, the Tavistock Institute, all the Royals on the planet.

“There’s various different ways we could categorize who it is. It would include the Pope. It’d include almost all of the heads of all of the religions. It’s going to include all of the heads of all of the big cults. It’s going to include all of the big God men in India, because they’re all working with the Central Banks.

“So all the Globalists around the world are all Central Bank tied-in. That’s one way of defining them. You could almost say…an easy way to consider the Globalists is to say that anybody who has a private jet is within that group, OK? Anybody who has a private jet is a Globalist. That’s one of the criteria, because you’ve got to be global, you gotta fly around a lot. 

“Anybody that takes private jets rental and takes private jets in charters is easing their way up into that category. That would be the outer fringes of it. It’s just a really simple way to define it, because they are having impacts, even if they aren’t ideologically aligned with these people. We know that it was Epstein’s private jet that facilitated the pedophilia. Charlie Ward transferred money on jets, in which young, underage women were being trafficked. So that’s the understanding. The…private jet world also houses this elite cadre within the Globalists.


“So, you have the Globalists and they are allied with the CCP. They don’t particularly want to be. They were going to try and take them over. The CCP double-crossed them and now, they’re in deep sh*t. Globalists were transferring all of their wealth to China and they were going to just live like kings in Asia, instead of living like kings in the Western World. But the CCP, they took the wealth in and then they started doing things that basically double-crossed the Globalists and kicked ’em out.

“Now, the Globalists have to come back to the Western World and they’ve already polluted all the Western World, in destroying the Western Empire, to move their money over into China. And so now, the Globalists are like, ‘Uh-oh!’ They’re a bit caught out. They don’t have a home base, anymore. They’ve exposed themselves, by these rapid movements in the West, so…even all the Normies are starting to wise up to some of the sh*t going on, more and more people gaining it – we’re reaching a critical tipping point, this weekend, I think.

“As more Normies get involved in it, it’ll just gain. It’ll start doubling every day, as the amount of people that are awakening. And it’s just going to race through humanity and just go really, really fast. 

“So the Globalists are really caught in a really tenuous position. They’ve exposed themselves in the West. They’re visible. We know who our enemy class is and we can start identifying who it is, as individuals. And we can debate about certain individuals that are fringe level but we can easily identify all the hardcore cadre of Globalists that are causing us problems and creating unconventional warfare that we have to participate in, instead of living nice, happy lives.

“And we’re all real pissed about that, so we’re all gonna change it. And then, we’ll go on to living nice, happy lives and not have to deal with unconventional warfare with the Globalists – because, we’re gonna basically eliminate ’em, because this is the time.” 


I found Clif’s discussion about our current location, in the Precession of the Equinoxes to be astounding, because I’d recently had an insight that the new “final frontier” is about becoming fully aware of that which has been under your nose your entire life. The sense I had was exactly as he describes the energies of the Age of Aquarius.

He explains the woo-woo reasons for this: “So, now, we’re in the Age of Aquarius, which is the Age of Knowledge. There are distinct, different environmental conditions that affect our Solar System and each of the astrological ages. In each of those astrological ages, the frequencies that we’re bombarded with are entirely different and humanity is different…

“So we’re in the Age of Aquarius and this is the Age of Knowledge. In knowledge, you find knowledge, you discover knowledge. You don’t invent knowledge. You don’t create knowledge. It is entirely a discovery process and we are in the process of discovering who we are in this new age and how we wish to behave.

“And we know that we don’t wish to behave like these f***ers, the Globalists, with the lockdowns and the masks…and that COVID is horsesh*t. If you have your immune system boosted up, you’re not going to be ill from it, we can weather this and it will just disappear, if we do things correctly.

“The Globalists don’t want us to believe that, the CCP doesn’t want us to believe that. These are both control freaks. They’re allied because they both have a central tenet; that they want to control everything and so, they felt themselves to be simpatico. They are not and there’s been this schism.

“And now we, as the rest of the world, GlobalPop have to deal with these two real problems to us; that have tried to kill us – still trying to kill us. Still trying to kill vast quantities of us. But I think we’ve turned it on that.  

“The CCP is embedded within China. The Globalists are embedded within the world…All the Globalists are basically Communists but they’re Communists among themselves and exclusionary to everybody else. So they’re Animal Farm-kind of Communists, so they’re the pigs. They’re the War Pigs. True appellation. Globalists = War Pigs.

“And the War Pigs want everything for themselves and nothing for you but they don’t want you to go away 100%. They want enough of you to go around to be able to serve them and to suffer for their pleasure.

“Embedded in our population, we have Globalists. The United States is in the process of dealing with that. The Globalists have left themselves very vulnerable, due to the election theft. As we discover how the theft was done, we also discover who does the theft. And so, we’re going to come up with a list of names of the thieves of the election and we’re going to find some Globalists.”


“So, we’ll be routing out Globalists here. As we do this, we’ll be setting up a model for routing out the Globalists in other countries. So, it’s my conclusion that what will happen is, the United States will route-out the Globalists, as we go through and find out who stole the Election – and by the way, part of who stole the Election – the election theft was facilitated by the CCP, by the COVID, by the vaccine – of this sh*t is tied into the theft of the Election, so we’re going to route-out all of this stuff, right here [CCP, COVID and Vaxx].

“Also tied into the election theft is the media. So, we’re going to find out who, in all of our media is tied to the CCP and find out who are the grinning, vampiric f***ers that have been manipulating society for years and have pushed us to the point where the media is responsible for everyone that has died from the vaxx. Media 100% responsible. CCP 100% responsible. They are responsible for everybody around the planet who’s died from the vaxx.

“Without the media pushing it, would any of the people you know have taken it? No. They were all mind controlled into taking it. 

“So the media is going to have to be excoriated…It’s going to have to be totally upended and redone. It is in the process of dying now of its own weight and all of the lies.

“I think a lot of the media people are culpable and need to stand trial, along with the Globalists, as part of the theft of the election. And in the United States, we have a real nationalistic tool, here, in that this is Treason – Capital Crime – and so these people are going to be sh****g themselves for fear we’re going to put them to death – and thus, they will spill much beans…It won’t be too hard to get a complete accounting of who did what, when, why and at whose behest. That’s how we have to approach it.

“Now, at some point, having done that, we have to deal with outside agents; the CCP and all the other foreign parties in here. So that brings up this international thing. BUT – we’re also now allied with GlobalPop, who is doing the same damned thing with their version of the Globalists over the same thing. Because, once our election is shown to have been stolen and we find out the How of it, we can show that their elections are also being stolen by that same How and by that same Who. The same Globalists are involved in all of these damned countries, doing this.

“So, we’ll set up a model that GlobalPop is going to stare at. They going to be just fascinated, as we reveal this. The United States is going to be the center of this planet like you have never seen before, the rest of this year and the rest of next year. And hopefully, if we do this correctly, there will not be any more, ever large-scale, national shooting wars. We have that in our grasp now, as GlobalPop.

“As USAPop, we’re a subset of GlobalPop, we are in charge at the moment. We’re in charge, because it happened here and we got the Biden and the Harris shoved on us. So we’ve got the focus but we’re setting up a template for GlobalPop, that if done correctly, over these next few years, will truly lead to the end of war, the end of Communism and the end of Globalism, as we understand it, now, with these Globalist “elite” on top of everybody else. I think it’s going to lead 100% to SciFi World, whic is an incredible thing that is like true equality and true equality of opportunity, globally. And this has never, ever, ever happened to humanity and will free the slaves.

“We’re going to free the slaves, we’re going to cure the infirm, educate the ignorant and humanity’s going to go forward to conquer space. And WE ARE LIVING IN THIS TIME! I thought I would die – I knew I was dying – I didn’t think I would live to see this…

“But I have concentrate on the USA, because I’m in that Pop. I’ve got to concentrate on the war, here in the United States and that war is just going to be fantastic! Hopefully, we won’t have any shooting, won’t get down to that level. That’s what the Globalists and the CCP want; they want this country fractured. It’s not going to go that way, because we are truly in irregular warfare and the thing about irregular warfare is – the fun part is – you can self-select to participate.


Clif explains that the first American Revolution was also fought and won with irregular warfare and that this time, we are in a counterinsurgency.

“Now, counterinsurgency is very interesting. You’ll find it very well-defined here (raises a copy of the Law of War handbook) …Counterinsurgency requires that you really know the Law of War, because you’re dealing with people who are embedded in the population and as the military power, you’ve got to know who you’re dealing with. Are these combatants? Are these non-combatants that are sympathetic? And are they sympathetic to who and are they providing aid to who, etc. It gets really murky and you need to know this, because you’ve got to be correct and complete about how you’re going to go about warfare in these circumstances…

“Basically, we have been infiltrated in an insurgency. And what we’re doing – USAPop – is forming a counterinsurgency. The counterinsurgency is made up of two elements. It’s made up of military and population. The population has its own civilian command structure – which is infiltrated. And so that’s the real problem for the military…the civilian command structure has been captured. That’s what the Election was all about; it was about sealing the capture deal; returning power to the rightful elite ruler, Das Biden.

“The command structure is captured, so the military can’t really deal with the command structure, so the military needs to do this thing where it needs to locate, within the population natural leaders…These natural leaders are going to rise up within the population and because of a power vacuum, because the command structure is now captured and is seen as illegal…Self-organizing collectives will form around them, whether they like it or not. And they will have to stand up…and they will stand out to the military. And the military will start, over the course of events, supporting these natural leaders. In a surreptitious fashion, so that they don’t alert the captured civilians to the importance of these particular individuals prematurely.

“But we’re at that point now…our tipping woo is tipping out into the general population. And pretty soon, the general population will realize that they are at war. They’re going to have to realize this, in order for us to be successful, because you cannot have a counterinsurgency that is just military, alone. The only thing you get with that is a military dictatorship. And we can’t have that in the United States, because then, that turns the population fighting against the military, which is what the civilian command structure wants to have happen, because it’s captured…

“It is inevitable that these natural leaders will win. The only things at issue is how much of the population is going to survive the war to get of these guys [the civilian command structure] and the CCP.

“If it gets really ugly and bad, lots of the population will end up suffering. We have an opportunity to. have natural leaders and a sophisticated military approach that will reduce the ability for active warfare, here, in the United States at a kinetic level, so we won’t be shooting people, we’ll be using information and ideas and legal maneuvers and these kind of things…

“This is the Overwoo – that will always, every time we come into another Age of Aquarius, as we leave another Age of Pisces… thousands of years from now, they will go through it again and they’ll have an Overwoo at that period, where there will be an upending, just as we are having now. That’s just the nature of the Age of Aquarius. It’s the nature of the vibrations that are affecting humanity, as we go into these strange energies, in the changed environment of our Solar System.” 


“Those energies from space – I’m not bullsh***ing people when I say, ‘Universe provides and guides.’ It provides the energies that cause these natural leaders to get the f*** off the couch and to stand up and say, ‘I’m not standing up for this sh*t anymore. I’m going to go on out and I’m going to correct it.’ And then it guides them…Most of the natural leaders who get triggered into doing this have no choice. They’re just as unaware of the fact that they’re a natural leader…they don’t now of themselves as their role in this place and time that universe is now creating. They cannot yet see themselves historically…

“[But] our irregular war is well underway, at this point. Now, over these next few months, especially in August – it’s going to be a real shift, as we get into August – change is going to happen as opposed to simply watching the elites panic. and you can understand, now why I said the elite would be panicking in July and I kept maintaining this way back when, a few months back, saying in July, we would see the elite panicking. You see it in the headlines now in the alternative media, talking about the elite. You see the elite panicking, because of Global Freedom Day and all these giant marches and you see the elite panicking in all these areas.

“And so now, in August, you’re going to see change; we’re going to see globally all different kinds of actions but within the United States population, we’re going to see the counterinsurgency, we’re going to see the war start breaking out into the open and it’s going to be a really weird war, because this is a war you’ve got to research to find out that you’re in it!…”


“This is AmRev2, this is the American Revolution and it’s going to go global. It’s going to be GlobalRev and we will end up with a Global Humanity Constitution and that is what, in my old reports, maybe it was back in 2015 or so, it was called the Great Meeting. And there would be a giant internet meeting…but it’s going to go on for a long time and it’s going to hammer out a Global Constitution and it will probably be – a great percentage of it – based on the United States Constitution, because we’re going to kick the Globalists out, upend and change the United States from the American Empire into a Constitutional Republic, we’re going to get sound money, change the potential for life on this continent for all the people on this continent and then, we’re going to go on and export that to the rest of the world. 

“And it’s not like we’re going to have to do infiltration or any of that, because the rest of the world is going to want it. And as our revolution is being successful, the rest of the world, the rest of the Western World is going to go into their form of revolution in their area.

“So, it’s truly going to be an incredible 18 years. It’s going to take a long time for this sh*t to wind down but the next 4 or 5 years are just going to be fantastic, as the Overwoo reaches its peak by 2025. And we’re there now!

“So, it is a war, so you’ve got to be real careful, because you can be injured; be injured economically, you can be injured physically, you can have your family taken from you, You can be injured legally – all different kinds of things…

“We are at war, it may go kinetic, it will be stressful, so get fit, work on it, get your diet right, get good sleep. Very, very trying times for the next few years. You can’t afford to f*** around. We’ve got all kinds of other potential – including space aliens!”

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  • Isn’t a ‘global constitution’ based on the US constitution, globalist?
    “Estrogen has no place in what is going to happen.” That is worrisome.
    80% of your logic is on.
    I’m sure many have made these comments. Just seeing this today.

  • Sorry, Very annoying talking skills. And the drink sipping is annoying also. What’s all this C. Goode drama? You repeat yourself over and over. Can’t take it.

    • Isn’t a ‘global constitution’ based on the US constitution, globalist?
      “Estrogen has no place in what is going to happen.” That is worrisome.
      80% of your logic is on.
      I’m sure many have made these comments. Just seeing this today
      And ‘ fellow traveler’ as a phrase has it’s origins in and ideological connections to Russia and communism?
      Your best and clearest video I’ve seen. Than you.

  • It seems to me there is enough evidence that the gain of function research can be traced to the U.S. Fort Dietrick and North Carolina, and then farmed out to Chinese scientists. Just like in the transcontinental railroad that was built by Chinese coolies, there are lab coolies–brains for hire that are cheap. The big money guys of the three big pharma vaccine manufacturers claim to be the marketers, not the scientists. So maybe the scientists, the ones who really understand what is in the vaccine are Chinese. There was a mistake made and it wasn’t in marketing–great job of getting 170 million people to take an experimental injection with no informed consent.. The mistake (if it’s true) was that there are clots in the capillaries after the covid injection. These clots impair function of the lungs that can lead to eventual death. I don’t think the marketing guys have figured this out yet because for them it’s all about the anti-vaxxers, but if it’s true then it’s dismal.

    The future Clif describes is bright and a long distance from here. We’re still way into it.

  • I was sued in 2010 in a SLAPP. If you don’t know what it is, you better look it up. Wiki has a definition with the one I was sued in under “Canada – Notable SLAPPS”. It is Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. A University of Guelph professor wrote a book on SLAPPs. I was sued for $5 million for Libel and Conspiracy which is ridiculous. My husband and I opposed the drugging of children for 30 years and I had written a flyer that became popular on the Internet – “Movement Against Child Drugging” which is now owned by the psychiatrists and administrators that sued me. They sued parents, grandparents, youths and others for opposing a youth jail’s drugging of children. They tortured me with psychological trauma for 6 months then dropped it and paid half my lawyer’s fees when the Select Committee on Mental Health published their report, “Navigating the Journey to Wellness” where you can be involuntarily committed and treated without consent with psychiatric drugs, shock and psychosurgery. The woman who chaired that Ontario Legislature Committee is Christine Elliot, the Health Minister in Ontario all through COVID. The lawyers and psychiatrists used psychological torture called the Dyad, embodied on page 232 of Alston Chase’s book, “A Mind for Murder – The Education of the Unabomber and the Origins of Modern Terrorism”. Believe me, it was the most terrible thing that ever happened to me.

  • Ladies & Gentlemen, Dudes & Dudetts, Lets be clear about one thing. The virus was a fraud, because… it never got a patent. Why is that important? Because it was the same old virus identified 4 decades ago. Dr. David Martin provides you that information, it’s his job to keep track and monitor all matters concerning new patents. It has not been identified as a new virus. (I’ll leave a link) So, In other words, anyone talking about the Wuflu, Chinese bio weapon virus, is following a mainstream media false trail of distractions. It was only about how to get you injected with a toxic mixture they call a vaccine, and it has a patent for a virus that doesn’t exist!
    Give that a second to sink in.

    Here’s the link I promised, Dr. David Martin giving evidence for a Nuremberg case against Fauci and crimes against humanity.

  • Charlie Ward the darling of the MAGA people? That Charlie Ward, that acc to this story: Charlie Ward transferred money on jets, in which young, underage women were being trafficked. WHAT is this? Somebody please explain !

  • you know who is quiet too…David Wilcox..Corry best friend…the truth is coming out…I used to believe their messages…and Got sad and angry…when I realized they are con men..

    • Agreed, and it was ill advised by everyone. But, some insist on walking on hot coals, bare ass naked, in church, on Christmas, carrying a gas can while smoking crack! 😏

  • Dr. Fauci took a bad rap as (according to your story) had nothing to do with manufacturing and securing patents for COVID – 19.

  • Everyone I know who had the jab has been infected with covid.I don’t know what this means but as I go out in to the world I’ve found lots of aggression against my’s been a strange month!

  • Unfortunately Fear prepares to accept everything and without “dreams” you will never experience the joy of seeing a “dream” come true !!!!!

    • I dreamed of eating a barbecued hamburger last night. I’m dieting for the second month now. One bite and my nightmare will never end.

  • I too was sent back, I was told it’s not time yet, you must go back. Still don’t know why. Maybe… Woo?
    I’m no alpha, that’s for sure. Time will tell. LOL

  • Good Man Cliff..thanks for the refresher / answers to my many questions…

    I wish I could get info for my profession as Merchant Marines…Our Union and these damn shots are keeping me out of the loop…?
    Doing whatever I can in the meantime…learning, teaching, fitness…
    Peace of Mind…TY

    • djf ; I’m a retired Merchant Mariner Boat Captain who worked mostly oil rigs and in the dredging industry. My first dredge job was @ 16 years old back in 1965, during the summer break in Jr High. We didn’t need credentials back then. Much later, I too joined the AFL-CIO, running crew boats and tugs and survey vessels. I’m also a surveyor. When there wasn’t work for me, I did non Union. As I got my quarterly statements from Pridential, who handles our pension fund, I noticed the names sitting on the board of directors, and they were all executives from the large dredging companies. What? The companies were handling our pension money. Talk about red flags. So I began to talk and ask questions. Funny, there wasn’t much work for me after that. And then some revelations come to light. The Union President, Allen Trumpka ( that’s right, Trumpka), is a commie. He told us he was allowing illegal aliens to join the Union, at half pay. Get it? When we seniors retire, the Union will have cut the men’s pay in half. Needless to say, they put me out to pasture so that I wasn’t vested or didn’t have enough time in to get a pension. Yeah. Well, I’m not going to cut my wrist or anything. Hell, all of us poor slaves in the south work our entire lives for nothing but a broken down body. Guess what, when they shut down this economy, and or go digital, these scumbags will steal all of the nation’s pension. Well, when those slant eyes invade, just like Johnny Horton’s song says, we’ll open up our squirrel guns and really give ‘em hell. They’ll be running thru the briars and running thru the brambles, and running thru the bushes where the rabbits can’t go. They’ll run so fast that the hounds can’t catch ‘em, from down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. This is one round eye that’s a wait in’. God be with us all. Capt Joe Kelley

      • And by the way, that slant eye label wasn’t a knock on Asians. Just the Chi coms. Capt Joe Kelley

  • BULLSHIT: Caucasian Serfs in America, get over the facts, the 13 Black British Colonies, who enslaved your asses, were never freed nor granted Independence and Sovereignty.

    However, they were Annexed under the Autochthonous Blacks of North America’s Sovereign Preamble Posterity General Government.

    The Black British lost their war of Independence, y’all remain subjects of Britain’s shadow Government and the Vatican Municipal United States.

    In other words, you are foreign corporate subjects, stateless slaves of Great Britain and the Vatican. Therefore, your history is a fuckin illusion.

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