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    Martin Armstrong was the subject of the 2015 documentary, ‘The Forecaster,’ about the shockingly accurate forecasting system that he developed, called the Economic Confidence Model and about how he was imprisoned for eleven years, seven of which were for contempt, for refusing to turn over his model to the CIA and to Wall Street.

    Armstrong joins Greg Hunter and the first interesting observation he makes is about why the US dollar hasn’t hyperinflated into oblivion yet. He suggests it’s because Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell isn’t really going along with the World Economic Forum’s climate hoax Green New Deal agenda, which Armstrong suggests also means that Powell will eventually be replaced by a dutiful climate hoaxer, like everyone else Joe Biden has installed as his agency heads.

    Armstrong describes the post-COVID economy, with the complete collapse of the bond market in Europe as the biggest financial disaster in human history. “Everything we know – the whole Keynesian Model – has collapsed…What institution is going to buy a bond from Europe with a negative interest rate? Pension funds need 8% to break even. You have bankrupted all the pension funds over there. It is a complete disaster. This is the greatest financial crisis in human history, and people don’t understand what is going on…Watch Europe. It’s the canary in the coal mine for the next big crash.”

    Armstrong doesn’t believe that the Globalist elites will succeed in transforming the US into a Communist utopia “but they are going to destroy the country in the process” and Shanghai will become the world economic center.

    His proprietary computer program has been predicting these events for years. He continues “I am not exaggerating. This is going to be the greatest financial debacle in human history. Nobody – but nobody – has attempted to collapse an economy to re-‘Build Back Better’. Nobody! These people are out of their minds, who think you can actually do that. They’re delusional. They think that they can control the economy…You can’t do this. This is why Communism fails. You cannot create an economy and manage it with a central authority…

    “But as bad as it is, with Biden, etc., Biden cannot impose these rules nationally. They can in Britain, France, Germany, etc. We have 50 states, the 50 states are independent and have their own sovereignty…Biden cannot put in an order that everyone must be vaccinated. He’s trying to apply pressure to all the…businesses to do it, because he can’t. He also can’t put in national decrees of the nature to shut the economy down.

    “So that’s the difference between the US and Europe. In France, Macron can shut down the entire country and impose 6 months in prison if you don’t get vaccinated. Biden cannot do that here. This is why you’re still seeing the stock market holding up, despite it looks like it should crash and you have capital still moving in this direction. So right now, the US is still the safe haven in the world, simple as that.”      

    Armstrong does not see a major stock market crash, like in ’09 or 1929. “If the stock market was going to crash in that magnitude, that means capital flees equities and goes to bonds. Do you really think major institutions are going to run and buy government bonds at this stage in the game?

    He feels that the perceived inflation of the dollar is actually about the COVID lockdown-caused supply chain disruptions and the Biden administration’s kneecapping of the petroleum industry. He talks about how any tangible asset (gold, silver, real estate, etc) is a good bet in the coming financial reset.

    As for cryptocurrencies, he believes that as soon as the governments are ready to launch their own digital currencies, they will confiscate everybody else’s, because they will not tolerate competition and it’s all about the tax revenue.

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    • Sorry Martin, but you left out all the important history of WW1 & WW2 in referring to Federal Reserves/ U. S. holding the largest Gold Reserves. You left out how THEY Confiscated it! Not only from the Americans but from Germany after WW1.
      What does Gaddafi & Adolf have in common?? They both fought the Banking Cartels & lost. & In both cases, both Nations were left in Ruin. We saved No Body, We Enslaved the World.

    • Just seen The Forecaster documentary film about Martin Armstrong; it’s free on Amazon Prime if you have a Prime account. Well worth watching.

      Armstrong predicts: “…as soon as the governments are ready to launch their own digital currencies, they will confiscate everybody else’s…” Well lo and behold, in today’s Daily Mail, there’s an article with the headline: “The Britcoin revolution! Rishi Sunak [The UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer] plans to introduce official digital currency to rival cash in ‘biggest upheaval in the monetary system for centuries'”.

      Glad to see over 4,000 readers comments, the majority of which are critical and show there’s a lot of folk who are now awake the the Globalist ‘Great Reset’ power play.

    • Excellent interview–thanks for featuring this… Martin Armstrong put my mind to rest about the immediate collapse of the stock market 1929 style. And the opposite for the agencies that are there to protect us actually protecting us–don’t look to them for any relief because it’s not coming. I like Armstrong’s historical perspective like in Europe will break up along the lines of north/south. Maybe California will break up along north/south lines or maybe coastal versus non-coastal. I just went through Oregon and the non-Portland people were eager to explain that they are not Portland, and the non-Seattle people are not Seattle, and I likewise am not Silicon Valley, not Marin county. Will the “nons” ever be able to free ourselves or are we condemned to serfdom to the most radical left?.

    • more than some HAVE DIED from shots according to VAERS. 45,000???????????
      Where are his predictions from statistics?
      he’s talking about very old news that anybody with a brain knows…
      Kinda soft interview, sorry to be so opinionated..

    • The same thing could be going on like what happened in Germany with the swine flu, where politicians got a different king of vaccination.

    • The man is predicting all the Bible says Revelation Chapter 13 Mark of the Beast

    • According to the Constitution, the people have the right to alter or abolish their government and institute new guards in order to protect their sovereign rights.

      • I hear you Julie, but for that to happen, you need an enlightened population, Good luck with that !!!!!!

      • Actually, Julie, that was the Declaration of independence. The U.S. Constitution was a FEDERALIST document, the Federalists were BANKERS who wanted to get rid of the competition (sovereign States with their sovereign “colonial scrip” money) and create a small, centralized FEDERAL GOVERNMENT that would be easily controlled by BANKER MONEY. Unless you are one of the owner-kings, you have NO RIGHTS; all that talk about rights and stuff in the FEDERALIST Constitution was just for the entertainment of the sheep so the owner-kings wouldn’t get their heads chopped off like was about to happen in France; had the same basis in reality as the Santa Claus myth: have you noticed how you always have those rights assiduously defended UNTIL THE MOMENT YOU ACTUALLY NEED THEM. Then “poof”: gone like Keyser Söze. If you have any illusions that the U.S. Constitution affords ANY protections of ANY kind of rights (sovereign or otherwise), I don’t think you’ve been paying very close attention to what has been going on. You can look up my LOC-archived website for more info (search on alanforcongress without the dot com; tap the yellow area and select the December version).

      • Please look into a growing positive movement: Sheriff Mack (CSPOA) Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association. Not just teaches how ‘The Bill of Rights’ protect us, but offers a way to take back our Freedom/Nation, one County at a time.

      • 1) God/NaturEL rights
        3) constitution
        4) government
        5) corporations
        Some how we have gone from the 2nd position to the 5th position

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