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Jim Willie is such a hoot!

He joins Ron Partain of Untold History to say that he believes that Jamie Dimon’s comments at Davos are evidence that he has been flipped by the ‘White Hats’, to avoid charges of money-laundering for narcotics and child trafficking as well as in money management, relating to Chinese bribery in the US military and weapons procurement.

Jim says, “I think they had him on Crimes Against Humanity and Treason and they told him, ‘You work for us or you’re going to be hanged.'”

He also claims that David Rockefeller Sr impregnated 30-50 women in China over the years and that the top echelon of the CCP is now led by Rockefeller children who were born starting in the 1970s.

He says that the 2022 “Zero COVID” lockdowns in Shanghai and some other cities was actually a war between the ancient Chinese nobility and the CCP. He says the Chinese nobility enclaves are in Macau and Singapore and that the nobility is against Communism.

He predicts that the Chinese Yuan will morph into the BRICS gold token and that, in turn, BRICS alliance will eventually become the planetary trade union.

“There’s a new phenomenon, in which they’re not just trying to arrest the elites, they’re subduing all their clones and doubles, also.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I know Jamie Dimon’s father Ted Dimon. I worked for him in the 80’s at what was then Shearson, Hayden Stone. I know who they are as people, and how far they would go into what can only be characterized as depravity. Ted was ‘old Wall Street’ and there is no way he could have raised a son that would become a Satanist. Jamie rose the old-fashioned way, not by being ushed into a position by the Cabal. THAT is the reason why he’s turning, not because there was evidence of SR.
    Just not.

  • I’m sorry but there should be no deals no you help us we’ll help you shite.
    These creatures have all played their part in mutilating abusing destroying and murdering life along with misery and pain on so many any levels.
    If you’re going to clean house then bloody do just that. Be transparent about it all or you’re no different than these evil satanic bastards who’ve committed treason and crimes against humanity ( end of!)
    Grow a set of balls and send a message, this will not be tolerated. Bring back God into people’s lives and strong bonds amongst families!

    • Nope. And you’re not likely to see receipts because there is no documentation. White hat talk isn’t about enlightening the sheep, it’s about emasculating the sheep, including alt sheep, which there are plenty of. They will be telling us that we are winning when we are all in chains, especially then. Works better than Prozac.

  • PLEASE, Alexandra…….please STOP with the (CIAs) Q-TARD BULLSHIT! This is such a WASTE of YOUR TIME, as well as others with a functioning brain!!

    • One might ask why Q evaporated as soon as the election was successfully stolen. Was it because the work of keeping “patriots” on the couch, eating popcorn and drinking the Kool Aid was no longer needed? Why did a succession of people like Juan O Savin continue the babble, telling us one tale after another about Trump for sure returning the following month? did it ever happen? Were those people there to keep the pacifying bullshit rolling out? Why is there not one example of ANYTHING “white hats” have demonstrably done over the last almost four years in the face of the destruction and vax genocide of our country? Is it because their job is to expose the corruption of the left, even at the cost of millions of lives, or is it to provide the time for the country’s destruction to proceed past the point of no return? Anyone who’s not asking these very obvious questions is as big a sheeple as the ones they point fingers at.

  • Honestly Partain’s noise is more than I can handle, ah, ah ah ah ah um, ah ah ah ummm. Willie is interesting, but Partain is a bore.

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