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Evolutionary biologist and Darkhorse Podcast host, Dr Bret Weinstein joins Alex Jones live in-studio for a two-hour discussion on the fate of humanity and the threat posed by the Globalist elite.

Weinstein says chillingly of the elite, “What they have recognized is that they have no use for us. And I wish that was an exaggeration, but you can see this so clearly in what they did to the public over COVID.”

Vigilant Fox has put together this short list of destructive COVID policies that seem like they were intended to kill and cause harm, rather than to save lives:

1) Early treatment was smeared and suppressed. Doctors faced severe punishment for prescribing/promoting HCQ and ivermectin.

2) Hospitals pushed Remdesivir and ventilators on COVID patients, two regimens that were not just highly lucrative, but also highly detrimental to patient outcomes. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, in the first weeks of the COVID outbreak, “76.4% of COVID-19 patients (aged 18 to 65) in New York City who were placed on ventilators died.”

3) “There was never an argument that made any sense for delivering those shots to healthy young people.”

4) Shots quickly extended to pregnant women, young children, and babies, the last people you would want to inject without knowing the long-term consequences.

5) Once we discovered the shots did not control disease, the argument for injecting young people went away, but authorities continued pushing them anyway.

6) The media and authorities cared so much about “saving lives” during COVID. But now that COVID is behind us and excess deaths remain high, no one in authority cares to investigate what’s causing it.

7) “To this day, Harvard apparently just reinitiated their policy of requiring those shots for their own students.”

After reflecting on the big picture, Weinstein remarked, “Whatever is driving doesn’t care that it is going to kill people who have long lives of potentially important contributions to make.”

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  • It’s both the MRNA delivery system along with toxic crap, nano lipid particles and disease put onto the vaccine that’s killing people. I still don’t get why so many people were willing to become labrats for big pharma. It’s absolutely impossible for them to determine a vaccines is safe in one year of study. Normally it takes 15-20 years. And back then we didn’t see lawsuits all over TV where big pharma was getting sued over deaths from their drugs. There is no such thing as a safe vaccine. Don’t believe me ? Go research the childhood vaccine schedule from 1960 – now. Then research autism rates from that same time period. You can throw in mental health issues as well. Our kids are being harmed by big pharma and their bosses with the wef.

  • Alex Jones, your breathless interruptions of Dr Weinstein to make your point, or to demonstrate that you perfectly understand his own point, are very annoying. It’s no wonder that you are heavily maligned by so many. Take a cue from Lex Fridman or or George Noory, and allow your guest to talk!

  • Ok, first of all, the CIA should have focused on the Davos collider and the underground submarine tunnel out of Switzerland. We need to smash their bunkers and toys, INSTEAD OF SMASHING A PIPELINE that brings goods to grunts. We are all grunts. No left/ right. If you don’t get memos of where they’re going to be chemtrailing that day, you’re a grunt. I went AWOL in 95, and he is right, it’s hard to organize lone wolves. The problem I have with Elon, is why did he not do for Lahina what he did for Ukraine? Give them starlink support? Do you think he is really a grunt or playing it safe?
    I hope he is on team humanity, for the sake of his children. And yes, if we don’t ” forgive ” people we will fall. I will die a better person than anyone at that Davos convention. And I’m not that great. So let’s wreck their escape plans!!!!!

    • Chances are he knows it wasn’t miscalculation. Since he has repeatedly demonstrated that he is some version of controlled opposition. He is also of questionable family connections: members of the servitor class–those who are rewarded financially and socially for being of service, go-fers if you will, to the TPTB. And then there’s that half mil he was awarded (rewarded) for supposedly being driven out of his teaching job at Evergreen State College by the woke movement. What BS. Several sources have been digging into his schtick sine that kabuki dance he performed with Malone and Kirsch back in ’21.

  • Many people observe that 90% of the leaders who hate America and driven to destroy it are Jouz. It is true that communism, feminism, porn, invitation of illegals to invade America, ….all started and funded by Jouz. Nevertheless, Dr. Weinstine, Matt Taibbi, Glen Greenwald, Dr. Finkelstein, …many great jouuz are fighting the Eugenics Globalis evil people who are destroying America.

    To all who generalize that Jouz are evil, please recognize that there minority Jouz who are great people.

    • I’d say it’s the majority who are great people. BTW, Matt Taibbi is not Jewish. His father, NBC News anchor man, Mike Taibbi was born to a Filipino-Hawaiian woman and Mike was adopted by the Taibbi family when he was 7 or 8. Taibbi is a Sicilian-Lebanese surname.

    • Fake ones, and
      d are Khazars, a Turkic tribe whom the Rus forced to adopt one of the major religions. They chose to pretend to adopt Judaism.

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