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I find Clif High to be so endlessly intelligent and entertaining, even when he pontificates on topics that I know a lot about, like linguistics and history, where he says things that I think are wildly incorrect.

He’s clearly brilliant and I’m open to the possibility that he knows things that I don’t, because, as we’re all coming to know, our entire history is a lie.

So, Clif is back with this podcast and prognostications about the end of February, early March, where his datasets say we’re going to see a major spike in “mass doubt”, right around the time of the release of Trump’s new social media platform, TruthSocial.

He describes all social media platforms as “enemy territory” but that this will change, with the release of Trump’s new platform, which corresponds with a spike in emotional language that he sees coinciding with events during the last week of February, much of it related to the Federal Reserve and the degradation of the money.

Clif says there will be a “big bump” in emotional language relative to the monetary system. “Not money but the global monetary system, that is characterized as the Petrodollar (but it’s all the central banks)…

“We’re going to get doubt on the money, we’re going to get doubt on the political system, as yet more evidence comes out that Biden’s captured and that it was all a big cheat.”

He then gets into the currency collapse in Lebanon, which he says is shades of things to come in the US. He advises the Lebanese government to take their FOREX reserves and to buy Bitcoin and/or Ethereum, rather than to buy other fiat currencies to bolster the value of their own, as this will confer value beyond a few weeks.

This is a Clif High podcast you shouldn’t miss, with a preview of the logistics for you to manage the imminent currency collapse.

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