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    On September 24th, Miles Guo associate and fellow Chinese dissident, Lude predicted that the information found on the Hunter Biden’s laptop would come to light.

    Lude went on to describe three hard drives having been delivered to the US DOJ by three very high-level retired CCP officials, Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinhong, Meng Jianzhu, who are respectively, the former CCP General Secretary until 2002, former CCP Politburo member until 2007 and the former CCP Attorney General until 2017.

    The files on this first hard drive appear to be the same or similar to the ones discovered on Hunter’s abandoned laptop, as reported by the New York Post and others.

    The first hard drive contains shocking videos of Hunter Biden sexually abusing and violently torturing young girls, apparently 10 years of age, as well as a copy of a US$4.5 billion agreement signed by Hunter Biden, Xi Jinping and Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan, describing a $10 million signing bonus paid out to Hunter immediately after he signed it – plus a $1 million tip. The CCP apparently filmed these videos as blackmail, to ensure that Hunter would hold up his end of the deal.

    Lude says, “This $4.5 billion agreement involved Kazakhstan and Ukraininan natural gas. It was arranged by Ye Jianming, who was arrested immediately after he returned to China, which means everybody else involved in this plan was arrested. This is Xi and Wang’s operation!

    “This first hard drive is from the families of Jiang, Zeng, Meng. They’ve been directly delivered to the US DOJ.”

    However, he says, “When the hard drives reached the DOJ, those who are pro-Biden took it under custody but a fellow fighter of our Whistleblower’s Movement got it [into Trump’s hands].

    “The second hard drive contains Xi and Wang’s financial information about their hidden offshore wealth, their asset allocations in the US and also information about the so-called ‘Architectural Art Project’, which is Xi and Wang’s wide-ranging plan – it’s almost beyond imagination – to control not only 1.4 billion Chinese people but also the United Nations and the United States, the President and any future presidents, from now on and many years after. All shall be under CCP control.

    The third hard drive contains information about a virus and bio-weapons. All three hard drives have since been delivered to Trump.

    Lude explains, “So you can see how brutal the CCP is! Why did they provide the hard drives? Why did they have these on hand? There’s no doubt about it. Meng Jianzhu was in charge of the Central Political Legal Affairs Commission. Of course, he would have it. Why? They want to use this to blackmail both sides [Chinese and American].

    Lude says Jiang, Zeng, Meng could end CCP immediately, if they so choose.

    “Why did they provide the hard drives [to the US DOJ]? In short, to protect themselves. To tell all of the Americans who have been collaborating with the CCP, ‘Look at Xi and Wang. We know all of your dirty secrets. Which means you should blame Xi and Wang. During the Hu Jintao era, and the Jiang Zemin era, we were sincere to you. Never tricked you. Never played dirty with you. But Xi and Wang are ruthless.’

    “So they directed the blame on Xi and Wang. But in God’s will, these hard drives ended up in the hands of President Trump.

    “Many asked if they had dirty materials on President Trump? Let me tell you this. Definitely not. Because he’s never collaborated with the CCP. Many have asked if this would affect the election. After all, it’s Biden’s son. That will be up to the voters. Bloomberg is also in these hard drives…”



    ALEX JONES: We have total proof from over 10 sources, triangulated, proving that, not just Hunter Biden, not just Joe Biden, not just Joe Biden’s brothers – not just Nancy Pelosi, not just Hillary Clinton, not just Barack Obama, but the entire leadership, including Dianne Feinstein are openly working with Communist China and have willingly put themselves in positions where they could be blackmailed and controlled…

    Now, let me explain something before I get to this, that ties into it and sets the stage: The FBI Director, Wray, over six months ago received the laptop that Giuliani has. And he received the information, that’s confirmed that shows thousands of photos of what appear to be underage girls – and these are videos with Hunter Biden in them, in China, clearly being compromised with what appear to be pre-pubescent girls, to the point the New York Post was supposed to release these on Friday and said, “They’re child p*rn, we’ve been told we can’t.”

    Now, the media spun that, that Hunter has an “underage obsession” No. This isn’t like “Barely 18” or something. This is Hunter having sex with what appears to be underage girls, to be compromised, before he and his father got billions of dollars from Communist China; by the Communist Party of China, to make sure that they were under their control.

    So, this is the Jeffrey Epstein operation, to the next level. Epstein was doing it for British Intelligence, corrupt elements of the Democratic Party and Mossad. Well, this is the Chinese operation and that’s why this is so big.

    And we have the documents, we have the New York Post, we have other journalists that have seen the documents, we have my sources, and we have Americans and others that speak Chinese, who are dissidents, who’ve watched the video of a well-known Chinese dissident in America, who was inside the Communist Party of China, who we’re about to play clips of in a moment, who said, on the record, back in September, three-plus weeks ago, that this laptop of Hunter was there, and that this laptop was coming out and what was on it and now, we’ve confirmed what he’s saying is on it.

    Now, let’s explain. This is not just an adult man having sex with what looks like 10 year old girls for people we’ve talked to that have seen it. They look really young. He’s beating and torturing them and beating the living Hell out of them, and they’re begging in the video.

    And the national media that did pick up some of this said, “Oh! It shows some footage of what may look like underage girls, that he had on his computer.” Not, “It’s Hunter *with* the girls.” That’s confirmed. That’s number 1.

    Number 2, in the actual Chinese translation, and I called around to a bunch of the folks I know, to confirm my sources in DC and New York and they watched the video, including Mike Adams’ wife, who is from Taiwan, speaks fluent Chinese. And indeed, when translated, the man that’s seen the video, that’s predicted, before it broke, two and a half weeks before it broke, what was on it, that’s been confirmed, it’s not that he’s saying “extreme pedo”, he’s saying,”extreme torture, extreme abuse,” that you wouldn’t do to an animal, is what Hunter is doing to these little girls. And this fits into the whole MO of these people.

    Their selfishness, their corruption. And, “Oh, you want me to shoot films with underage girls, I’ll break their jaws. I’ll slap ’em, I’ll hit ’em, I’ll…shove huge things that damage their bodies into them.” This is serious torture p*rn.

    And remember, the FBI/Deep State had this 6-plus months, almost 7 months ago and all of that’s confirmed.

    So, this dwarfs what’s even on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. It dwarfs what we see in the “Spirit Cooking” emails from 4 years ago. That’s why this is so ultra-massive.

    So, let’s go ahead and start going through the article…”Chicom Dissident Predicts Hunter Biden Laptop Leak in Sept. 24th Video”, actually, 3 weeks ago. And then, he lays all of this out. And specifically says what’s on the hard drive – and then, it turns out, this guy’s very credible, from my DC and New York sources, and that what was done here was that Hunter knew he was being compromised – this was shot 5 years ago, when he made these big deals in Communist China for several billion dollars to sell out US interests. And they were paid hundreds of millions, conservatively, he and his family.

    And all he demanded was unlimited drugs and unlimited underage girls to torture. And he knows when he’s doing this, it’s a two-way mirror, he knows there’s cameras, he doesn’t care. He wants to bathe in this, just like with Epstein, just like Bill Gates with Epstein, how they compromised the scientists to have this scientific takeover, with the forced inoculations – all of this is interconnected to Big Tech – Big Tech’s been involved in this, because to get those Big Tech positions, they’ve got to go in and have sex with underage children. And that’s Phase One. Then you gotta slap ’em around. Then, “Aw, this 1-year old girl, she’s a troublemaker, we want you to strangle her.”

    And I’ve been telling you this for years, because I learned about this growing up, because I had family that had worked in intelligence and had worked in Special Operations in the Army. And they were telling me this when I was like 7 years old. And I’ve been on here for 26 years and I told you all of this. Ted Gunderson, former head of the FBI for all of Southern California, he laid out the same stuff…

    You understand, they’re bringing in the Big Tech censorship, because they’re blackmailed. Pelosi’s blackmailed, Hillary’s blackmailed, Bill is blackmailed. And these groups go around seeing how many people they can blackmail, to see how many people they can get under the control of their network.

    And again, people go and want the payoffs and want the power and the go, “Yeah, you gotta do this initiation, so we know you’re cool. You gotta get a hard-on, you gotta go in and screw a 10 year old. So, that’s what this is, folks. This is not a game. This is the real world and this is America fighting for its literal survival against this foreign outside takeover and Trump is laying out what it really is 14-15 out from the election.

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    • Satan says that he “gives the kingdoms” to those whom he “chooses.” Once people are chosen they are immune to arrests or charges, so they can literally get away with anything. These people control those who operate the “justice” system, so don’t ever become indignant that they never pay for their crimes, for this is how it has always been. Nothing new under the sun.

    • I believe Chris Cornell (died May 18, 2017) and Chester Bennington (died July 20, 2017) were MURDERED for this very reason…they were had very powerful voices and had a little known charity that rescued trafficked children…and apparently were getting dangerously close to spilling the beans. So “THEY” murdered both of them…this may also apply to Anthony Bourdain (death by hanging June 8, 2018) as well. All were hung and blamed on suicide.

    • When you have knowledge of a crime, and you don’t report it to the proper authorities, the odds are very high you are planning to blackmail the criminal. Blackmail is also a criminal offence, . . . doh.

    • I want to believe this, but unless Donald “The Vaccine” Trump comes out immediately with this information then it is nothing but hearsay.

      If Trump is just sitting on this information without releasing it, then Trump should be arrested for aiding and abetting a pedophile.

      Either way, Donald Trump is part of Club Satan, and his sycophantic cult will continue to worship and do everything he says. Trump is the all powerful GOD who has this information and no one else can help these child torture victims but Donald “He is my GOD” Trump. Right.

    • well since hunter biden looks very similar to don trump jr. (they could be bookends) i will suggest that trump has footage of his own son and is simply trying to pass it off as hunter biden.

      • Why dear God, why is this not in the news. Thank you for the information. I knew China had control of Biden. Hunter Biden is dead right? Praying for theses innocent children to be saved. So mad what can I do?? When will the public see or hear this??

        Thank you,

    • Anyone involved in hiding evidence of criminal activity on the part of members of the U.S.C.P. and their families needs to be executed in public for their crimes against the true patriots of this nation.


      • Iran isn’t going to do anything. What a nut. China won’t either. Good grief, the USA is the entity trying to start wars.

    • Yeah, sure you have proof. As if anyone in their right mind would believe Alex Jones, the guy who said the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax. How dumb do you think people are?

    • 9/11 cover up artist Rudy Giuliani is magically now a good guy? Sorry, I’m not buying it. The entire big show is a criminal satanic psy op. It’s a stage managed “limited hangout” ploy, at best. We need anyone decent who’s still in high level US military, to mount a lawful counter coup. ASAP

    • I’m concerned that Chinese dissidents that are seminating this material on the web and talking about this are using it like a double edge sword. 1 to make it appear that China supports Trump which would cause a big stink in the media. 2 to destroy joe bidens credibility to thus further make it appear they are supporting Trump which we all know is BS. This is mass psyops using social media. Is hunter and team biden guilty? Most likely. But their true target is Trump and his base. They want division in the population. This is psychological warfare.

      • Sorry but FBI director Wray confirmed all material on Hunter Bidens hard drives were put their by Hunter Biden not the Chinese Communists or Russians.

    • This is horrible! Based on what I’ve read, heard and seen about the CCP, I believe this story and I’m not surprised. What’s considered acceptable behavior or actions and it’s views regarding the treatment of human beings, paints a very dark morbid picture of the CCP. Americans take for granted our great country we were blessed being born in. We need to pray for the Chinese people living in China. They’re forced to live under the demented control of it’s CCP.

    • I’ll need to see it for my self, Alex has said, I know Q, yes I know personally the intelligent insider. When Q posted refuting this Alex became butt hurt and denounced Q. Him and Jerome Corsey.
      So with respect lets do research instead of following resources.

      • Well, as to the contents of the video, there’s this Chinese dissident, Luther describing the footage 3 weeks before the NY Post broke the story. Also, Rudy Giuliani, in a previous video posted here said he’d seen the video and, like the NY Post, described one video where Hunter was smoking crack and having sex at the same time. The webmaster of the 8kun website (formerly 8chan), @CodeMonkeyZ tweeted on Friday that he had seen the footage of the abuse and he was horrified for the children involved (looks like he took down the tweet). Chanel Rion, a journalist at OAN, also tweeted that she had seen the footage and said it made Anthony Weiner look normal. The NY Post wanted to publish it but their lawyers determined that the material was illegal.

    • Nothing is going to happen. They got dirt on Trump too. Trump was not hanging around with Esptein for 15+ years to play checkers you know. They have all kinds of video of Trump boinking underage girls. Wake the fuck up, will you? NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THE BIDEN CRIME FAMILY! YOU PEOPLE ARE DELUSIONAL. ALEX HAS GONE OVER TO THE KOSHER NOSTRA AND THE DARK SIDE. HE HAS EVEN SAID HE WILL GO CANNIBAL FOR GOD’S SAKE!

      • If they had anything on Trump, none of this would be an issue. They wouldn’t be trying to destroy him like they are. In fact they *would* destroy him, with that information. That tells you right there there is nothing on Trump. The best they could do was make stuff up–the golden showers and prostitute thing, but if they had anything on him, he would be buried in it already.
        As for nothing happening to Biden, sadly I agree.

        • There is a reason Drumpf requires NDAs for everyone, and I mean EVERYONE that has any possible connection to him, from secretaries to doormen, which is the reason it’s harder to get any info on Drumpf. Drumpf is noted for his serial lawsuits, frivolous lawsuits, and failure to pay his bills. PROVEN. There is no evidence WHATSOEVER of any wrongdoing of any kind by President-Elect Biden.

          • Biden is not the presdident elect. Trump is the President. THe corrupt media does not declare the winner. There is no official “office of the president elect”. Biden and his cronies just made it up and made up a logo also. You must come out from under the rock you live under as the evidence against Biden and his crime family continue to be brought forward.

          • Really? It’s now January 2023 and president Biden is being deluged daily with facts of criminal complicity with his family and other cohorts of three letter agencies with the CCP at helm of what’s breaking big time. He’ll be taken down by his own party and put to pasture and another puppet to replace him until 24. By that time enough facts will have awakened enough to cement these swamp creatures demise for some time. Mean while the world is in it’s usual state of chaos. Klause will be replaced by another idiot and China will be watched with careful eyes. Trump has always been there as our needed leader but there are others groomed to take his placed……..good people now in the House and one running Florida with promise. Hope is on the horizon and the leftists in panic and desperation losing narratives right and left while left suffocating in their worn out lies.

      • Trump didn’t like Epstein, in fact Trump banned him from his properties, lol. Maybe you should check your sources again dude.

        • Drumpf didn’t like Epstein??? LOLOLOLOLO!!! That’s hysterical considering the dozens of pictures and videos showing Drumpf and Epstein hanging all over each other while slobbering on each other over women around them. Tell me another joke because THAT’S HYSTERICAL!!!

      • If Trump ran in same circles as Epstein it was only because they had lots of money and not because Trump was messing with Children. As a matter of fact Trump threw Epstein out of his club when he found out that epstein was hitting on a young girl employee of trumps.

      • All of the Epstein victims have testified Trump was not involved in Epstein’s games. He even threw Epstein out of Mar-a Lago when he harassed a teenage girl at a party there.

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