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    I have not run enough videos by Amazing Polly and it’s about time, because she’s great and she just keeps getting more amazing, as you’ll see in her excellent report.

    She’s talking about the bombshell of the week, revealed by Project Veritas. We already knew that Google colludes with the Deep State’s PRISM program to infringe upon your Right to Privacy and we knew it infringes upon many users’ Right to Free Speech.

    Now, we know they commit fraud and operate in bad faith with their partners when they demonetize, shadow-ban and de-platform them and pretend that it’s not because their views are to the Right of Mao. In addition, they violate Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act by refusing to be neutral.

    And on top of being the biggest monopoly in the world, they are currently meddling in the US Presidential election (likely, in many others, as well).

    We learn that perhaps the biggest impact Google is having is in “vandalizing the truth,” as Project Veritas’ Google Insider puts it, when he demonstrates to James O’Keefe how Google’s artificial intelligence program called ‘Machine Learning Fairness’ is being programmed to auto-complete search terms to reflect the tenets of their social justice, transgender, identitarian cult.

    When you type in the words, “men can”, Google Search now auto-completes: “have babies”, “get pregnant”, “get periods”, etc. Try it and see for yourself. Amazing Polly does Google image searches on “white American male inventors” and the results are a several African-American scientists you’ve probably never heard of! I urge you to try this for yourself. Google is trolling you! They have fully jumped the shark, as far as being a search engine anymore. They’re a Woke comedy show!

    I’ve described how unreality has pervaded the culture. So often, one can’t be sure if what people are saying is heartfelt or parody, resulting from what James Howard Kunstler calls “Wokesterism…the widespread dishonest, despotic, and sadistic behavior syndrome,” that has precipitated the descent of liberalism into a maw of delusion and bad faith.

    In last night’s first Democrat Presidential debates, this reality/parody conundrum was crystallized when candidate Julian Castro, the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Barack Obama proclaimed his position on abortion by diving into the abyssal depths of Wokester pandering:

    “I don’t believe only in reproductive freedom, I believe in reproductive justice. You know, what that means is that just because a woman – or, let’s also not forget someone in the trans community – [if] a trans female is poor, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the right to exercise that right to choose and so I absolutely would cover the right to have an abortion.”

    We see a clear correlation between Google’s agenda and that of the Democrat Party and how desperately urgent this trans thing is to them and to the corporate interests that own them.

    However, Castro misgendered! By the most Woke definition, a trans woman is defined as “a woman who was assigned male at birth.” Castro got his nouns wrong, to say nothing of his biology.

    Does it need to be said that no matter how good one’s plastic surgery and hormonal treatments, a biological man still cannot become pregnant? There have been cases of biological females having transitioned to male, becoming pregnant with full beards and mastectomies – but they’re called trans men…and I digress.

    With the ‘Machine Learning Fairness’ AI, the Google Insider told Project Veritas, “They’re going to redefine a reality based on what they think is fair and based upon what they want and what and is part of their agenda.” In short, it’s an indoctrination program.

    If you’re an insufficiently Woke adult, these auto-completes may seem comical but if you’re a kid hunched over your smartphone for 60% of your young life and addled with Digital Dementia, the especially manipulative search results on the mobile web version of Google will seem true and normal.

    Google has always responded to people accusing it of manipulation by labeling them as ‘conspiracy theorists’ and up until Project Veritas published this story on June 24th, that’s what we were called – but now, as Amazing Polly says, “We can finally nail Google!” On Tuesday, YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki tweeted in reference to the Project Veritas video that the platform is politically neutral, for which she was deservedly dogpiled.

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    • My favorite African American? Charlize Theron

      Stop using divisive terms like “African-American”, you’re falling into the Frankfurt School Marxist trap.

    • So I “googled” white couples and got the same results as Polly. I clicked on the German “black” woman with the watermelon sized breasts and watched part of a video about her transition. These people are freaks. That’s what Google is giving us, all in the name of fairness? It used to be called the lowest common denominator, meaning the most in numbers and the least in education, i.e., the ignorant masses. Now, in the name of equality, mutants, miscreants and misfits have risen to the top of the online search function while those who contribute to the enhancement of civilization drop off the charts, thereby dumbing down all of society. The future will be one grotesque freak show, but it will be ever so fair in that regard.

    • super clear, concise & reassuring of the true facts. .. beyond belief how many sheeple are of what I thought to be ‘intelligent’ reasoning-minded people ! ! This fact in itself show how insidious ai is and is already infiltrated through the world….disheartening how the crowed hysteria grows like a cancer.

      I acknowledge and applause YOU! & am so so so grateful !

    • Now you know, why I use Duck Duck Go!

      The only way to break up Google, is, by another government.

      This one has been bought, and paid for. They are not looking out for people, they are looking out for corporations, and themselves.

      • Duck Duck Go protects your browsing privacy but I think they use Google results. I signed up with Duck Duck Go a couple of years ago, which made me use Firefox for my browser, which defaults to Yahoo for its search engine. Yahoo is good. It’s not distorted by Google’s Antifa engineers and it’s good for everything except for the Google Maps function, which is irreplaceable.

        • You’re a great researcher, I, on the other hand depend on people like you to find the truth! Thank You, Alexandra Bruce!

        • I use multiple browsers and have duckduckgo as the default search on all of them. You just have to customize the search engine. can do it from their web site or give you instructions from whichever browser you want.

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