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As some of you may have noticed, I was de-platformed by my mass-email service provider, MailChimp a week ago last Tuesday. MailChimp froze my account after I tried to send you a newsletter about this new video by an engineer who builds Manhattan skyscrapers. Stunning that this would cause MailChimp to throw me out on the street.

With the sheer volume of de-platformings and strikes affecting thousands of creators across dozens of platforms, I half expected something like this to happen. Still, nothing quite prepares you for the incredible sense of powerlessness from what amounts to being fired from your own sole proprietorship, especially when you’ve done nothing wrong.

And nothing casts an air of contagion around you, when you’re looking for a new provider quite like having been de-platformed. Some providers did not want my business, not because they thought I was a criminal spammer but because my politics are not 100% the same as Google’s and CNN’s. This is why it took so long to find a replacement for MailChimp.

After three years of being backed against the wall by this creeping tyranny, I no longer have any reserves. Not being able to drive traffic for a week has been financially catastrophic. I’ve been deprived of 25% less of my pathetic subsistence ad income for the month. I considered not doing this anymore.

This newsletter is free to subscribers and is subsidized by advertising, both on the site and within the newsletter. If it wasn’t for my new sponsor Life Science International, things would be much worse. If you like this blog and the information I share, please get something from Life Science International. All profits go straight to me and keep this blog moving.

I don’t know why Silicon Valley thinks that marginalizing half of the country is a good business model. My guess is that they must not be in the business of business. With Project Veritas’ latest release, we now know that despite anything they may say publicly, Google’s internal policy is to algorithmically suppress users who they consider to be Conservative but many of whom are actually Centrist and even Left-of-Center.

Currently, Google’s main goal is to prevent Trump’s re-election. This was caught on camera, straight from the horse’s mouth: Google’s Head of Responsible Innovation, Jen Gennai. She then made the mistake of denying this in a Medium article she wrote immediately in response to the crisis yesterday and was contradicted today, when Project Veritas released more evidence, proving that Google staff recommend censoring based on politics.

As Sean from the SGT Report said, “The Russians didn’t do it in 2016. But Google is going to do it in 2020.”

Indeed, Google’s algorithmic ranking has promoted the Mainstream Media’s Fake News about Russian Hacking and Russian Collusion and has de-ranked results that questioned this flimsy basis for the soft coup d’état and this horrendous psychological civil war being waged against us.

The timing of Project Veritas’ revelations seems golden, as the Federal Government has just launched an Anti-Trust investigation into Google and other tech giants, while Missouri Senator Josh Hawley has just introduced a bill that would end Big Tech companies’ ability to call themselves “platforms”.

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act has protected these mega corporations from any liability arising out of user-generated content, including that from copyright infringement. These are the same laws that apply to telephone communications and all other media that are supposed to function as neutral platforms.

Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) responded to the Project Veritas report by saying that Google needs to be stripped of its section 230 immunity and to be “properly pursued by class action lawsuits by those they have knowingly harmed.”

The tech giants are the only companies on Earth with such a vast exemptions, yet they choose to grossly violate them at an ever-escalating rate, behaving like Fascist deities when they de-platform, shadow-ban, re-rank, de-monetize, censor and infringe on some users’ First Amendment Right to Free Speech, while algorithmically favoring those who faithfully push their party line of identitarian politics. Their latest artificial intelligence program called “Machine Learning Fairness” basically suppresses search results for whites and heterosexual males in favor of any other kind of human.

The call to strip Big Tech of Section 230 immunity, while it appeals to our desire for revenge, it would not benefit the Little Guy and instead would benefit large media corporations the most. We must demand an Internet Bill of Rights. Keep Section 230 immunity for Big Tech. Losing the latter would be the death of the Internet.

Within hours of Project Veritas’ video being posted, it was removed by YouTube, to which Mark Dice tweeted, “YouTube censored a video exposing YouTube censorship. Welcome to 2019.”

The éxposé can be seen here and its creator, James O’Keefe asks everyone to download it from Bitchute and share it as far and wide as possible.

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  • Dear Alexandra,
    I’m glad to have you back! There are so few truth tellers left on the internet anymore.
    Still making my monthly to your site, when I can.
    Thank you for not giving up! You make a big difference in how I see things in this world with the information you convey to us each and every day. Best wishes to you, always.

  • Dear Alexandra,

    Thank God you are back!

    It may not be much, but a will now double my subscription to $20 pm. Unfortunately, I currently live reliant upon a meagre pension, so my means are very limited.

    Whereas I am certain that many of your readers, in more fortunate circumstances, who will now hopefully start to support you.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke.

    May the Good Lord keep you safe and strong Alexandra.


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