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    Every day brings a deeper appreciation of why this period is being called the Great Awakening. The Trump coup d’état is providing unexpected perspectives on significant events of the past three decades. From 9/11 to the 2016 failed coup in Turkey, many of the players are the same and we understand their motives better.

    That’s part of why this 9/11 video is the best one I’ve seen in years. It was posted by a skyscraper engineer from New York City, who points out many details I’d never noticed. For example, the Israeli art students who occupied the floors of the North Tower were camped-out for weeks on the exact floors “penetrated” by the first plane.

    The many clues they left behind make it plausible that these kids were strategically wiring explosives and cutting steel on those floors to create the special effect that some call the “Wile E. Coyote” silhouette from Flight AA11 entering the building.

    No amount of gaslighting will convince this seasoned professional that it was in any way physically possible for the flimsy airframe of a 767 to have sliced the building’s outer steel like butter. He says it would have taken an aircraft carrier slamming into the side of Tower 2 to create that hole. Moreover he says, “The only thing on Earth that can make a building free-fall perfectly into its own footprint is a controlled demolition. Period. It’s not even up for debate…

    “So, quick recap: Joe Biden is the one who drafted the Patriot Act [in 1995], John Brennan is the one who approved the visas for the supposed hijackers and Robert Mueller is the FBI Director who conducted an investigation into 9/11 that led nowhere. It’s funny ’cause all I ever hear about is the Bush connections. It’s almost as if they’re controlled by the same people.”

    Don’t miss this short video, with the fresh eyes and ears you now have to see and hear like you’ve never done before…

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    • On youtube: Methodical Deceptions Video. Look closely at the second plane. A giant groove with the offset fuselage full length of the plane and an anomaly just inside the starboard engine. Look at the camera shake just before the building came down. Oh Larry Silverstein, the owner of the military planes was Dov Zachheim. L.S. said it all about building seven. Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. Firefighters for 911 Truth. Video Loose Change. If you still are in doubt about the evidence after watching and listening to these, then you are on the wrong side of reality and history.

    • Although nothing new is revealed in this summary–it is a nice recap that hits on about 25% of what happened that day. Except the author left out THE primary pieces of the “how WTC 1,2 were rigged” story.

      The notion that a few young men “rigged” hundreds of acres of these buildings is ridiculous, quite frankly.

      For most of 2001 the towers were undergoing an extensive elevator renovation project, which apparently required several floors and elevator shafts to be closed off for long periods and also allowed access to these areas that would not have been visible to other inhabitants or maybe even security. Multiple employees have reported heavy security at entrance points, thunderous noise and strong vibrations on several closed off floors throughout the work period, weird security issues throughout this time and also noted the building had absolutely no security the weekend before 9/11.

      THIS is how the buildings were rigged, not some goofy story about “Isreali art students”. And a “skyscraper engineer”(?) why not call himself a structural engineer like everyone else does–or is he not actually an engineer or an architect?

      Anyway, the bulk of the video good and I really appreciate his summary of the nefarious bipartisan cooperation on 9/11. But like so much “analysis” of 9/11–there’s something off about his gigantic omission.

      Also, the 9/11 story can’t be told by controlled demolition, or thermite or raging magical fires alone. Controlled demo did not disappear those buildings in 11 seconds. A Swedish demo expert went on camera stating as much just days after 9/11 and of course, he didn’t live long after that. Even this “skyscraper engineer” couldn’t explain that away. Enter: Judy Wood’s exotic technology.

      BTW, I AM in the building sciences design and construction industry and I lived blocks north straight north along 7th avenue–right on this supposed “flight path”. It was a beautiful Sept AM and all my windows of my 5-floor walkup brownstone were open and I was just leaving for work at 8:53 AM on 9/11. I never heard, nor felt, nor saw ANY “plane” or other craft fly overhead.

      • Forgot to add:

        Like nearly everything else about 9/11 and the WTC, this elevator renovation project is highly suspect, especially since the feasibility studies on asbestos mitigation were already done and tallied, leading Port Authority, Silverstein, et al. to the conclusion that putting any money into these buildings was futile…

    • I neglected to add that all those reading this comment, please support Alexandra with a monthly donation. It does not have to be a huge amount. If 1000 subscribers all donated just $10 per month, it would make a huge difference to Alexandra’s quality of life!

      If you enjoy Alexandra’s efforts to publish the truth; the best way to let Evil know that it will not win is to ensure she is not trampled on by the corrupt, evil that is determined to destroy our world.

      ‘So No Hesitation Guys’ head straight to PayPal etc now and say thank you to Alexandra for all she does to keep our world safe!

      Christopher x

    • Dear Alexandra,

      I dowsed your energy, and my HS said you would come back. Thank God it looks as if you will.

      Did you see the Dr. Mercola link I sent recently: “Google’s June 2019 broad core algorithm update, which started taking effect June 3, and its updated quality rater guidelines have effectively removed from Google search results”. They are frantically trying to block the truth from every source possible, but I am assured that they will not succeed in the long run.

      Hang on in their Alexandra, dear lady, the world needs truth seekers like you, with the determination of steel and a heart of pure gold.

      Christopher x

      • No – I still have control over my own site!

        I was booted off of MailChimp for this post and I struggled massively all week to find a new service that was affordable and that had good deliverability and I was able to go back to my previous service, which I’d had to leave last March because I was caught by a “honeypot” trap, which is too much shoptalk but I’ll be able to start sending again, finally.

        • You’re doing an amazing job, awareness is definitely building up I can see signs of it everywhere 👍

    • Alexandra,

      This is the CIA project currently in use, which many other actions are a smaller part. I believe that de-platforming is a new twist on this old project. The video describes that neutralizing dissidents and those who disagree with the war machine is the goal of this program, put into use by Bush after Sept 11th.

    • Dear Alexandra,

      As Evil is intent on de-platforming all who speak the truth, is it not the time for you to go to subscription only membership.

      I simply do not believe that many of your readers do not have the ability to subscribe.

      As it is offered to them freely, they just shrug their shoulders and say “why should I, when I can get it for free?”.

      • I was de-platformed from MailChimp due to this post about the WTC.

        MailChimp was the service that connected me to my subscribers. Currently, I cannot send newsletters to my subscribers or welcome new ones.

        • I do not understand the workings, but if you tell me precisely what you need I will post it to my service provider to see if he can offer you the service on my account, assuming, of course, it is within my financial means.

          Please know by email.

        • Dear Alexandra, I’m saddened to hear that you have been de-platformed. I tried to send you a letter to find out what is going on, and even that was refused. Glad to hear you are alright. Next, to find another server, that not censure you for the truth. That may be hard to do. Best wishes to my favorite journalist.

        • Maybe it was really an earlier video that caused the problem…watch Kevin Shipp’s performance with Greg Hunter today…it looks like they’re really trying to bury that info now (always found something a bit off and troubling, when listening to KS).

    • Larry Silverstein said,”pull it”. The part that gets me is, it would have taken weeks to place the explosives, then wire them to a timer set up. Why has no one ever caught that before? Am I the only one that hears that? Now isn’t that an admission of guilt? Or, did he have it wired, for safety’s sake, weeks ahead, in case the building caught fire and was not able to be saved?

      • I agree James Crothers, but don’t you know that 2+2=5? We are not to question it. That IS the point.

    • Another little something that no one talks about is the missing gold from the empty vaults in the basement of one of the buildings. I’m not sure which one. It would have taken a lot of trucks to get that out.

      • Yeah, and also all the securities and banking records showing all the short trades on airline stocks in the days prior to 9/11! Remember “Buzz” Krongard!

      • Yeah, I have always wondered about the gold, too! Didn’t portions of all that gold being “stored” there also belong to other nations? One of them being named as Germany, I heard. I’d like to know more about the gold, too!

    • Thanks for posting this
      Have studied 9/11 for over 15 years and some new clips in this one I haven’t seen
      I can’t believe how anyone after looking at at least some of the evidence still think the government’s story is anywhere near true, maybe denial or cognitive dissonance
      I think Trump knows it was an inside job but would be suicidal for him to try to expose it as the entire deep state is involved and he would be JFK’d

      • 8 members of GCHQ in the UK attempted to arrange a JFK moment for the President during his UK visit. Thankfully an insider blew the whistle.

        He has been given the protection of Sentient Beings by OFOT (Extraterrestrials endeavouring to keep our planet from being destroyed by the sheer Evil!)

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