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I hope I’m wrong but I am feeling demoralized about things.

  • CNN just hired former Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe as an announcer. How he walking free escapes. me.
  • Jeffrey Epstein, the most valuable prisoner in US history escaped custody, under AG Bill Barr’s watch.
  • Bill Barr has done nothing to dispel the the “Russian hacking” propaganda of the DNC.
  • The DNC server was never investigated by any law enforcement.
  • DNC server leaker, Seth Rich’s murder was never investigated.
  • DNC leaks publisher, Julian Assange was never deposed in the Seth Rich murder and many others.
  • Barack Obama just put in an offer on a $15 million waterfront McMansion in Martha’s Vineyard, which means he doesn’t believe in Global Warming-related sea level rise. This, despite the Left’s incessant push to conscript the US into the fraudulent Globalist Green New Deal scheme.
  • These putrid assholes just might get away with it.

Diana West, who is among the smartest people I have ever covered in the 9 years of publishing FKTV joins Jason Goodman to discuss all of these concerns, which she has scrutinized extensively.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Is there no limit to the excuses, justifications and rationalisations that people are prepared to advance to explain Trump’s behaviour and staffing picks? What’s gone on since 2016 is indistinguishable from a successful conning of the entire populace by a billionaire property developer and casino owner who gives every impression of clinical narcissism. He treats legal rights and the public’s right to know the truth about their government as just more collateral to barter and make deals with. Not therefore surprising that restoring the rule of law is not on his to do list. His interests appear to be himself, money, property, stock markets, and women. And of course winning. His version of “great” as in MAGA just isn’t most people’s I think you’ll find. It’s the elitist billionaire’s version.

  • Dear Alexandra,

    With P. Trump announcing 2 trillion to be spent on 5 Gee infrastructure, one could readily assume the guy has not got a clue as to what he is doing!

    However, when I expressed exasperation at my co-ordinator, HM The Queen’s Private Secretary, he assured me that the intention was to take it over and turn it into good, healthy use.

    But I still argued, that cannot be achieved without changing the destructive wavelength, deliberately intended to sterilise and hence depopulate our world, and neutralising the effects of the EMF.

    Believe it or not, it is simple and cheap to keep one’s home fully protected. Likewise, it would be easy subsequently to neutralise the health hazards of every single mast. A small device attached by a magnet or similar, to the back of every antenna, could be put in place quite rapidly once the ‘Evil’ entities have been disposed of.

    Hence, please do try not to get too depressed!

    Remember Trump is being guided by the Extraterrestrial that our currently saving our planet from the ravages of Nibiru and its twin dark star. Once that has fully passed us by, their presence, and the removal of the Deep State should quickly follow.

    I believe that the strategy is to make the Deep State and the Democrats believe that they are winning, and thus they will not be at all prepared when Plan B is put in place at the very last minute!


      • Yes! I Ching info suggests that there are two powerful guiding forces one corrupted and evil the other much wiser and benevolent. It does however say that both want population reduction. I Ching refers to trump as a good and able man.

      • Dear Alexandra,
        I have learnt to be cautious of what I write, as most people are unable to cope with the reality of what I say.
        But here are a few snippets to go along with your earlier report that I have looked at albeit only briefly.
        My mentor is extraterrestrial of the Nordic appearance and has been on earth on and off since well before his time as Moses. At that stage in his involvement, I and my Ancient Brother were his two sons.
        My Ancient brother although of normal human appearance has very few skin pores. There is a lady that I am hoping to meet very soon, whom was sent to a Galaxy far, far away, where a different base of worship exists. She was sent there apparently to learn how to support me in what lies ahead. A future, which as yet, I have not been told, although to which I signed up, apparently millennia ago.
        It has taken her a whole year to get back to earth, due I believe, to the Dark State’s Outer Space endeavours.
        I have been deliberately kept incommunicado, against my wishes, as my Ancient Father endeavours to keep me safe from Evil, whom repeatedly try to bump me off. I remember the previous Private Secretary, Sir Christopher Geidt telling me that they had found it necessary to thwart some 7 or 8 attempts on my life. At that point, I and my partner were afforded the protection of Sentient Beings, the same higher presence, that creates the complex crop circles. They are shall we say in a higher league than OFOT whom are presently fighting to protect our planet from the ravages of Nibiru, whilst keeping a close eye on the Deep State, whom I am assured will be dealt with. They have protected me that I am personally aware of six or seven times in the past year alone. As you will know, the Global warming issue is a false dialogue, hence P Trump’s stance on it. P Trump now is likewise similarly protected.

        Although I have not been told the details, a colleague received a visitation by a female form, from a far off galaxy, just before Christmas to warn the current ACIO Top-Tier concerning me in some manner. The colleague was traumatised by the event and is still not back at work apparently. All I was told was that the intervention was to keep me protected.
        I hope this gives you some hope, that all is not as it seems?

  • Dear Alexandra,

    I have questioned my Higher Conscience, whom I am assured is one of only a few, that has access to the entire Akashic Records, and I am assured that Barr will do his job as the Attorney General with due diligence. He will not end up being a protector of the Deep State, as many fear.

    With regard to yesterday’s video concerning aerosol nanobots. crystals etc. I see that Borax is a banned substance in many States?


  • Well, maybe it’s time to move to Japan. Or… Russia!
    After hearing all of this, maybe it’s too late to save this country.
    It’s been bought, and sold down the road.
    The part that really gets to me is that Barr worked for Mr. N.W.O. himself, G.H.W.B.
    And Trump still put him on as A.G.
    And as said, Barr, has dropped kicked us all.
    Where’s that good old, -YOUR FIRED!-?
    I guess he needs help with management.
    Picking names from the past, will not let us go forward.
    We don’t need someone from the S.E.S. as a A.G.
    It seems everyday we see that Trump does NOT have it together.
    Of course, it’s impossible to find an honest person in politics.
    How about Trey Gowdy III for president? Yeah, I know, never mind.
    Best wishes for us all, we are going to need it.
    You know that old saying: Come hell or high water? Well it ain’t gonna be high water!

  • It goes higher than Barr. This is on Donald Trump.

    Yeah, speaking of myth and fakery, there’s always weather warfare, I mean manmade globull warming – a great slush fund for the new ALGORErythem.

    • Wanting to Buy Greenland…do you know what it’s code for?

      Read the thesis below, “The Greenland Theory” to page eight, and see why Trump’s buying Greenland quote means buying off good democrats to turn on the satanist nest within their own “party.” Trump wants to make a deal with those representatives:

      Greenland also means CIA and Holy See, so one can take this theory differently, but this is my take.

      Trump was hired to take out the Satanists. That is all.

      • But, jt, is he going to take the Satanist out to dinner?
        Sorry I’m so negative, this world is in a broken basket right now, and no one seems to have a new one, or want one either.

        • Guess who’s coming to dinner? Remember the Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man”? Add that to the mix. Also see the “Cannabal Club” website, and who the players are.

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