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Twenty-five years ago, Princess Diana’s car crashed inside the the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris, France.

Her lover, Dodi Fayed died upon impact, along with the driver.

And even though Diana survived, it took about 40 minutes to get her from the car to the ambulance.

The official story is that they were trying to free her from the car but several witnesses say that Diana was conscious and unobstructed.

Photographs show that the backseat of the car was undamaged and witnesses were pleading with the police to open the door and help her.

Once in the ambulance, it took about 40 minutes for them to choose a hospital and when they finally set off, the ambulance drove at a snail’s pace and made several stops, taking about 40 minutes to drive less than 4 miles.

Doctors were turned away. Witnesses were strip-searched. Cameras were confiscated. No evidence was gathered. No blood samples were taken.

And by 3AM, the entire scene would be sprayed down with high-pressure water hoses.

Mercedes wanted to study the wreckage to see why it failed so badly but they were denied.

Diana’s body was taken by the Royal Family, who had her reproductive organs removed [under the watchful eye of Michael Burgess, the Deputy Coroner of the Queen’s Household] before burying her remains.

All 17 cameras along the route of the crash were mysteriously turned off and all radio police frequencies went down.

Witnesses were assaulted and threatened and there was no investigation – not until the inquest 10 years later, which is when most people learned that Diana had penned a note in 1996, saying that someone was going to kill her in a car accident.

This note was concealed for 6 years.

At the inquest, experts agreed that Diana would have survived if they had gotten her to a hospital but the blame was put upon a military-style attack.

According to witnesses, a group of motorcycles, along with a white Fiat Uno worked in concert to crash the car; first, with a blinding flash of light, followed by an explosion fro the front tire of the Mercedes.

During the inquest, a former MI-6 agent, described being shown the very same plan in 1992, for a possible MI-6 assassination of Slobodon Milosevic and claimed it was MI-6 who killed Diana.

Because of all this, the inquest ended with the verdict of ‘unlawful killing’, blaming her death on the mysterious military hit squad.

But the Mainstream Media spun the entire thing to make it sound like it was the paparazzi that caused her to crash, which is demonstrably false.

And while there was no investigation into finding the members of this military hit squad, three years later, the alleged driver of the white Fiaat, who had ties to MI-6 reportedly committed suicide, after being found shot twice in the back of the head and burned inside of his car.

During the inquest, many things were kept from the jury, such as the fact that Diana’s seat belt was found to be defective and evidence of the car being sabotaged.

Interestingly, these things would have brought more suspicion towards Dodi’s father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, who, after turning down repeated offers from the French government to provide security, was solely responsible for Diana’s security detail.

And at the last minute, had them leave their security detail in front of the hotel as a decoy and take a different car. A car that was recently stolen, broken, repaired and never checked by security.

Left with only one security guard, they were also assigned a new driver. Henri Paul had no chauffeur permit, was tied to foreign intelligence services, was seen on camera, signaling to someone just before setting off – had received over 50,000 Francs the day of the crash.

And this was all under the watch of Mohamed Al-Fayed, who is deeply connected to the intelligence community.

He was business partners with one of Lee Harvey Oswald’s  handlers and represented the grandfather of Mohamed Atta but none of that was mentioned in the inquest.

Instead, with the help of pop culture agents, such as Howard Stern and Piers Morgan, Mohamed Al-Fayed has provided the world with the cover story: that Diana was pregnant with Dodi’s child and Prince Phillip had her killed because he’s racist, which seems like a strange cover story – that is, if you don’t realize that the entire thing was a Satanic ritual.

Rituals are meant to be witnessed and the death of Diana is steeped in Satanic ritual.

The Royal Family, originally known as the Saxe-Coburg Gotha bloodline changed their name to Windsor to sound more British.

Their inbred family is traced back to Vlad the Impaler, otherwise known as “Dracula” and with several proud Nazis in the family, including Prince Philip.

The Royal Family is obsessed with pagan ritual and all things occulted.

According to the carefully planned breeding of royal bloodlines, the marriage between Diana and Charles was for the Merovingian ancestry of Lady Diana, to be seeded into the Royal Family.

Diana was well aware of this and referred to herself as the “Windsor Brood Mare”.

They were married at St Paul’s Cathedral, owned by the Royal Family and built upon the site of a temple dedicated to the goddess, Diana.

According to occult beliefs, the goddess, Diana was Lucifer’s consort and on August 13th, 1313, they produced a magical daughter named Aradia.

In Freemasonry, this same trio is known as Osiris, Isis and Horus.

This same ritual is shown in the Roman Polanski film, ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, where the innocent virgin is unknowingly recruited by a Satanic cult to mate with Lucifer and spawn a child.

After the birth of Prince William, Diana became a threat to the family. She had major influence and used it to shine a light on the Family’s powerful interests, such as the endless war machine.

Her life was being threatened and she told several friends that the Family was going to kill her.

Less than a month before her death and after a series of affairs, Diana started seeing family friend, Dodi Fayed and on August 31st, the Satanic ritual sacrifice date for the Goddess Diana, Diana of Wales was driven out of the way, past an Egyptian Obelisk and into a tunnel named in dedication to the Goddess Diana.

Inside this tunnel, Diana’s Mercedes crashed into the 13th pillar, where she was kept to bleed to death above a known ancient Merovingian underground chamber for the ritual blood sacrifice worship to the Goddess Diana.

This is the religion of the world’s elite. Prince Phillip said he would like to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to wipe out humanity.

His underling, Maurice Strong co-founded the World Economic Forum with Klaus Schwab.

And Prince Charles, who brags of being related to Dracula co-founded the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset Initiative.

These are the leaders of the so-called New World Order. These monsters are the best that they have.

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Alexandra Bruce

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    “Addendum August 31, 2022: Today Greg Reese has published a video report at
    Infowars, selling the Diana death as real. Have you ever noticed that his logo looks like an owl, and contains upside down pyramids inside a larger pyramid?”

    Mr. Mathis is apparently not a big Reese fan, lol. He’s like the proverbial box of chocolates: never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes his writings seem like BS; other times not. Interesting view from left field, though.

    • It amazes me people’s ignorance on the Pyramid’s.
      Too bad they took these teachings out of elementary school, as well as Mythology. I feel blessed I had it all before they Federalized the Public school system here in the United States (under Carter).
      I am sure the “Owl” is nothing too….

  • Would like to point out that mystical & occult traditions have been inverted/perverted by the Dark Mages. So while the narrative of Diana & Lucifer might be the intent, I posit this narrative is a false one. GiGi Young addresses this to some extent, but a little known content creator by the name of [ David Vose ] on YT has done a plethora of vids sifting through all this obscurity. His vids are unscripted and akin to performance art – as he just follows Spirit with a topic in mind – so they aren’t necessarily approachable each on their own. His earlier works are more densely packed with on-topic material, but if you can get through the sheer volume of his stuff, your paradigm will certainly change. Over the last 3 months, he’s done a commendable job sifting through the Judaistic PsyOp of word play, delineating the labyrinth-like attribution to ‘God’ & unlocking understanding by 1. knowing God is not always God and 2. ways to understand which ‘deity’ is being referenced by the same terms. Those confused/curious about the Melchizedek & Aaronic Priesthoods & the allegory of upper/lower Egypt being the higher/lower consciousness & teh OT/NT personalities of Deity being extremely divergent will appreciate this content found nowhere else. Christian Fundamentalists need not apply – perhaps in the next life, you’ll grow out of Christian Establishment Programming – the same Establishment that murdered Christ & all His prophets up to the present day. The opening mind teaser I’ve been using for Dave’s work could be embodied in the following scripture refs that appear contradictory ( and oddly never addressed by the pulpit ): John 8:44 | 2Sa 24:1 | 1Chr 21:1

    • Your last statement is a problem “the same establishment that murdered Christ”
      Problem because the Cross was Empty!
      & That is the real “Christian Establishment Programming”

      • hmmm.. someone should tell Isaiah then…. he like wasted ch53 entirely on conjecture…. or perhaps only That which sits upon your shoulders is Empty?

  • Years ago it would not have believed any of this, my views have changed Thanks to the brave witness of Jeanette Archer born into a Satanist family she has vivid memories of what takes place at the palace ,you will find her account of this on Odysseyapp .
    I have prayed for the spirit of lady Diana
    am very glad 🤴 Harry has distanced he self from his mother’s murderers .

  • Dear Alexandra,
    The subject matter is something that only those very close to the royal household could understand.
    It is thus disappointing that your viewers comment without a clue!
    As I have commented, some of the more bizarre assumptions made by the creator of this video were only guesswork. Nevertheless, the overall framework of the narrative is refreshing.
    Thank you.

    • There are flaws in its many assumptions, but only someone with no understanding of the late HM The Queen, the Royal Family and Diana would dismiss it so readily.

      • Druid, you yourself do not have understanding who the Roman Catholic Church is. I know this by your statement against the Church. Folks as yourself spew out words such as satanic/devil with no real insight on ancient history. None of these entities exist, they are merely a historical representation of any people that some other group dislikes. & Lucifer is just another Morning Star.
        Everything is based on Mythology & Mythology is based on the Heavens & the Heavens is the Sky where the Constellations reside in. & taking our antient ancestor’s stories out of context is just meant to deceive to keep the little ones ignorant.
        The Church will survive this, it always has for ages.

  • Yes, I can sense spirit of demonic lizard in them,
    and yes this sounds reasonable, but how do we prove it?

  • Dear Alexandra,

    I watched Princess Elizabeth’s Coronation on a small 9-inch black and white television set at the age of nine.

    I was staying with my mother at my auntie’s in Coventry at the time.

    I remember being spellbound by the pageantry.

  • Dear Alexandra,

    Your narrative describing the slaughter of Diana is the best public account I have ever read.

    I watched the accident on TV, and I was certain, her organs were removed in the ambulance for reasons we can but guess.

    My understanding is that Diana was born, named and raised specifically to be slain.

    The only participant in the planning of her death you have not mentioned was Camilla. It is my understanding that approximately one week before the marriage ceremony, Diana was taken into a chamber under the then Palace, where the dreadful ‘Evil’ Queen mother and Camilla exposed themselves for the creatures they were. Dianna was warned that should she ever speak of that meeting, she would suffer terrible consequences.

    I am uncertain the Queen was aware of the plot between the DofE, Camilla and MI6. I was sent a copy of a letter written by the Queen by the late Sir Christopher Geidt, at the time HM’s Private Secretary and one of the most powerful men in the world. It was addressed to a colleague regarding a series of four books he was writing. In it, HM expressed her appreciation that it lifted her spirits, at a time when she felt deep despair. The books by Dan Carter titled “Outremer – Who Controls The Past Controls The Future” depicts the true history surrounding Jesus Christ. I would be harranged for stating how I knew his writing was a true account. Nevertheless it is.

    Interestingly, the Coronation Document Princess Elizabeth signed after her Coronation was deliberately annulled. She had crossed out the title, and signed above it and not at the end of the document. This effectively annulled her Coronation, her reign as Queen and all Crown institutions and Governments since.

    Bearing in mind the late Queen, and not the fake actress representing her at the moment, bowed to no one. And yet, as the funeral cortege went past, she bowed to Diana’s coffin. I believe in respect to the Goddess Diana.

    The suspicion around Diana carrying the Muslim child of her lover I was reliably informed, had serious, consequences as written in little-known ancient prophecy. You will surely be aware that the Muslim faith was created by an early Pope to prevent the Arab Nations adopting Christianity. The Roman Catholic Chuch which you know is deeply Luciferian was adopted by ‘Evil’ at the time of the third Pope.

    I am uncertain you saw it but some years ago, the Queen’s Shapeshifting slipped momentarily and exposed her with an enlarged slit vertical red pupil in her left eye. The picture was up on the Royal website briefly with an apology from her stating that she was still the people’s loyal, loving Queen.

    Had you watched the fake, recent celebrations regarding HM the Queen’s reign, you will have seen how most of the Royals were played by actors?

    I am repeatedly stunned that vast sectors of humanity are unaware that so many public figures are not real celebrities but actors or clones..

    Incidentally, in the letter to my colleague, HM assured him that, I was being well cared for, even though I may not realise it. It is thus ironic that for the past four years and counting, I have with others, suffered Black Magic orchestrated by Sir Christopher Geidt, ‘Evil’ individuals controlling ACIO and individuals within Geidt’s Masonic Templar Lodge.

    • I knew about 70% of the above, David Icke having said most of it too. But the rest I’m very surprised by. Why would Queen Elizabeth annul her own reign? And are you saying that she has already died? I was telling my family only yesterday about the time a post was put up regarding her being a reptilian shapeshifter! I saw it a while ago, someone had the sense to photograph it, before it was actually removed! I’m very aware of clones, Biden has 16 and counting! It’s glaringly obvious to me! But, I can tell identical twins apart even if their parents can’t. I never forget a face.

      Camilla I’m not really surprised about tbh. So is she a shapeshifter too? And Diana told her astrologer that the Queen mother was one of them and totally evil. Don’t be fooled by her little old woman act. How right she was.

      I could talk to you all day! Best wishes to you and I wish you love and healing light.

      • Jo, Reptilian is just more Mythology, you goof!
        Cloning would have had to been done at time of Biden’s birth to be successful.
        Your either a troll, as well to keep people dumb down, or your easily deceived.

        • I am no troll! I would suggest that you are in fact a troll, not one person can have their own point of view. Cloning can actually be done with DNA after birth. Animals are being cloned now in China, at not at birth.

          If you are so great, what happened to Diana? What is up with the many faces of Biden? There is no need to call me names either. I believe that people need discussion to advance their ideas about the world around them. I think people who matter will research what I and others have said and make up their own mind. I’m my own person and definitely not here for any other reason than to see what is happening in the world.

  • Wow! I didn’t know any of that. I think there’s a lot more going on with the royals almost hidden in plain sight. Joseph Gregory Hallett was making a common law claim against their legitimacy, not sure what’s happening with that.

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