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If there were ever any doubt about the existence of a “Uniparty” in US politics, please let us put those doubts to rest now. The US has a vast Uniparty of alleged US Representatives, most of whom do not represent their local constituencies, one iota!

The Corporatist, warmongering NeoLiberal antics of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and former anti-war Presidential candidate and DNC leader, Howard Dean have officially obliterated any semblance of the Democrat Party’s alleged stand for peace and for the rights of working people. The Democrats are now just as disgusting and warmongering as their Uniparty Republican oligarch opponents.

This has become Klieg-lighted by the Democrat Party’s recent collective oppobrium against the only shining light within their leadership, Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard. They are so sick, they’re cannibalizing the best and the brightest of their own!

DNC Emeritus, Howard Dean has recently shown how completely non-viable and totally corrupt the DNC continues to be, despite the damaging revelations of WikiLeaks last year and the recent attempts by Tom Perez to clean up their filthy nest of corruption.

In short, the DNC deserves to die. They’re not defending the disadvantaged. The majority of these pigs are only serving themselves. They’re bribed, blackmailed human garbage and they’re outta here.

That goes for the Republicans, too!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The Democratic party has just made me ashamed to be a Democrat. They are no better than the war mongering GOP. Must be they’re all profiting from these wars (I know the Clintons are). Tulsi doesn’t need to resign. The Democrats rigged the primaries against Bernie to get their war mongering candidate, Hillary Clinton elected, and you can see where that got them. We need to “Route Out” all the Democrats in Congress who have been there WAY TOO LONG and get new young people in. After all, it’s there world now, and they don’t need people like Chuck Schumer, faux Democrat, telling them what they need. I intend to send yet another e-mail to good old Schumer, and it won’t be nice and polite.

  • Tulsi Gabbard is the only Mind of Reason left in the Democratic Party.To force her resignation would be the end of all sensible reason.

  • This should be classified as an Act of Terror or proof & validation that the US is operating as an indiscriminate killing machine with the intent of destruction (I do not know the lawyerly term for this); but since the reason they are calling for Gabbardʻs resignation is not due to a specific war/invasion/regime change/etc.
    It is because Gabbard is OPPOSED to war and indiscriminate killing in general as a matter of principle. That translates to an all out desire to kill anyone anywhere. That is the definition of Terror. I would imagine thereʻs a good amount of jealousy fueling them to do this.
    Congress is AWOL in my opinion.

    • My husband noted that Dean is unfamiliar with Hawaiian voters if they think she’ll be ousted. Hope he’s correct.

  • Per usual, Tucker is being partisan. Both parties are warmongers; if you vote Dem or Repub, you’re choosing endless war. And no, Tucker, the Iraq war wasn’t caused in part by “faulty intelligence”, but by a willful misrepresentation of reality termed “facts being fixed by policy” in the Downing Street memo. And the last no, Tucker, the Dems are not the left party, merely the slightly less right of our two right wing political entities.

  • Since war means tearing things up and killing people, Americans have loved war ever since mowing down native Americans became a national sport.

  • More of the same. If you aren’t with US you are against US. Uniparty? Nicer than I’d be about the Nazi Deep State MSM manipulation and all it’s nasty little players.

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