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Catherine Austin Fitts comes on Dark Journalist to provide us with her profound insights and clarity as only she is capable about recent developments in finance and geopolitics, in the face of Trump’s maddening 180º turn in the non-interventionist platform which got him elected.

Fitts refers to a small, powerful superclass of Rothschild flunkies who drive the Mainstream News narrative and who beat Neocon war drums, in their desperate bid to save their failed dystopic experiment of a Global Corporate Technocracy. As Fitts says, “We’ve got to find a way of moving down the road that doesn’t require depopulating 100 million people,” which I opine is a very conservative death toll for WW3.

You don’t want to miss Part 1 of this Dark Journalist episode.



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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Fitts fingered the G7 as the roundtable for Kings Rothschild, principal owners of the central banking system therein! From there downward its layers of powerholic, butt kissing rats clawing their way up the daisy chains to Utopia, that great city of man, a man yet to be revealed.

    Does it make any difference which crisis is more crucial, so long as we just have a crisis, one crisis after another to keep the war mongering ginned up? War is good for business and politics, and it keeps the peasantry distracted with nonsense while the money changers fleece them and their nations.

    There’s too many cameras today to risk another Gulf of Tonkin, but if we float enough iron in the south China sea, who knows maybe that NK loon will lob a dud in their direction and we can shoot it down and say game on.

    I’m old enough to remember the Cuban missile crisis war – that’s what embargoes are – war. Cooler heads prevailed then, to the great disappointment to Dulles and like ilk in the Dominionist CFR.

    What if we could replace both Kim and Assad, who would we then turn to for terror? Oh, I know, Iran’s Ayatollah. Take a number Aya and wait your turn, it’s the Pax American Century.

    • Said it and you repeated it. Iran is the country the NeoCon networked Nazis and their overlords are moving on next with the Zionists right up their butt. No doubt about it. (everyone mis-types things. you made it right. no worries.)

  • Right out of the box–3rd party! YES. I said this and am currently feeling ahead of the curve for a change. There is a third party pushing the war machine forward. The conflict language about Syria is not what the MSM is claiming, nor what most of the alt news is believing. Can you image who that third party is? Hmmmm? It’s clear to me that the human factor is very, very afraid of the pedo-gate scandal. I’ve no doubt whatsoever that they are turning on each other inside the pedophile/blackmailing sect. No doubt at all. The criminals are calling in their chips from anywhere they can and using serious intimidation to keep the evidence from bursting open. Her analogy about men having two families who do not know about one another was so on point. As well, her grasp of how everything feeds into the slavery model that is trying to be created a new was stellar.

    Although I subscribe to DJ’s site I’m so happy Alex is able to link to his interviews. Excellent!

    • Daniel and I are friends and he always wants me to post his stuff asap. I didn’t post the last Part 2 of his Peter Dale Scott interview because it was produced before Trump’s U-Turn and too pro-Trump for my bones. I was too angry to have anything good be to be said about Trump at that point.

      CAF knocked it out of the park here. She’s so brilliant.

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