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Democrats Calling for Tulsi Gabbard to Resign from Congress Because of Her Anti-War Stance

If there were ever any doubt about the existence of a “Uniparty” in US politics, please let us put those doubts to rest now. The US has a vast Uniparty of alleged US Representatives, most of whom do not represent their local constituencies, one iota!

The Corporatist, warmongering NeoLiberal antics of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and former anti-war Presidential candidate and DNC leader, Howard Dean have officially obliterated any semblance of the Democrat Party’s alleged stand for peace and for the rights of working people. The Democrats are now just as disgusting and warmongering as their Uniparty Republican oligarch opponents.

This has become Klieg-lighted by the Democrat Party’s recent collective oppobrium against the only shining light within their leadership, Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard. They are so sick, they’re cannibalizing the best and the brightest of their own!

DNC Emeritus, Howard Dean has recently shown how completely non-viable and totally corrupt the DNC continues to be, despite the damaging revelations of WikiLeaks last year and the recent attempts by Tom Perez to clean up their filthy nest of corruption.

In short, the DNC deserves to die. They’re not defending the disadvantaged. The majority of these pigs are only serving themselves. They’re bribed, blackmailed human garbage and they’re outta here.

That goes for the Republicans, too!

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