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Today, the Biden administration will announce “new measures” in its COVID response that will target the unvaccinated. They seek to project the sense of an unstoppable juggernaut that can only culminate in FEMA camp incarceration and a Final Solution 2.0 for those who refuse to voluntarily kill themselves with the vaxx.

Clif High joins Greg Hunter for what may be his most riveting interview, ever. He starts by saying that deception is the Deep State’s only weapon, such as the bait ‘n switch fake FDA approval and the announcement of a door-knocking campaign, to deploy teams of vaccine tracers to inject people at their homes – which lasted for a week before it fizzled into oblivion.

The takeaway is that whatever tyranny Biden announces today at 5PM is not something to be too worried about.


Clif describes one of the most nefarious tools at the Deep State’s disposal, which is the heavy deployment of CCP bot armies throughout social media:

“They are employing technology to trick us. They employ bots through all the social media…They have farms of people that are paid by the CCP to sit in rooms in China and people with about 40 to 60 different cell phones in front of them with a computer that can feed all those different cell phones. This is how they establish the persona of large crowds of people that are supposedly agreeing with or putting out the Mainstream Media talking points or reinforcing those.

“So, on average, I’m assuming that out of every 1,000 replies that would hit in a…controversial subject on Twitter, I’m figuring that close to 80% of those are generated by a bot farm.” 

Even though the polls show a decline in Biden’s approval rating in the aftermath of the Afghanistan debacle, they still suggest that about half the country still supports him and his agenda. Greg asks Clif if his datasets from social media confirm this:

“I don’t buy it. If I look in my linguistic tracking, I can find about – and this is an ‘about’, it’s an approximation, because with all the bots out there, it’s very difficult to separate, even using IP addresses – but I can find about 12% of the population that will repeat the talking points and about 6% of the population that will do it consistently, on their own, unbidden…”

In other words, only 6% of those commenting positively about Biden on social media are actual Biden loyalists. Another 12% are those who lean towards the Democrats and Biden, politically but aren’t particularly passionate.

Clif says, “They’re attempting to make you think it’s about 80% – 20% in favor of the Deep State, the Progressives, the Social Justice, the CRT and so on. Their goal is to generate 9 times as many words on their subject, as any of the native conservative voices that may appear, to which they’re riffing off of or to which they’re responding.”

In his analysis of the data, Clif is positive that in reality, 80% of the people in the country are against Biden and against all of the COVID and vaxx mandates at a passionate level, the intensity of which is ratcheting up.

He says, “Imagine a situation where your country has been taken over by infiltrators and you’re about to go to war with the foreign government that’s backing those infiltrators – and you’ve isolated those infiltrators but your haven’t neutered them. They’re not in jail yet, they haven’t been arrested yet. You’re just allowing them out there, for your purposes but you’ve made it such that they’re without power, other than the media…

“All they have in the way of power are media words, because they can’t get legislative words signed-off on, in a legal, meaningful fashion. So, we’re in a really weird period of time.” 


He says the recent spate of videos taken all over the country at college football games, showing entire stadiums chanting “F* Joe Biden” was a key temporal marker that is being used in tracking the populace’s sentiment by what he calls the “self-organizing collective” (SOC) involved in Devolution.

“It is necessary that the entire population of the Normies of the planet be made to understand that what we call the Deep State here could be termed a global criminal conspiracy that includes the CCP…It is necessary that everybody come to understand this, because of what will be coming out really soon…

“If you take out that the Deep State wants to kill us off, then NOTHING makes sense in how they’re managing any of the vaccines, any of the COVID, any of the lockdowns, any of that. It doesn’t even make sense in a compounding of errors cascade. It simply makes no sense.

“However, if one puts back in there the idea that there’s a cadre of people in the upper echelons of government that want to kill off 95%, then EVERYTHING makes sense about all of their actions, from any aspect you care to examine, from Australia, to New Zealand, to New York, to London, to Paris – all of this stuff all makes sense, if you put back in this one central idea into the equation…

“If we examine that, then here we are, we’re at this point where we need to let the Normies know that we are in a war and we are going to be getting into an active phase of this war now, because so many people will be dying off, because of the vaxx, because the Globalists have been able to succeed in getting so many of the individuals on this planet injected with the bioterrorism weapon of the spike protein.

“And so, the damage has been done as though, all around the planet, bombs had fallen and killed people or were killing people very slowly. Once the bomb hs fallen, it’s done. You can’t undo it. And that’s how we need to start getting our heads wrapped around this…we’re at this point in the war, where it’s going to get very serious. We’re going to have these major breakdowns in a very short period of time…

“In order to progress to the next stage, we have to have a certain amount of the population demonstrate that they have this attitude; they have at least this understanding that the Deep State, the Bidenistas, all these people are the bad guys. They don’t have to necessarily understand they’re a criminal, that they’re trafficking in humans, that they’re stealing oxidized adrenochrome out of the glands of children and all of this kind of stuff. They don’t have to understand these horrors, but they have to get to the point where that crack has appeared within the spell, the illusion that’s been laid over their mind by Mainstream Media all of their lives.

“This is the most extraordinary time in human history in thousands of years. We are looking at a war now, breaking out into the open. This is between a self-organizing collective (SOC) and a 6,000-year-old death cult and it’s going to be global, it’s going to take decades to get it all done and it’s not going to be easy but it’s going to be the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to humanity, in my opinion.”


Clif talks about the imminent financial collapse and how one of the markers for this is at the end of this month, which marks the end of the US Government’s fiscal year. Clif questions whether the Federal Reserve Bank is even capable of lasting months. Right on cue (after this show was recorded), Biden Treasury Secretary and former Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellin announced on Wednesday that the US is on track to default on the national debt in October.

Clif talks about weapons from Afghanistan coming back to the US via the CCP to arm Antifa and BLM.

“A lot of those weapons are GPS-tagged. So we’ll know they’re in this country. They can be spotted by our satellites and stuff…I would suspect that [the CCP] at least suspect it but are they in a position to not give them to Antifa?…It doesn’t look like they can stop themselves from walking along this path – and this path ultimately leads to Global Revolution I in humanity and the finishing of what I call the American Revolution II, because we’re going to finish getting rid of the Globalists, the Royals, all of the people that have been hassling us, getting us into foreign wars and all of this kind of stuff, all this time…

“I suspect that we’re going to hit another temporal marker that will be in the economic area, that will relate to global bonds and I suspect that that will come out in the next week or two and that that will do something to the Special Drawing Rights, the SDRs. And I think that that will be our point where we can look backwards and say, ‘This was where the hyperinflation became visible, that destroyed the Deep State. I think we’re getting to the bond crisis very quickly, because of what’s going on in China, frankly.

“Because it looks like the next phase of this war hs been activated and that activation is within the economic realm, where the Self-Organizing Collective that’s fighting the Globalists has real power.”


Clif believes the Evergrande collapse is a result of actions taken by the SOC, which he describes as an international group that began fighting the Cabal in earnest during the time of Reagan.

“In my opinion, the actions that they took were designed to get us to this point now, that they may involve the general public of the planet…

“We’re going to go through three more stages. We’ve had the gut-punch of Afghanistan to the United States and to the Western World. 1) We’re going to go through a brutal beat-down in the financial system…that will happen very rapidly and cause a lot of hurt. And we’re in there now: the eviction moratorium breaking, the bonds breaking, the pressure on gold and silver prices. All of these things are happening now, not by coincidence but by design. This is going to support what will be coming out around 2) the audits and 3) other hugely disturbing information.

“As you see those, you’ll now that we are extremely close to visible, not-attempting-to-hide-it actions on the part of the SOC.

“Now, here’s the thing: we have the same situation now as the original revolutionaries of the United States, because the legal authority is going to be upended and undone, the same way we did with King George. The new authority is the Globalists but they have captured our legal authority and we need to undo this…

“The fact the the CDC’s illegal action of coming up with this legal moratorium on evictions and rents and stuff is now over means that all of those banks are going to be seeking recompense from the landlords that that had been held in abeyance during this period of time. So this is a giant cascade of things that’s going on.

“At the same time, we’re going to have massive food shortages, because the Deep State is paying farmers to destroy the food. And who s the largest farmland owner in the United States? Bill Gates and he’s taking it all out of production. Who’s the second largest owner of farmland in the United States? The Communist Party of China and they’re taking it out of production, because they want to starve us, because we have guns and they can’t do to us what they’re attempting to do to Australia.”

To him, the intensity values in his datasets suggest that there’s going to be a deliberate, horrifically violent massacre in response to state brutality that will occur in a country that is not the US, most likely Australia but potentially either New Zealand or France, that will inspire and set off the same revolutionary fervor Stateside.

He says what’s coming is like the Final Battle between Good and Evil – and the evil cannot win, the only thing slowing things down is the inability to shake off the media-generated mind control of the Normies.


He says we’re going to emerge into a world where nothing is known for sure, because the Deep State has lied to us for so long about everything, about all of our academic understanding of the planet, of science, of biology, of history, of everything. For example, Clif is in agreement with Russian mathematics professor, Anatoly Fomenko that the Deep State added 800 years of history and that we’re not really in 2021, we’re really closer to 1200, as we reckon years.

He says, “Things are not what we’ve been told about anything,” and that it could take 100 – 150 years to sort it all out.

So, it will be an incredibly engaging time to be alive but we are in a war and not everybody survives a war and this war is going to be particularly brutal, in the number of people that will die. He says if his original 1997 data run is accurate, then 1.24 billion people will die from the vaxxine.

High gives data and analysis on deflation, gold, silver, Bitcoin, a new US currency as early as January 2022, Ivermectin and vitamins for protection, new side effects of the vaxx, funeral homes burying record numbers of people than ever, and the Arizona audit and why it is so important that they get it perfect.

There’s a lot more in this incredibly engaging podcast and you should just watch it!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Love Ivermectin! Randy D. at Customer Service reps knows the most science about medicine right now. BIO TERROR vaccine is for the real the real T.V. TELL A VISION. Randy D. said he looking into NANO-CAMO a bio-anti-vax designed to side step vaxxxerz. Deep State Door Knockers are coming over TODAY! Join Quantum Punishment where Knowledge and Truth define our general theory of liberty. Freedom Pyramid, Forbidden Whatever, Neural Rambo Surveillance synthetic surfers millimeter wave

  • Ivermectin is supposetdly the same as wood turpentine, according to Owen Benj, cures everyting! Especially parasites!

  • Clif gets one thing right—people are under a SPELL. —- I am wondering what the flashpoint is for this country. Even in Canada they are at the point of chasing Trudeau down the street. We must be the best people in the world, waiting til the last minute to go Patriot on somebody’s behind.


    He says we’re going to emerge into a world where nothing is known for sure, because the Deep State has lied to us for so long about everything, about all of our academic understanding of the planet, of science, of biology, of history, of everything. ”

    Yes we know how this ends and works out… “CHRIST WINS” this is the beginning of sorrows….

  • What Clif says makes simple common sense when you consider the Dominion scandal – they managed to insert fraud into a nominally secure, single-purpose machine architecture. Social media are notorious now for censorship and narrative-pollution, but it only possible to do this so easily precisely because it was *designed in the first place* to encourage engagement, participation and free expression of views.
    If you consider the bots, the talking-points, and all the other manipulations as a parasitic infection on the body of a social media host, you can expect in due time that effective antibodies will evolve to deal with it effectively. They won’t come from any form of central regulation, which is just another form of centralised manipulation. They will arise naturally, in a devolved form, and I have some idea what that form will be. It’s hazy so I can’t say much yet, but remember, the first tech that truly exploited the Net – before monopilised search engines, before browsers even – was the net-crawling bots. They were the first traversing and integrating tech, very simple but very effective at weaving awareness into the ‘roughly unlimited’ PoV we (could) have now, absent the interference.

  • Another great video. I don’t know if Clif sees these comments, but just want to say that he inspires me and I feel like we will get through this. I wish he was my neighbor or that I had a neighbor like him.

  • My (previous) comment is “waiting to be approved”?????
    Well, now…… ANTI-AMERICAN/Anti-Human! Forbidden Knowledge is now part of the CENSORSHIP/Ministry of Truth!! This kind of shit just PISSES ME OFF!

  • I don’t agree with Clif; I think that he is wrong. Those who have gotten even ONE injection…….they are now WALKING BIO-HAZARDS. That that shit will NEVER leave the Human Body! And I’ll go further…….these individuals should NOT be buried; as they WILL INFECT the soil. While alive…..these individuals bodily fluids are BIO-HAZARDS!!! Talk about the ULTIMATE STD! And, you can forget about ‘swapping spit’ (kissing) with them either. Also, STAY AWAY from their sweat. IF, by some MIRACLE, an INJECTED/INFECTED is capable of having offspring? This will further POLLUTE what is left of the Human Race (NON INJECTED/INFECTED).

  • Thank you Greg your reports are always very enlightening. Clif High always brings an interesting twist. Thank you to Alexandra Bruce for your courage in so much you bring to light,against all odds.

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