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What we’ve been seeing at the Pentagon over the past couple of weeks is a Secretary of Defense and a Joint Chiefs of Staff who clearly serve a Globalist master and who seem to hold America and the US Armed Services in contempt. It reminds me of what we saw with the Supreme Court last January: Complete dereliction of duty in defending US interests, probably secured by the same blackmail and bribery.

Who was the genius who thought it was a good idea to leave Bagram Air Force Base in the middle of the night on June 29th, without notifying the Afghan Armed Forces, allowing the base to be looted by locals and six weeks later, handed over to the Taliban (Chinese)?


Last October, the Chinese dissident members of Miles Guo’s Whistleblower Movement on and published an overwhelming amount of potentially incriminating evidence for a corruption case against the Bidens. The purpose of these leaks was to provide evidence to the American people that the Biden family is a real threat to the national security of the United States.

They explained that the Bidens are the poster children of the CCP’s unrestricted warfare strategy to control the world through information control (censorship), money and sexual blackmail and how the CCP has surreptitiously taken control of the Mainstream Media, the Big Tech social media companies, other major corporations and most members of the US national and local governments, down to the public school boards.

They warned us then that the Biden family and other traitors had sold out American interests to the CCP, inviting CCP-style censorship and the social credit system. They said the US was on the precipice of of being defeated by the CCP.

They were concerned that the CCP’s tactics of controlling people through the lowest aspects of human nature, such as fear, intimidation, bribery and blackmail could eventually collapse human civilization and I agree that we’re on that trajectory.

If the CCP succeeded in their plan to blackmail all American politicians and people of influence, the past 17 months of insane COVID mandates imposed on us by their puppet tyrants suddenly makes sense.

The message of the Chinese Whistleblower Movement was curtailed by Big Tech censorship of a ferocity that exceeded even the now-standard COVID variety. People were de-platformed by Twitter and Facebook just for posting a URL in their timeline.

And of course, we know that the FBI had copies of three Hunter Biden hard drives delivered to them by multiple sources in recent years. Those following this story were not surprised when it was reported early last June that the Vice Minister of the Chinese Ministry of State Security, Dong Jingwei had defected to the US in February and presented himself to the DIA (rather than to the FBI or CIA) with evidence of the origins of COVID, which allegedly changed the stance of the Biden administration.


Around the same time that the Chinese Whistleblower Movement was publishing these articles and videos, Carlos Osweda, aka Thomas Wictor made the rather ballsy claim that Trump had “drained the world swamp” – with the help of the Saudis and Emiratis:

“Trump and the Saudis began working on a plan for China years ago. They understood that GENUINE global improvement was impossible with the malign power of the Chinese Communists to blackmail the WORLD…Trump and the Saudi royals had millions of [such] attempts. So Trump and the Saudis knew that the only way to take China out of the picture was to steal the blackmail database…They did it with…military forces. They didn’t shoot their way in and out. They used technology that we can’t begin to comprehend.”

I lost track of Wictor after he and I were both de-platformed by Twitter but after hearing Clif High say the word “devolution” a few times, I looked up what this term means and found that Wictor has been posting on this topic on QuodVerum since last March:

Here’s what I THINK happened:

Trump convinced Congress that he had the votes to be president, but he also told them that he was willing to support “devolution.”

Devolution is the US military running the country under seven separate plans that are put into action when the civilian federal government ceases to exist.

So I think we’re in a hybrid state of devolution AND a shadow presidency.

The military is making NO policy decisions, and Trump is preserving national-security infrastructure.

Such as the economy.

I have no idea what the endgame is, but I never anticipated the current solution, which satisfies all sides AND is legal and constitutional.

This explains EVERYTHING, such as the FACT that Biden has never once ridden on ANY aircraft designated Air Force One [by Air Traffic Control].

It’s clear that our foreign enemies interfered in the election.

That would mean that Biden couldn’t be allowed to assume the presidency.

But Trump created a counterattack that was MUCH SMARTER than simply exposing the theft before January 6.

He took the mother of all calculated risks, but the payoff is incalculable.

Under American devolution, the military DOES NOT replace the executive branch.

If the executive branch DOES NOT EXIST, the military simply make sure that all hell doesn’t break loose.

It can be argued that the Biden administration does not exist, due to election theft with the help of our enemies.

The military would only take this extraordinary step if IT KNEW that this had happened.

And the way it knew was by using every single surveillance technology in its arsenal.

The decision was made to NOT go public at this moment.

Going public would have catastrophic global consequences.

In other words, “Devolution”, as it applies to a post-election theft America qualifies as super hopium.

I know people who want to knock out the teeth of those slinging hopium during these terrifying times of global tyranny, deluding us with their cyber-grifter Operation Trust. (And I know others who will pay them $10,000 for each tooth they knock out!)

But seriously, if all of your main allies and trading partners – basically, the whole world – colluded to steal your sovereign government’s election, which is an act of war on par with a nuclear strike, what would be the appropriate way to respond?

As Wictor says, “Military coups are a sign of total instability.”

Not to mention terrible optics for the world’s erstwhile largest economy.

Generally, Devolution is a form of (sometimes temporary) administrative decentralization that grants a higher level of autonomy to devolved territories. Spain, for example has a highly-devolved government, which they call a “System of Autonomies”, where the federal government accounts for 18% of public spending and regional governments account for 38%. (Doesn’t that sound fabulous?)

The Devolution theory according to Q proponent, Praying Medic:

…suggests that Trump and the military have established regional hubs of governmental authority and this fact is known only to those who are directly involved. A number of people have uncovered documents and pieced together key events supporting the idea that Trump put in place a mechanism by which he could remain Commander in Chief, even as Joe Biden appears to be President.

The premise that Trump could do this is based on the idea that America has been in an undeclared war with China since at least January of 2020. Trump has said on several occasions that when China allowed covid-19 to escape Wuhan, they committed an act of war. When the U.S. is at war—even when it is an undeclared war—the President has powers not available to him in peacetime. These powers do not require congressional approval and many times when they are exercised, the public is not aware. The President can, in wartime, take whatever steps are deemed necessary to save the Republic.

The devolution theory revolves around a number of presidential memoranda, executive orders, and odd personnel changes made in 2020 related to national security. The key players involved are Chris Miller, Kash Patel, and Ezra Cohen-Watnick, who held positions in the Pentagon and the National Counterterrorism Center prior to, and after the election.

Central to the devolution theory is that Trump knew the election would be stolen by a foreign power, and he viewed this as an act of war. In response, he preemptively and covertly took steps to invalidate the outcome of the election. The measures he took are known only to a handful of people, but they effectively make him the true Commander in Chief. A decision was made to allow the public to believe Joe Biden is President, but at a later date, we will be informed of the truth.

Further, the theory proposes that a few key military assets around the country are covertly supporting Trump, while most of the military believes Biden is calling the shots. At a future time—perhaps when indisputable evidence of election fraud is made public—the military and Trump will make their big reveal.


The above is actually Praying Medic’s summary of the work of Patel Patriot, who’s been posting anonymously about Devolution on his Substack account since July – and who amazingly enough, is NOT a Q follower and who has not really looked at the Q posts, at all. He’s a young father in the Northern Midwest who works in the Catholic school system.

Patel Patriot is revealing his face for the first time in this interview on Making Sense of the Madness with Sean Morgan and James Grundvig to discuss the evidence that backs up his theory that President Trump purposefully allowed the election to be stolen and that through Continuity of Government protocols, Trump set up eight different shadow governments.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • And if devolution is real than why did the people who were put in place late in the game to enact this devolution leave when the next administration came in? How many of these so called people are running the country? 500? 1000?

    Meanwhile we also have some guy who clearly isn’t Joe Biden. Anyone want to take a guess who installed an actor? Is that Trump or China? Who benefits more?

    And Trump has supported vaccines which may be the lesser of two evils or may be the true evil and just as bad as a global depression if hundreds if millions still die from a poisonous vaccine. Oh it was war gamed… great. And the Patriots are in control? There is no such thing as military precision that accounts for all possible scenarios and contingencies. No one has planned everything and foreseen every step and counter step. We are not in a movie. Think again.

  • When the election was stolen probably 20%- 25% of US American people understood and firmly believed that the election had been stolen. If the military or President Trump had try to show proof of the stolen election the number of receptive ears would have been that low. There would have been riots and possibly a civil war. I’m believing this is part of the overall plan to let the deep state cockroaches feel they got away with the steal so that theleft would be over confident and continue their tricks and power plays. I’m believing that those percentages have been inverted and that now 75% to 80% of the American people have watched closely since the election and have watched the cocky Dems and swampsters show their hands. The Americans are no longer walking around bumping into walls. They have eyes to see and ears to hear. Game Over !!

    • Yes. It’s embedded onto this site from Rumble.

      You can clickthrough on the Rumble logo (bottom right of frame) to be taken to the Rumble page.

      • Economically , western manufacturing had been handed over to China and China has done well to have avoided the set up costs ofresearch.
        I firmly believe that NWO members have handed over their power,after they were deluded enough to think that infiltrating the CCP leadership with Zionist masonry would control China.
        What was once a control mechanism for secrecy, including murder and sexual abuse has been thrown back on the International Zion Lodge. Epstein ,Miss Maxwell and the Clintons and Obama are an expression of it. Obama s political education is very telling. Extreme godless Marxists. A very big component of the lockdown us an attack in faith. Now it’s the Christians turn after twenty years of demolishing Islam . God still stands proud , as do most spiritual people. The biggest threat to the CCP is decentralised spiritual activity,this fundamentally is political…little rules like ,love thy neighbor as thyself and worship god with all your heart ,’
        The simple stuff is the most dangerous.

  • Alexandria,

    This line isn’t correct:

    “ It’s clear that our foreign enemies interfered in the election. “

    The enemy is within;
    and has been within
    since the time a certain
    senator failed to evict
    them !

    Can’t explain, as it’s
    forbidden knowledge,
    and dangerous to

    Study “Behold a Pale
    Horse,” by Bill Cooper.

    He and I were online
    buddies in the mid-
    Nineties, because we
    both had been through
    Cua Viet, Viet Nam—he
    in Navy intelligence and
    I in USMC.

    –wonder if Clif High or
    you, Alexandria, have
    studied his book.



    Re Covid-19. it is Kabuki Theater.

    Here’s brief I.Q. test :

    It had been reported, nationwide,
    by all major networks, that the
    normal year-to-flu had been
    eradicated. Could that be true ?

    Rent the movie, I D I O C R A C Y,
    as it reveals where we are, today,
    in the U.S.A.

  • But please review this for solid information about the FDA approval. My understanding is that they have walked right into the trap that President Trump has set for them (FDA, CDC, NIH, and MSM) and that they will all go down and face the appropriate punishment for the commission of Crimes Against Humanity.

  • I was going to unsubsidized from MSOM a while ago, but didn’t and I check in every once in a while to see if the narrative has changed.

    It seems no matter how much time goes by, how much evidence there is that proves Trump isn’t going to do a damn thing, MSOM keeps coming up with nonsense to keep people believing Trump is going to do something to bring us out of this tyrannical government.

    Trump is part of the cabal. How much longer are you people going to remain in cognitive dissonance? Coming up with BS theories?

    Wake up!! The people have to rise up and stop being so frigging naive.

  • At the end of the video when the two are going into FDA and the covid vaccines approval, it sounds like the FDA is the one whom has done an “Act of War” and “Declared War” on all of human kind around the world. Not buying the China narrative.

    • The whole world is wearing mask & no questions the narrative of whom wears mask as a culture/ethnic group. No one questions United Arab Emirate or Saudi Arabi. Looks rather suspicious to me. Where I live in the Chicago area I once in a while see a Chinese person, however see Muslims everywhere! Talk about infiltration!

  • General Patton quotes worth mentioning since we are talking about China. May 1945 “If it be necessary to fight the Russians the sooner the better. I believe by taking a strong attitude the Russians would back down. So far we have yielded to much to their Mongolian nature.” Study how these Mongolians were at war with parts of Russia & parts of China for a thousand years. So clearly you have these regiments of infiltration.

    • General ‘Patton Papers’ continue: July 21, 1945 “I am very much afraid Europe is going to go Bolshevik, if it does may eventually spread to our country. Berlin gave me the blues. We have destroyed what could have been a good race and are about to replace with Mongolian savages & all of Europe will be communist. The Mongols are a bad lot.”
      It was said that these Mongolian’s were pouring out of ‘The Red Army’ & raping the women.

  • Since covid is not real, how can it be an bio-weapon.
    Remember back in early 2016, it was said that the cell phones that were made in China had spy equipment. These phones were being used in all of Capitol Hill & The White House, LOL.

    • It’s real “in silico” – as a computer model and maybe grown in the lab in green monkey cell lines.

      It has never been isolated from human tissue, which is how one activist got the Province of Alberta to roll back their mandates some weeks ago.

      He asked for proof of this and it doesn’t exist.

      Dr Judy Mikovits says it is not transmissable to/among humans, that it is acquired through “transfection”, i.e., inoculation.

      • This, the smoke and mirrors and fearmongering using the PCR test is what got the real bio weapon into people through the injection and its why heavily vaccinated countries are breaking out in massive infections.

        Get your vitamin d level up above 40ng and preferably 60ng and add some zinc and quercetin and vitamin c daily and you should be fine, certainly will not die.

    • Part of the bioweapon It’s actually the injections for c19 the are the bioweapon.
      Fauci, the NIH and the CCP didn’t actually succeed in building a deadly bioweapon that would wipe out humanity. The weapon they built — SARS-COV-2 — was intended to convince billions of people to take vaccines that would transform their own bodies into a bioweapon. Vaxxed will have adverse effects from the bio weapon jab those spike proteins will be binding to ACE2 receptors everywhere in the body.  That means the spike proteins created by the mRNA will be in every organ as well, and we now know it’s the spike proteins that do the damage.

      • Exactly I agree no one has addressed blood transfusions from a inoculated donor! I had a positive PCR test May 15th this year, surgery June 15th, multi-level fusion which required a blood transfusion and never did I think the blood bank would accept blood from people jab with an experimental vaccine but they do and they did. Now September of this year I had negative tests for the antibodies to SARS covid 2! So was the PCR test a false positive or did I not make antibodies and or if I received contaminated blood from a vaccine how can I determine it .. I have an autoimmune disease Addison’s and I developed pneumonia after my surgery and have not felt well ever since I got out of the hospital. This is an area no one discusses! The blood bank Valiant would not help me determine whether the donor was vaccinated they said good luck getting an attorney to help their words!! I know something’s wrong I’ve never had a cough in my life and for a month I coughed up green phlegm plus have been on too strong antibiotics I’m in the middle of doxycycline and I still don’t feel well. My alkaline phosphate was elevated and my doctor is in line with me on these vaccinations so he will help me anyway he can but I think he’s limited in his knowledge of how to determine whether I received the vaccinated donor’s blood. Please anyone chime in if you have anything to offer I would really appreciate it!

  • Okay so ISIS, that two-headed snake who wants to claim the Queen of Heaven.

    The two II’s in ISIS represent the number 11 now alongside the twin towers, brought down on the 11th of course. Do yourself a favor and search the two terms ISIS and 11. To globalists, the twin towers represent the two empires of Inner London and Washington. ISIS bringing those down by bringing the towers down was etheric and symbolic by doing it in the financial capital of the western world.

    Next we have the two S’s that represent the two snakes from the extreme Islamic globalist POV. They represent the snakes of Jerusalem and Rome. They also represent the snake of knowledge (destorying statues and libraries; garden of Eden) and the Kundalini mysticism.
    Cutting off the heads of the enemy is cutting offf the heads of the snakes.

    At the core, ISIS was the queen of heaven who revivied Osirus after he was murdered.

    To name your org after the Queen of Heaven (in the globalist’s mind) is withcraft against the other side and repeating events on the 11th gives the witch power.

    Here is John McCain posing with ISIS in Syria, who we funded and protected in Syria. ISIS in Syria is also known as ISIS in Iraq.

    ISIS-K in Kabul starts the operation there by killing 11 US Marines.

    Note that ISIS-K chose the 11th letter of the alphabet to name their branch.

  • You ALL need to look up Brendon O’Connell on YouTube. He has the research on China and Russia and ISRAEL that no one is talking about. He was jailed for 3 years because he put this out in the open.

  • Thank you guys for your awesome informative shows. It gives the American Patriots hope and inspiration through this insane evil going on. I am inspired!
    Patel Patriot is truly Awesome and a True Patriot for the American People. We are great to you all. Trump I hope will soon reveal his presents very soon before the Cabal locks everyone down again. It will be a lot of angry Americans and on Defense.
    Prayers to Americans and the World of Innocents!

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