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I have no idea what to make of this guy, although I tend to agree with what he says that doesn’t relate to himself.

This is what HE has to say about himself.

Darryl John Kennedy is an American composer and multi-instrumentalist, who performs in concert and on recordings throughout the world. He’s a traveler to over 50 countries and student of numerous languages.

Darryl has produced 160 CDs with international artists, and composed various film soundtracks. Kennedy travels the world as an independent cultural ambassador, and has been an invited keynote speaker, as an expert on cultural relations to organizations, including the United Nations / Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, World Affairs Council of America, National Council of International Visitors, University of California, Los Angeles, Public Relations Society of America, and has worked independently in cooperation with the US State Department’s Educational and Cultural Affairs, Citizens Exchange, and US Embassies.

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  • While much of what DJK spoke of is germane, on the topic of the FFs, he desperately needs to re-educate himself by the works of Rothbard, Spooner, DeJasay, deJouvenel, Rosenfeld, McDonald, Griffin, Merrill, McConaughy, diLorenzo, and some others still on my list.

    Any reasonably educated American can sit down and bullet itemize the powers of the Federal Constitution, then ask themselves how those powers preserve Liberty? I wouldn’t give 2¢ for the FFs who violated their own mandate in secret Convention, then proceeded forth to force the document into the lives of Americans, elected officials from among themselves who promptly sallied forth to violate the spirit and intent of their own charter. We are in this mess today because of what they put in place, and it is long past time for Americans to wake up to what they started and has continued unabated since. It is time to pull down the entire system of Federalism for its in-built corruption, and return to the principles of Liberty as upheld by the Green Mountain Boys of Vermont. Had they been supported and upheld by the Continental Congress, the British tyranny would have been expelled from those fledgling states in less than a year. The first casualty of government is Liberty.

  • Another Kennedy with a great speech.
    Agree with most of it.
    “Most” because
    1. Definitely, I do not believe in whitehat / Q
    2. Nothing is 100 % true as our perception is always different
    3. I do not know about him much

  • This video by Darryl John Kennedy should be heard by every person around the world. Our time has come. We have a big decision to make. Hide in our homes and accept our future slavery or fight in the streets as many have done before us. I have always said the solution is with the people not DC or the government of any country. THEY have become the enemy of the people.

  • Gee Mr. Kennedy, I’m all for Silver & Gold, however, I am not for the United Arab Emirates gold that they exploit and traffic from Africa.
    These Muslim/Arabs go from owning the black African Slave Trade from 640 AD – 1920’s and now they found a new wave in their cycle of exploiting black Africans.
    This “funny money” that is being returned to America is being returned by a wave of Arabs purchasing major “Apple” products with cash, up to $50,000 at Apple stores across the Midwest States, on one Bill of Sale
    They also “Arranged” for the legalization of Marijuana in many States, so to own the Tobacco shops.
    Welcome to the “Muslim Invasion” we have heard so much about throughout history.
    They also made sure the roads are clear, they themselves Never get Vaccinated.

      • Everything.
        You must Not understand what is meant by: “Muslim Invasion”
        Buying up America with funny money, of a closed printing press that has ceased for years now.
        Arabs Never gave up on exploiting Africa, now they are trafficking & exploiting their Gold resources, all being finalized in Mali.

      • Muammar Gaddafi apologizes at 2nd Arab-African Summit in Sirte, October 10th, 2010: “On behalf of Arabs I would like to condemn & apologize, and express deep sorrow for the Sub-Saharan Slave Trade and the conduct of Arabs.
        The Arabs treated their African brothers with disgrace, that began with the Arab Slave Trade in the 7th Century, after the Arabs defeated Egypt, and took control of North & East Africa & other areas such as Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast & Nigeria.
        With full control of Africa, Arabs hunted & captured boys & girls (castrated boys 9-12), sold them into slavery in Africa, Indonesia, China, Southwest Asia & India.
        Arabs engaged in human trafficking in the most gruesome, abominable fashion. They engaged in Colonizing & exploiting, which still continues today.”
        The Arab/Oman/Muskat first incursion into North Africa was in 640 AD. and continued its Slave Trade Post set up in Zanzibar till the 1920’s.
        What Mr. Gaddafi is pointing out one year before he himself is hunted down like a wild animal, is that exploiting Africa and Africans has never stopped. Now, in todays time, the “United Arab Emirates” is exploiting & trafficking their Gold, all undocumented, that’s what trafficking means.

        • aint limited to Arabs about invading other countries and doing terrible things, in fact, problem with almost any kind of nations and races, especially with rich ones

          • Ron, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” & than you will know Who controls your Government.
            & don’t forget to ask yourself Why Europeans are accused of these atrocity’s while it was the Arabs that Owned, Controlled & Operated the African Slave Trade in Africa from 640 AD. – 1920’s.
            & It was the European Nations that put an end to it…but we don’t hear about the Congo Arab War, or the fact it was the European Nations that made it illegal to import African slaves into their countries hundreds of years ago, while the Arab countries continued even till the 1970’s.

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