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Dr Naomi Wolf tells Steve Bannon about how the White House had incriminating Pfizer documents before the Emergency Use Authorization – yet, they still authorized the jab.

I love them both but it’s amazing to see Wolf and Bannon, who are obviously two intelligent people fail to understand what has actually occurred. The truth becomes crystal clear when seen from a legal perspective, as was done by retired pharma executive, Sasha Latypova and legal analyst, Katherine Watt.

Latypova and Watt have explained that legally, the COVID-19 vaxxine roll-out via Operation Warp Speed is a Department of Defense project. The jabs are being distributed under Emergency Use Authorization. Therefore, the experimental jabs do not come under the legal and regulatory purview of the FDA, an agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

The vaxx is not a commercial pharmaceutical product, it is a bioweapon developed by the US military that is intended to maim and kill.

Latypova says that any pretense that we have seen about “FDA approval” and all of the baloney trials on tiny samples of participants, that never even tested for transmissibility, etc and the lies about the vaxx being “95% effective” – these have been nothing but an elaborate PSYOP performed by malicious agents and propagated by the Mainstream Media, in concert with Big Tech’s censorship and de-platforming of millions of social media users. In the Twitterfiles, we’re seeing that all of this was done on the orders of the US Government and their agents in the NIH, CDC, FBI, DHS, CIA, the State Department and others.

Latypova has clearly explained how the American People and the peoples of the world have been subjected to a conspiracy to commit mass murder through bioterrorism and informational warfare operations by the DoD, HHS, other US government agencies, other world governments, in concert with their paid operatives in the legacy- and new media.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Sorry….I would never believe in anything this lady has to say for many good reasons. Research her. Why would you believe a woman like this with her background. These type of people like to make themselves relevant, but have nothing really to offer in regards to changing for the good.

    She’s a khazar and was once married to Shipley of the Washington Post. She also work on Clintons campaign and others. She an insider and always will be. Its a club you cannot leave.

  • Through the recent revelations of Karen Kingston, Sasha Latypova and now, Naomi Wolf, we’re glimpsing the true size of the battlefield. What we see is both stunning, and daunting.

    How do we organize? Who can patriots trust? When CIA, FBI, NSA and DOD are all in on it, how do you mount an effective defense?

  • I have watched in amazement the wonderful transformation of Naomi.

    If what she says is accurate, it implicates Trump, but not in a simplistic way. I have observed that Trump is a type of opposition that is both controlled and uncontrolled, like Elon Musk. They believe they are uncontrolled, but are indeed controlled on a higher level than human, but likely neither of them are equipped to be discerning that what they are up against is higher intelligence than natural intelligence, though Musk says he knows and fears AI. What DARPHA and the Agency have studied, developed and practiced is a lower level of this super intelligence, but because their hearts are not right they are also controlled. Only the adepts know better because they have already surrendered to it to gain power over their neighbors.

    This gets at core belief systems.

    Mass murders are not new, everybody knows that, but not everybody knows the identity of the murderers because of the effect of propaganda which may be in the form of political propaganda, religious propaganda or both at the same time.

    A most revealing example of this is the long dead mass murderer Mao, who is more or less worshipped by Maoists as deity! His lifeless mortal tent is curiously venerated by Maoists and hardly anyone recognizes the religious aspects of it all.

    Politics, religion and money are the troika control mechanism, but only a mechanism in the “hands” of higher non-human intelligence. You can call it artificial or diabolical spiritual intelligence, but it’s obviously deadly to mankind who foolishly supposes he can with his own puny devices control it!

    You will surely not die, because G-d knows that in the day that you eat of it, your eyes will be opened and you will become like gods! This trick has been successfully employed throughout known history.

    There is nothing new under the sun, whatever has been before will be again.

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