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Geopolitical analyst and author, Peter Zeihan explains why the US dollar ain’t going nowhere.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • In order Jerusalem to become the next Washington, USA must die first. US can only die with the destruction of the US dollar. Fallowed by disintegration of US states into fiefdoms. And of course all that will happen after they get rid of Russia or Putin, which ever comes first. China is not a power in any shape or form. They kowtow to anyone in power, just let them manufacture, they will be happy. All the nuclear arsenals of the world will go into the hands of one and only one entity.
    There will be one world government. (So the US dollar must die eventually or Israel can’t replace America.)

    • The United States of America is Not defined by the U.S. fiat dollar. It is defined by the original “Articles of Confederation and perpetual Union between the States” & “Declaration of Independence” & The Bill of Rights.

  • BRICS arent going to work because the major player China is a country of theft, deceit, and corruption. The shared presupposition among those countries is distrust and most of them don’t even have a proper judiciary system

  • Year End Report for the entire year 2022:
    Nasdaq (American Stock exchange/Stock Trading Venue) down: 33%
    S&P (Stock Market Index/Performance, listed Stock Exchange) down 20%
    DOW (Industrial) down 10%

  • This guy makes a ton of sense!

    Like he does elsewhere about EV’s which are based on the rich man’s carbon trick! To say that EV’s are the answer to the non-extant carbon emergency is simply nonsense science because life, all of life is carbon dependent. EV’s at best can only be of very limited benefit for the foreseeable future because they are economically impractical and unsustainable on any other than a very limited application. It’s a rich man’s trick!

    Insider Elon Musk knows it too, as do the Toyota people, else they would not now also be engaged in developing the economic and practical carbon neutral hydrogen automotive power which produces moisture as its only “waste” byproduct. The rich man’s trick is to steer people away from it, because it’s potential for population control is way less than the astronomic potential for population control, if EV’s can be made the ONLY choice peasants have in a type of squeeze and cull population control program.

    Over population is another rich man’s trick. Wars and culling of the human race is the only apparent option they want for us, when of a truth the real problem is population over-concentration. There are plenty of wide open spaces. If we would stop listening to rich men’s tricks and invest rather in de-desertification programs (already in place on a limited basis so we know they work) which are the only humane and sustainable answer to overpopulation, we would be well on our way to restoration of our natural environment and relieving of big city pressure cookers from which rich mens tricks are leading the peasantry astray.

    Trillions for wars and population culling emergencies, and precious little if anything for real solutions, real humane solutions.

  • considering his heritage and arrogance, i could care less in his remarks and could not handle more than 5 seconds of his pompous attitude. More propaganda. He forgot to throw terrorism into the mix since US is the big T group IN THE WORLD.

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