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    Dark Journalist and I livestreamed last night and we talked up a storm…so much so, that I’ve set the start point 50 minutes into our talk, followed by some really good questions for us from the astute live audience.

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    • Also, you have two (2) different events mixed up in re: what took place to Joseph Smith. When Joseph Smith prayed to God asking him which church to join, he was seized upon by an unseen force. Shortly thereafter, this is when God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith and told him that he shouldn’t join any denomination. Then, some months later, as he was praying in his “upper” room at his house, he prayed as to his standing before God. As he did so, this is when a conduit opened up thru the roof of his house and into his room. He wasn’t seized upon at all at this time. He was in his bed and sat up. This is when the ancient prophet who once lived in America, Moroni, visited him and gave him further instructions and told him about the Golden Plates that were buried in the ground, on the Hill Cummorah in Up State, New York. He stood in the air. His body and clothes were brighter than the noon day sun. After 4 yrs., the time had come for Joseph could take possession of those plates. Why 4 yrs? Joseph’s family was in dire circumstances and the angel told him that he should only have 1 purpose in mind about obtaining those plates. The only time he was seized upon, was prior to God and Christ’s appearance to young Joseph. He wasn’t abducted. He saw a pillar of light come down from the sky (I’ve often wondered, what was the source of the pillar of light?) But, this event is overshadowed by the importance that both personages appeared to him and not the source of the light that’s really important. A lot of people have the facts twisted to fit their own narratives. At no time did he ever see a craft, nor did he mention anything about a craft. If God is omniscient, I wouldn’t think he’d need a craft to travel. However, this much I do know. God lives on a planet near Kolob. We find certain facts through Latter-day revelation. Also, where God resides, 1,000 of our yrs is but 1-day to God. So, wherever He lives, the revolution of his planet is much slower than our own.

      Elder Jared GP

    • I’m a Mormon (Latter-day Saint). And I wanted to comment about some of the things that you guys were talking about in this show. You’re a little misguided concerning “Moroni.” Moroni wasn’t a “pixie” type of person meaning, he didn’t have pointy ears, or the like). Rather, he came back as a resurrected individual who was made perfect in the form of a man. Whereby, you take on the same characteristics in which you had in mortality, only you are perfect in every form. Once resurrected, you never get sick, nor do you ever die again. What courses thru your veins is a little unclear, but I highly doubt that it’s blood. Being a Latter-day Saint, if you have any questions above and beyond what you may think that you know, you probably don’t.
      Elder Jared A. Gagnon-Palick

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